Season 2 Episode 1

My Overkill

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Sep 26, 2002 on NBC

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  • Ties loose ends.

    The season 2 premiere I think was solely just to tie some loose ends, the loose ends that were left over from the last season finale. In the season finale, Jordan revealed all the secrets which changed everything between the friendships at Sacred heart. Cox seems fine that JD slept with his ex-wife, he actually forgives him. But JD knows it's because he just doesn't care about him anymore. Meanwhile Elliot finds it awkward talking to JD since he knows she has feelings for him. He thinks they should have sex, Elliot disagrees but their friendship is renewed by the end of the episode. Carla can't forgive Turk until he finds out why she's really upset with him, and it's not just because of trust. The tension between Cox & Kelso continues but that's always been the same. The thing that I didn't like about this episode was that mystery guitar man. I jumped for joy when Cox smashed the guitar. Another thing is that everything is fixed by the end/ I kind of wanted all the tension to drag on for a couple episodes. But nope, everything was fixed. This episode had its moments, but I just think it was to tie loose ends. Everything is back to normal by the end, well almost. A solid premiere from Scrubs.
  • a great start to an even better season

    first off this was a classic scrubs episode that had everything we've loved. this episode is in my top 20 and is one of the series finest. this had some hysterical moments like turks hello tiger scene at the beginning and especially overkill w/ colin hay. also the todd & janitor were at their w/ the rat tail and wet but jokes-overall great episode.

    . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . .. . . .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . .
  • The aftermath of Jordan's revelations

    This goes on were the cliffhanger left off last Season. It was a good episode with some good jokes, just not one of the best. It's very good as the first episode of a new Season though. Carla is angry with Turk for not telling her that Dr. Cox was in love with her, Dr. Cox is annoyed at Dr. Kelso for being played for a non-existent promotion, and at J.D. for sleeping with Jordan. But it seems like in the end of the episode they figured everything out already.The Colin Hayes song is really great. If i wouldn't have liked the song it would have been really annoying, i guess. I liked how in the end Cox slammed his guitar. The Janitor was very very funny in this one (how´he made JD's pants look like he wet himself in all that). Dr Cox had a great rant in this one.
  • One of the best

    From beginning to end Overkill is one of the best episodes of Scrubs with a lot to brag about. It has one of the best intro's with Colin Hay singing his great song Overkill followed by another great musical piece as the longer Superman theme song. At the end of the first season a cliffhanger was formed and was nicely done ,this episode followed and used the plots left well showing how the character's react to the situations. Scrubs has many great characters and this episode used them well when featuring how secrets were kept between them providing one of the greatest Scrubs episodes.
  • A "work things out" episode that revolves around Colin Hay's brillant song "Overkill."

    Scrubs is the only show that I know that could do an episode like this. I love it. Everything fits in, and even with most of the episode having a musical background, the humor and dialogue still shines. Even though NBC hated this episode, I think that it is easy to tell how fun it was to the fans. It was a risky and different way to start the season, and I think that it is great that Bill Lawrence was willing to take that chance. Plus most singers who appear on television are only there for a "live" performance/singing at the bar or something. But Colin Hay was a huge part of this episode and I love that.

    My only problem is that Colin sings a verse on the show that isn't in the song on the CD. What's up with that?
  • Awsome one.

    This was a great episode to make a conclusion of what just happened in the last episode. it had a great guest star, an awsome storyline, it was just fantastic the way they had it. i think this was one of the best episodes of scrubs ever and it was tastefully done. i give it a perfect 10. bravo!
  • Good season starter!

    Relationships between the staff of Sacred Heart Hospital have been shaken since Jordan's revelations. Turk is sleeping on J.D.'s bed, after Carla kicked him out of his own. Elliot is having a hard time facing J.D. every day at work. J.D. desperately tries to get Dr. Cox's attention back, unsuccessfully.

    I personally think It was a good way to carry on from the intense season one finale episode. Colin Hay was an amazing guest star and I'd hope to see him again but 5 seasons on, it doesn't seem likely.
  • After an awesome first season Scrubs second season 2 opener was one of the best episodes in series history.

    After Jordan has told everyone's secrets, the staff of Sacred Heart isn't speaking with each other or arguing everytime they meet.
    JD and Elliot relationship has become very akward because JD now knows that Elliot has still feelings for him. Carla is mad at Turk for not telling her that Dr.Cox loves her. For that matter, Carla's mad at Cox for not telling her either. And Dr.cox is extremely friendly to JD despite the fact that JD has slept with his ex-wife Jordan.

    I like this episode because it is very funny. The characters are trying to fix their problems and finally suceed (especially the solution to JD's problem si hilarious. But in the end this episode stays in mind for the wonderful performance of Colin Hay. The idea of playing a song over the first five minutes that express the feelings of JD is just one of these unique things that make Scrubs special.
  • The best opening 4 minutes on TV! The song Overkill works so well with the theme of the show.

    Great music by Colin Hay and the way the theme of the music is integrated into the show is fantastic. This is a landmark episode in the series that proves the quality of the show with the integration of terrific writing and terrific comedic acting by all members of the cast. An episode that has to followed from the beginning and can be viewed over and over with continued and more enjoyment with each viewing. Colin's Hay's line at the end of the show "I have other songs" is an exclamation point to how well this show is written ancd carried out. Probably the best Scrubs episode ever.
  • After a successful first season, they had to nail it. THEY DID!

    This was a pivotal moment in scubs, they had to prove that they could keep up that combination of non-stop, laugh-out-loud humour with real emotion, and a fast pace to the extent that seoson one did.

    The opening sequence (everything leading up to the credits)
    was fantastic. From the second it was reveled that JD was bed sharing with Turk to the second Janitor sprayed JD'S pants, it was hilarious.

    AND the emotion was there during the Colin Hay montage, with all of the characters breifly interacting. It really felt as if season 1 had never ended. I would therefore say that this eppisode is one of the best ever, if for nothig else than the crucial nature of the opening scene, and how well the writers and actors nailed it.

    Oh and the best quote ever:

    Turk (to JD): I'm going out to eat some mexican food, and I'll see you in bed my friend!
  • The newbie docs enter their residential year with some trepidation, after Jordan blows the whistle on all their peccadilloes.

    Just rewatched this episode on Paramount here in Ireland and have to say it is, by a mile, the best show of the five series' produced so far.
    Jordan has set the cat among the pigeons by outing her ex's crush on Carla (and Turk's knowledge of it), Elliot's crush on JD, Kelso's manipulation of Cox, oh, and the fact that she (Jordan) herself slept with JD - and it was "go-ood".
    The gang can barely look at one another - Turk and JD are forced to bunk together (JD setting the bar as the world's campest homophobe), Carla is huffing, Elliot is hiding under tables to avoid JD, and Cox is blowing steam through his nose everytime he sees Kelso.
    As a satirical study in personal politics, this is so much better than anything produced in The Office or Spin City - and is enhanced, magically, by Colin Hay's appearance as a slightly surreal troubador.
    The singer's deadpan performance of 'Overkill' - delivered throughout the hospital from morgue-drawer to supply closet - is masterful. And the culmination of the show, Coxy reaching into JD's imagination to smash up Hay's guitar, is a comic triumph.
    When the Scrubs writing team are sitting down in the conference room to script Series Six, the producers should run this episode on a continuous loop on all four walls - to let them know what they should be aiming for.
  • Hilarious episode!

    This whole episode was brilliant, both funny and well written. The opening scene with Colin Hay following JD around the hospital is hilarious and probably my favourite part of the whole episode.

    JD paging everyone and pretending that they agreed to meet there was a very good scene as was the whole episode with no dull or unfunny scenes.

    The fact that doing nothing actually helped the relationships resolve was a terrific and original idea. The final few minutes with Dr Cox smashing the guitar was hilarious and who could forget the classic Janitor scheme.

    Overall, an episode that is definitely worth watching.
  • The reason I watch the show!

    The opening scene to this episode is a perfect example of why I watch this show. Try and name another show where a famous musician opens the new series with a song. A perfect start to a new series. The writers deserve awards. The writng alone is enough to keep the show afloat but with thye music no wonder there are so many scrubs fans.
  • Brings every charakter to the present moment. JD in trouble with Cox and Elliot, Turk and Carla fighting and Cox, well, lets say: The start of the season points to the end of the season, where it culminates and Cox is punching Kelso.

    Colin Hayes singing Overkill of his former Band Men at Work while he goes from healthy man on a bench throug be pushed around the hospital in a wheelchair till he is be pushed inside the fridge for dead bodys by JD: GREAT STUFF!!!! Great starter for a new season, funny jokes JD is falling (the best parts in the whole series is the falling of some people!!!:-) one of my favorites in the whole show!!!