Season 1 Episode 22

My Occurrence (1)

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM May 07, 2002 on NBC

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  • k

    Jordan's brother Ben (Brendan Fraser) comes into the hospital after piercing his hand with a nail-gun; however Dr. Cox and J.D. later become worried when his hand will not stop bleeding. A blood test shows that Ben has leukemia. A series of paperwork bungles nearly has Turk operate on the wrong patient, and incorrectly leads Elliot to inform another patient that she's pregnant. J.D. therefore decides to wait before informing Ben of his positive blood test result, and asks the lab to check the result.

    They do so, and over a montage accompanied by "Hold on Hope" by Guided by Voices, they discover that Ben is fine. In a stylistic sequence, the staff all gather to watch Ben leave, and pose to have a picture taken. J.D. asks Ben why he let everyone pose for the picture, because he said earlier that posed pictures never look real. However, Ben points out that "none of this is real". The style returns to realism; J.D. is still in the doorway, holding the original diagnosis, and is forced to tell Ben that he has leukemia.
  • Jordan's brother is admitted in to the hospital.

    Jordan's brother, Ben, is admitted in to the hospital after a nail gun accident. Brendan Fraser guest stars as Ben. You can tell this episode is going to be good since it's a two-parter and you know there is going to be an awesome cliffhanger. After I finished watching this episode, I didn't know if this episode was terrible or great. There are a bunch of mistakes floating around the hospital, starting with Turk, then Elliot. Nicole Sullivan reprises her role as Elliot's patient, which is always great to bring back old patients. It seems like such a long time ago that Nicole was on this show, probably because so much eventful things happened in the season. Elliot has a mistake with a pregnancy test with her patient. So when JD gets the test results that Ben has leukemia, he passes it off as a mistake. He goes to every person that might have made a mistake. It turns out in the end, he's fine. Until JD has flashbacks on all the things he went through, he realizes nothing is real. It's all in his head. It goes back to the scene in which JD is about to tell Ben he has leukemia. He then tells him and it's to be continued. I didn't know it was terrible because it seemed like everything that happened in JD's head was just filler so they can make this a two-parter. But I give this show props for a shocking ending, and awesome editing as usual. And since is their first two-parter, I decided this episode was brilliant. Can't wait to see what happens with Ben. A brilliant episode.
  • When Jordan's Brother, Ben, comes in for a medical exam, Dr. Cox reveals his more compassionate side and J.D. must reluctantly deliver the bad news about Ben's health.

    This is one of these episodes you just never forget! Everything i hear the song ' Hold on hope' i think this episode. It was one of the more serious episodes, but there were still a few very funny moments. The character of Ben is very likeable and that makes it even sadder to see what happens to him. Jill Tracey was mildly annoying, but it wasn't that bad. She's just a little bit over the top. In the subplot of her wasn't that great. But this still deserves 10, since there isn't too much of her in there. The ending (JD's 'how it could have been' fantasy) was cleverly plotted, but it took me a little while to figure out when IT switched from reality to JD's dream. But when they take the picture together, you see that it's not reality, because of the blurryness.The Janitor was also subberb once again. One of my all time favorites!!
  • Awesome. Another reason why Scrubs stands out as the best comedy

    One of my top favorite episodes, and one of the first ones I saw, I was lucky, because I got hooked very quickly with the show also the second part "My Hero" is fantastic as well. The whole thing was very funny as usual, well I love Scrubs because I enjoy and pay attention to every little joke and quote, and always make me laugh. I had a great laugh with the fantasy of Ben's arm on fire, I love that. Another big one at the part of -"You are not going to write her one of your letters, because she doesn't deserve it!" -"I lost my thesaurus." The janitor was funny when he scared JD. I liked he hemapathologist scene of Doug, the scene of Ted, JD and Kelso in the elevator, Elliot's fake crying. Second appearance of the "annoying" Jill Tracy. Anyway, the episode was amazing and a little sad, very well written and unexpected. And JD knows in what movie has appeared naked an actress .
    Dr. Cox's friend and Jordan's brother Ben gets to Sacred Heart after he had an accident with a nail gun. Pretty funny scene with JD and both Cox and Ben at the beginning. Turk was about to remove one testicle, when he was informed there was a mistake. Elliot's friend returns to the hospital, and Elliot tells her she's pregnant, but then again there was another mistake. So when JD gets the results and it says Ben has Leukemia, he feels it was an error. Half the episode revolves around a big occurrence from JD. The scene with the flashbacks, along with the song "Hold on hope" made the episode. I was amazed. It was clever and great the part of "Come on JD, you know nothing of this is real", it was very well thought. At the end JD gets back to the reality and tells Ben he has Leukemia. Ben says -"That sucks.", JD says -"Yeah."
    It's a superb episode that you are not going to find on another comedy, the fourth brilliant episode of the season followed by other two.
    Brendan Fraser's 1/3 who comes back in the best episode ever.
  • Jordan's brother Ben comes to Sacred Heart due to a nail gun accident. J.D. finds out he has leukemia but doesn't believe it.

    A series class of Scrubs. A fine example. Just a good episode! It fulfilled my expectations of Scrubs, LOL. It was funny with Ben and how he takes the pictures all the time. The sibling rivalry between Jordan and Ben was also funny, because it is something I can relate to. It was also just a little bit sad how Ben got leukemia. But it was also a bit funny to see J.D. go out and try to prove the test results wrong, because he likes Ben so much and does not want him to get leukemia. A good episode!
  • Brendan Fraser guest stars

    Brendan Fraser guest stars as the hilarious Ben, Dr. Cox's best friend and his ex wife's brother. Unfortunately, Ben isn't really there for a visit. He is admitted as a patient for a really serious and completely gross looking accident with a nail gun. Jd finds something else wrong with him when he is treating his injury, leukemia. Not wanting to believe it or deliver such horrible news to Dr. Cox Jd does everything in his power to disprove the diagnosis. Even though there has been quite a few mixups in the hospital lately there is no avoiding this one not matter how much Jd wants to. Fraser gives a great performance as Ben, Scrubs really has a great knack for casting guest stars and really fitting them to the proper roles. I really enjoyed seeing Fraser on screen.
  • J.D. looks for a mistake in the test results for Dr. Cox's best friend, Ben and ends up realizing that he should rely on his own impulses.

    This episode truly revealed the state of Perry and Jordan's relationship, using Ben as a connection between the two. The episode itself was artfully done, using flashbacks, drama, and much needed comic relief (ie. Fred Bob), which has become very characteristic of Scrubs. The "alternate ending" added an immense feeling of dread and sadness, pulling at the hearts of those watching. It can be called the highlight of the season and is still the perfect example of why this show is as good as it's hailed to be. Overall, this episode sincerely touched many, including me, and is a contender for best Scrubs episode ever made.
  • It makes me sad to know that Ben has luekemia...

    In another episode(future episode[I don't know what season]) Ben dies. I don't know what its called but it was the saddest thing ever. This episode, I love. Ben(that guy from the Mummy) makes good movies and apparently makes good guest appearances too. They made it seem that JD tried to prove the test results wrong, but at the end, you see that all of the stuff were just his imagination and what would happen. Oh yeah, and the nail gun part got me sick. Ugh! I hate blood. What does it mean when you have luekemia again? That your body doesn't make enough white blood cells or something? All I know that this episode informs you that he doesn't have long to live and he wants to travel around the world and take pictures as his last wish.
  • JD's only job is to get test results. Turk and Elliot have near-misses. What is truth, and what is make-believe?

    This is one episode that clearly stands out among the best in this series. It's amazing to me that they were able to get such a well known actor as Brendan Fraser to guest spot on this show, back in the time when Scrubs was disrespected by NBC and not nearly promoted enough (not that it seems like times have changed).

    **Beware of spoilers below here**

    In this episode, we meet Ben (Fraser), who is Dr. Cox's best friend and Jordan's brother. A nailgun accident brings Ben to the hospital, where JD first meets him. In perhaps the funniest scene in entire episode, JD passes out with the help of Dr. Cox and Ben in a sample of great timing between the two. In fact, I think it is the timing between Fraser and McGinley that make the episodes where Fraser is a part of so memorable.

    Elliot and Turk start to have problems of their own. Turk nearly removes a testicle instead of an appendix when the wrong person is brought to the OR (or a "crotch lobotomy" as so simply stated). Elliot tells her old friend Jill (Nicole Sullivan) she is pregnant, when in reality the test was run on the wrong urine sample.

    Meanwhile, Dr. Cox, Ben, and JD go out for a night of drinking. While shooting pool, it is noticed that Ben's hand is still bleeding from the nailgun accident. Combine this with the earlier comment Jordan had said about Ben looking pale and Ben's comment that he cut himself shaving and it wouldn't stop, the doctor's start to recognize the red flags that something is truly amiss.

    Back to the hospital, Dr. Cox gives JD one task: get Ben's blood results back. And when he does, it comes back with leukemia.

    But is it?

    As JD goes to tell Ben and Dr. Cox the bad news, he starts to recollect the events of the day. The clerk messed up with Turk's patient, and this almost resulted in people having the wrong surgery performed. The lab messed up with Elliot's patient, and did a pregnancy test on the wrong urine sample. Surely, someone screwed up somewhere on Ben as well. So instead of telling Ben, he goes off to find out who screwed up.

    The search goes poorly. The clerk didn't screw up. The lab didn't screw up. Dr. Kelso tells him to stop looking for mistakes. Carla tells him that either is instincts are right or his brain is trying to protect him, and she suspects his instincts truly are right. But now, he must confirm the diagnosis with the most "intern-hatingest" doctor in the hospital. Dr. Fred Bobb (Steven Hack) has such appearance, but is quite funny that this man "maimed" Doug earlier.

    While Dr. Bobb is reviewing Ben's blood smear, Ben and JD have a brief conversation revealing how he could potentially have a serious disease. It is here that "Hold on Hope" starts playing when JD's looks through the pictures Ben took during the day. I don't know who picks the songs at the end of the show, but this one is quite perfect. This show has such an ability to pick unknown songs that apply so justly to the ending (just think "Winter" at the end of "My Screwup" or "Waiting for my Real Life to Begin" from "My Philosophy").

    Then, the feel of the show changes. The characters seem to move a little slower. The "tunnel vision" effect of the scene. Then those that pick up on it, you know something is terribly wrong when Ben wants to pose for a picture. And then Ben reveals the hidden truth, that this whole thing has been a lie.

    And suddenly the noose tightens and the body sways by Owl Creek Bridge (seriously, it really is a great short story and you should read it if you have the time, and it will help you appreciate the episode more).

    We flash back to where JD was about to leave Ben's room to investigate if a mistake was made. The whole investigation was done in the blink of an eye in JD's head. Ben does have leukemia.

    So why do I like this episode so much?
    1. Of course, the plot twist. It's quite clever, borrowing heavily from "The Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge" by Ambrose Bierce. Looking back, the subtle clues are there the entire time.

    2. Fraser's acting. He does it very well and the chemistry there with McGinley shines through. His timing is great, and you can't help but chuckle with his raincoat-on-my-nipple joke.

    3. The song. This song plays, gets interrupted when JD breaks the bad news, and then starts again. The symbolism of this is great. "Everybody's got a hold on hope" during the dreams sequence seems to imply that JD needs to hold on hope, and this hope allowed him to find the mistake. And after the diagnosis is revealed, "Everybody's got a hold on hope" applies back to Ben, needing the hope to fight his cancer. And listen back to the rest of lyrics. Prior to the diagnosis, "hold on hope" and "the price we pay when we deceive" are sung, some JD was doing the whole episode.

    4. The acting. Just look at the scene right after JD says Ben has leukemia. The look on their faces. It really seems like Fraser (not Ben) was just diagnosed with leukemia. The way JD has a hard time looking at Ben and diverts his eyes to hold back tears, and the near-cracking voice when he says "Yeah." Anyone who has had to tell families bad news can identify with how JD reacts.

    5. The minor subplot. Not mentioned above, but both JD and Ben can identify a movie an actress has appeared naked in. Time to go to a rental store...

    Superb episode, and any Scrubs fan will agree with me. A very somber ending, but great comedy thrown in as well. Need to hook a person on Scrubs? This would be a great episode to reel them in and coming back for more.
  • Very Big Twist

    This episode was very enjoyable with the hilarious Janitor revelation that he only has a couple of hors of work and the rest of the time he tracks JD "like an animal".

    The main plot of Dr Cox's friend and Jordan's brother (both the same person), Ben developing a possible case of Leukemia was entertaining because of two previous mistakes made earlier with Turk's and Elliot's patients and JD refusing to admit it and it is revealed after thorough examination that Ben doesn't have leukemia. That is until Ben takes a posed picture which he previouslymentioned weren't "real" photos and that's when JD realises this was what he was wishing, not what was actually happening and it is revealed that Ben really does have leukemia.

    This episode was both funny and emotional with the surprise twist at the end really showing what Scrubs can do.
  • A fantastic episode

    Theres something about Brendan Fraser's appearances on Scrubs that make him seem like a brilliant actor.

    To be honest I really don't like any of his movies, but all of his guest appearances on Scrubs are superb.

    This is his first as Jordan's brother Ben. He gets along great with Dr Cox and he takes photos all the time of people completely unaware he's there.

    His presence in the hospital has a huige imapct on so many people especially JD. Some tests come back which say Ben has lukemia and JD is adament that the hospital made a mistake because one was made earlier in the episode.

    It turned out not to be a mistake and its a very emotional end to the episode when JD tells Ben and Dr Cox the news.
  • What an awesome episode!

    I love this episode! Brendan Fraser is so funny on the show! Everyone shines in this episode.

    Dr. Cox's photographic brother-in-law comes into town only to find out something serious has happened to him. I won't spoil it for you, but I will say this episode is awesome. Dr. Cox is especially great in this episode. "Chalk it, don't pleasure it!"

    Another storyline in this episode is Elliot's friend comes back into the hospital (Nicole Sullivan from "Mad TV", who appeared earlier in the series in the episode "My Nickname") to find out she's pregnant...or is she?

    Anyways, a great episode with a great cliffhanger at the end.
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