Season 4 Episode 2

My Office

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Sep 07, 2004 on NBC

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  • Conflict resolution.

    All story lines were fantastic in this plot packed episode. Who else is in love with Dr. Molly Clock? I think she is fresh & hysterical, just a great addition to the cast. You can say this episode was centered on her in a way. She interacted well with all the plots with her conflict resolution paper. In this episode JD & Elliot both get chief residents, after competing over it for quite awhile. I laughed so hard at JD's breakdown when he thought he lost the position. They have to struggle working together while hating each other, since they still aren't friends. Molly is becoming everybody's friend and giving everyone advice, much to Carla's discomfort. Since Carla wants to be the only busy body. I think Todd could be a bit more three dimensional after this episode after Molly "fixed" him, too bad it was only for a week. Cox gets angry at Turk when Turk steals his moment. Then they have to work together to find a way to get a light bulb out someone's butt with the help of the janitor... of course. All conflicts are resolved by the end. Some were more important than others such as JD & Elliot's friendship, Elliot claims she still needs more time, but you can tell the fences are pretty much mended by the end. Molly lets Carla tell people what to do, and Kelso ends up stealing Cox, Turk and the janitor's moment at thee end. Great episode, I did not expect such an amazing episode so early in the season.
  • JD and Elliot fight for chief resident. Oh how I love JD's breakdown!

    JD and Elliot fight for chief resident, Molly and Carla fight for who gives better advice, and Turk and Dr. Cox fight for moment stealing! Wow, thats alot of fighting. JD and Elliot are both named chief resident and are shocked to discover they must share a tiny office even though they dont want to be enar eachother. Carla gets mad at Molly because everyone is asking her for advice, but Turk gets it all settled out. Dr. Cox and Turk try to get a lightbulb out of a kids butt. They team up with the janitor and make up. The three get it out, but before they can take credit, Dr. Kelso takes it himself. So, the three put something stinky in his office.
  • A lightbulb in the colon... it'll take more than labradoodles to figure this one out.

    JD and Elliot become chief residents in this terrific episode of Scrubs that is consistently funny throughout whether it's JD's hissy fit, Molly fixing the Todd or the Janitor's idea of getting the bulb out.

    The plot itself is interwoven extremely well with Molly's case study, all the fights being both entertaining and character developing, and not only is it the start of the chief resident plots but it is also the beginning of Elliot forgiving JD.

    Overall, this episode is definitely both hilarious and well plotted, the endings being completely perfect, Kelso the moment stealer, Turk apologising for Carla and the pettiness dissoling when the patient needs medical attention.
  • A great episode...

    I like this episode very much. Elliot and JD compete over who gets to be Chief resident as Elliot is convince by Molly Clock to do it, and that brings some conflict between the two ex couple, but later Elliot kind of tries to accept JD back into his life. Meanwhile, Cox finally has a good news to give to someone and wants to enjoy it, but Turk has already take it, and that causes Cox to make Turk mad too. Later, Cox, Turk, and the Janitor work together in order to get the bulb out from a patient, and when they finally do it, they are going to head off to give out the good news and their admiration, but Kelso arrives first, and Carla is mad at Molly becuase she is telling everyone else what to do...
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