Season 2 Episode 1

My Overkill

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Sep 26, 2002 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • J.D.: I think there are some simple solutions. Dr. Cox, you're angry with me.
      Dr. Cox: No, I'm not.
      J.D.: And you won't admit this, but you're in love with Carla.
      Carla: No, he's not.
      Dr. Cox: Actually, I am.
      Carla: You're starting again.
      J.D.: And Carla, you're mad that Turk didn't trust you enough to tell you.
      Turk: See? Trust, woman, trust!
      J.D.: Whatever. The point is that Turk is sorry.
      Turk: Not anymore!
      Carla: I can't believe you thought he was a threat.
      Dr. Cox: I'm a threat!
      Carla: You're not in love with me, you idealize me.
      J.D.: Can we just try and stay focused-
      Turk: You're mad 'cause I'm scared of losing you?
      Carla: Yes, because we're stronger than that!
      Dr. Cox: Apparently not!