Season 1 Episode 19

My Old Man

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 09, 2002 on NBC

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  • Parents.

    Why was this episode rated so highly? I have no idea, but it seems like I'm going to have the only review on this episode that isn't a 9 or 10. For some reason, this episode didn't seem up to par. I mean, I don't the writers intended for this episode to be haha episode. I truly didn't laugh much as I do when I usually watch Scrubs. Basically in this epsiode, everyone's parents coincidentally all come to Sacred Heart. I did like the continuity of this episode with Turk & Elliot's report from 116. In this episode, they have to present it. Anyways, everyone deals with their own problems with their parents. JD feels as though his father is a flaker. Carla feels as though she is too much like Turk's mom. Elliot feels as though she got in to her career only to impress her parents, which puts a strain on her work ethic. I liked how Cox pulled through to JD's heart murmur demonstration, it goes to show that Cox isn't only JD's mentor, but also a father figure in some ways. Elliot finds out she was right, she did get in to her job because of her parents, but she loves it regardless. The Turk/Carla plot is resolved as well. So this episode just focused on the group's backgrounds. Okay episode, I think they went a little to far with the janitor's dad though.
  • It's parents weekend at Sacred Heart

    It was interesting to see everybody's parents. JD's dad was very funny, but i wished that we would have seen his Mum as well. I really disliked Elliot's parents, but they were funny as well. It was nice to see Simon Reid interacting with Dr Kelso. Dr Cox was as amazing as always! But it was especially great to see the Janitor's dad there. After a long time, Dr Steadman had a short apperance once again (which i thought wasn't nessesary). It was also great to see Carla realizing that she is like Turk's Mum. Dr Cox was actually nice to JD for a few brief moments, which i really enjoyed. Another great episode of Scrubs!
  • It's Parents Weekend at Sacred Heart, and everyone's parents are getting on their nerves.

    This episode is absolutely hilarious!! I think. parents weekend. Ha, ha. That's funny, I guess, instead of Bring Your Kid to Work Day or something it's like bring your parent to work! And I love the bit with the fake dog in JD's apartment. That was funny, too. This whole episode was just really funny, as usual, because Scrubs is an all around funny show! This was a funny episde in a very funny show I think and it was funny with Janitor's dad! Who knew that Janitor had parents, ;). A very funny episode as usual and I enjoyed watching it, it was good and well done I think.
  • Like father, like son.

    I saw this episode on syndication and realized why I like this show. The mixture of comedy and drama in a family relationship. In this episode, it deals with the relationship between a parent and their child. John Ritter's character as J.D's father proves that a father is always proud of his son. Here we get to see the parents of others including Turk's, Elliot's, and yeah, even the father of the janitor. Ah, parents day. What a lovely day.
  • What is this, parents' weekend?

    This episode is terrific, everyone's parents reacting in a different way, the Janitor's father turning up aswell as JD's, Turk's and Elliot's.
    The laughter never stops in this Scrubs installment with a great Dr Cox line:

    Dr. Cox: Look Reba, if I ask you a question that doesn't specifically deal with a medical issue, you can bet your powdered bottom that I don't want you to answer. Do you understand?
    J.D.: Yeah.
    Dr. Cox: It's like working with a monkey.

    And this not even being the best part of the episode. The ending is terrific with JD's lame Heart murmour speech which Dr Cox came through at the end and the great Janitor line, which is a great way to end this episode review:

    Janitor: Parents, huh?
    JD: Tell me about it!
    Janitor: What's that, a shot at my Dad? That's stepping over the line pal!
    JD: I miss this.
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