Season 4 Episode 1

My Old Friend's New Friend

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Aug 31, 2004 on NBC

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  • Last week as residents.

    A promising season premiere from the plot, last week as residents. After three years of being residents, that journey is going to come to an end. I would have to say, that usually I'm not too satisfied with the season openers, I always feel like there is something missing. But in this case, this was the first satisfying season opener. We got an almost hug from Cox, and a goodbye from the janitor, but by the end, we realize it's just begun. Turk & Carla are now the newlyweds, and this plot is about decision making. Carla gives Turk the decision to pick a car, he buys 3 scooters instead. Elliot's plot was probably my favorite, her being outed by everyone. Her feeling all by herself, since she is mad at JD. The new doctor looks promising. Great opener.
  • Do you not get face rubbing?

    I think that Heather Grahm was an awesome addition to the case this season. Her goofy and flaky personality was really a nice refreshing twist. It added the right kind of conflict for Cox and Kelso, while at the same time really helped to develop Elliots character at the same time. Probably one of my favourite lines from the episode was "Do you now get face rubbing? Cause, it's more than just an unusual way to remember peoples names." It's a real shame they didn't keep her around longer, I think she would have been a great permanant addition to the cast.
  • Awesome season premire!

    JD is afraid that since his residancy is ending, his relationship with Dr. Cox will also end. He's happy to hear the Janitor is done with him. He tries to help his relationship with Elliot and it doesnt work. Dr. Cox helps out JD's patient for the last time. The patient finally decides to get help. Also, JD, Turk, and Carla get three scooters, which Carla hates. To make his wife happy, Turk trades in his and Carla's scooters for a car. Dr. cox says he'll give JD the hug he wants, but then says that their not done and JD better now screw up anymore. The janitor plays another prank on JD and he learns their "game" isnt over.
  • Turks back from his honeymoon!!!

    every episode of scubs i watch has a joke that made me laugh nonstop for at least a minute. This episode had many of them. The whole turk back from his honey moon scene was great, I love how jd somehow got to the floor above Turk when he was just one room over. Im not the type of person whos reviews are just a bunch of qoutes from the episode but thats why this episode is so good, because theres thousand of qoutes you wont be able to get out of your head. J.D's song that he plays in his head when something emotional happens with Dr.Cox is great. This episode is a great way to kick off season four, Its the episode that got me to in to the show in the first place. I think this is a good episode for new scrubs viewers.
  • Best way to kick off season four

    The first scene in this episode shows both how true Turk and JD and Turk's friendship is and also proves just how stupid they are which of course brings us the humour we all know and love.

    The fact that the lesson/sad music that plays is revealed to be in JD's head is a very funny moment in the series and Dr Cox also has his famous "things I don't care about speech" in the episode hich proves just how many memorable moments come from the season four premiere.

    The plot is quite strong and the Janitor once again proves that JD never learns.
  • Good episode!

    JD is going to turn himself into a doctor, and therefore he believes that he does not needs Cox's help, but after a while he finds out that Cox does not wants to help him, until he uses reverse phsycology against JD and the patient, meanwhile Elliot and the new therapist, Dr. Molly Clock become friends but Elliot keeps messing up with her and her patients, and Carla tells Turk to use the money to buy a car but ends up with scooters that Carla rejects as he is not thinking about themselves, but Carla is not doing the same thing either... a good season premiere, and cool episode!
  • Good, healthy mix of the usual Scrubs humor/drama to start off a season.

    I must say, after the disappointing Season 3 ending, this episode was a very welcome relief.

    Turk and Carla fresh off the honey-moon - hilarious when Turk and JD were chasing after each other. Absolutley hilarious. Only this show would take the time to do such a scene.

    The scooters - now I know where JDs scooter in later seasons comes from. I love how they're all colored the same as their respective rider's scrubs.

    Haeather Graham is pretty sexy in this episode. Its been a while since I've seen her in a role that doesn't make me want to whack her upside the head.

    JD and Elliot are in the worst part of their cyclic relationship - the hatefulperiod.

    Dr. Cox asserts that JD will always be learning. Very true. Keeps that relationship going.

    And the janitor. That prank was fantastic. The second I first saw that X he made, I knew it was going to be much later in the episode when JD would be burned.

    When Scrubs ends on a JD-falling-in-some-way... you know its a good episode.

    9.1/10 because it wasnt a classic but a hearty good episode.
  • Funny and smart.

    I just recently discovered this show, and I must say, I love it. This episode had me laughing so hard that I kept it on my tivo for months and watch it every once in awhile just for the laughs.

    JD's residancy is coming to a close, and it's a much bigger deal to him than to anyone else. He so desperatly wants it to be important to Dr. Cox, but is told, in a very humerous speech, how little it means to him.

    Elliot thinking JD, Turk and Carla are in a gang was pretty funny too.

    But the funniest thing to me was every time the music would play. Every single time it happened, I just laugh so hard.
  • cok cok guzeldi ... this episode is just perfect.. bu diziyi seviyorum... ý love this serie...

    cok cok guzeldi ... this episode is just perfect..
    bu diziyi seviyorum... ý love this serie...
    best part of this episode.. j.d. remain alone with his scooter in the street... means his life is now starting again... with new doctor j.d.... good things and bad... everything just new starting... her sey daha yeni baþlýyor...
  • I ain't gonna write a perfect review, I just have some opinions I'd like to share to you about one of my favorite episodes of the Scrubs series until now.

    I've not been a Scrubs fanatic for long, actually I saw my first episode 2 months ago, and since then I've been watching the 3 last seasons. But to the point, which is, that this is the only episode I've watched twice. And I'm gonna tell you the main reason for that: Sugar Hill Gang - Rappers Delight. A, in Ali G's words, massive song. I've probably heard it before. But it was through this episode I got the taste for it. Actually, I'm listening to it right now. The old school mix.

    Well, I just love it when they pop up on the alarm clock. It's one of the coolest, I would call it Turk and J.D. style of humor, things that have popped up in the show. I'm not gonna give you my top ten right here, because it would probably be containing over 100 things ;)

    And then it's the scooters, which Turk bought for them, J.D. and Carla. I don't know exactly how the line went. But when Elliott is talking, a bit sad, with J.D. outside the hospital. About feeling a bit alone or not feeling like a part of the gang, and then J.D. just say something like: 'Noo...', and jumps on his scooter driving away with Turk / Carla like the 'bestest' friends in the world.

    About scooters, another marvelous scene is when Elliott is kicking the 'Italian' guys scooter outside the hospital by mistake. It just shows how good Scrubs is!