Season 3 Episode 1

My Own American Girl

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Oct 02, 2003 on NBC

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  • The group teams up to find a diagnosis.

    What a way to start the season, at first I wasn't very impressed with this episode, but as the episode continued, I started to like it more & more. The group teams up to find a diagnosis on a patient, and they have to go through certain obstacles to get the diagnosis with Cox's help. As Cox is being punished for what he did in the season 2 finale, when he punched out Kelso. While being punished by Kelso, Cox is having trouble getting to see his baby. Elliot is sick and tired of being treated like garbage, so she decides to change her image. She also encounters an old boyfriend, Sean that finds out she is absolutely insane. Elliot's transformation was crazy, she looked like a completely different person. After 2 seasons of taking crap from everybody else, she finally decides to do something about it which I certainly enjoyed. There is even some hint of JD/Elliot interaction, but the story is never that easy, since Elliot is now with Sean, the guy that she encountered in the beginning of the episode. The supporting cast was very good in this episode as well. Carla wants Turk to get jealous so she goes out her way to get him jealous, another enjoyable plot. So I can tell that season 3 definitely has a new style, by the looks of this episode, I'm enjoying it so far. Solid season opener.
  • Classic Scrubs-ness.

    What a great start to season three. (in my opinion the earlier seasons are the best)

    "well I heard your sister started drinking again!" ...I'm still not good at smack talk. This episode has classic Dorian moments. Ones that will make you laugh no matter how many times your watch this episode. Dr. Kelso's squeaking nose (from being suckered punched by Cox on last season's finale) is one of those classic jokes the Scrubs team knows how perform excellently. Ken Jenkins is an amazing Kelso. Also Dr. Cox shines as his usual self. The mentor at the perfect time and then taking credit. I wouldn't expect anything else.

    Elliot's (hilarious) spinelessness continues to add to her self confidence. Her car doors getting knocked off probably didn't help very much. "That girl is extra strength crazy." "Being such a much mess that your friends don't even ask you for help." After some great advice from Janitor and a very angry montage, Elliot comes back with a bad ass attitude and wows everybody. The revival of Sean brought a huge smile to my face. I love that he and Elliot are the same kind of person, and yet he's way more normal. Plus his buzz cut and that he works at Seaworld makes him way more lovable. With his surprise visit to Sacred Heart at the end, you can tell Sean was going to be here for a while
  • great

    This episode is really good because elliot finally gets her rights she gets a huge make over also she gets tough and stands up to the person who owns the cat scan machine guy it was also a great episode to start a new season i mean it gets obvious that the season gonna be about elliot and j d carla turk and every one else in sacred heart hospitals surprised so this is a great episode and one of the best way that bill lawrence should start the 3 rd season of the show scrubs ! ! ! !
  • Elliot, frustrated that everyone walks all over her, and desperately needing to change her bad-luck streak

    This is not a bad episode, but i don't think that it holds the Season 1 and 2 standarts Scrubs set for itself. Elliot isn't statisfied with herself anyone and decides to cut her hair and change her style. But how does that actually change the person she is? I really love Elliot though and it's great that there is a episode focusing mainly on her. It was a good episode, really. But after the amazing final, i actually expected something suberb. It would have been a 8.5 in my opinion, but Dr Cox's rants and the scenes between him and Kelso saved it. All in all, it was good but Season 3 had better episodes.
  • The beginning of the change of Elliot's character

    Elliot is starting to become my favourite character over JD and this is one of the most important Elliot episodes. There is a difference between Elliot in the first two seasons and Elliot in new episodes she has pulled herself together and become a more competant doctor. This is a good and bad thing as I prefer Elliot in the first two seasons as she is a more interesting character but the decision to change her personality sort of worked as it was believable and realistic that she would get her life sorted. In this episode Elliot get's sick of getting walked all over and wants to get her life sorted she meets her ex-boyfriend Sean and sees he is doing well but realises she may want him back. In season 3 Elliot and Sean are together for most of the season. Everything has gone wrong since she became a doctor and she wants to put this right. It is nice to see he deal with things and grow in this episode. The ending is nice as it shows that JD ,Carla and Turk really do need Elliot and they work as team to find out what's wrong with a patient. The episode blended well with the song "American Girl" which i've never heard before really fitting and the story with JD being linked with Elliot at the end. But a lack of good jokes and the emotion though good not being great stop it from being perfect.
  • JD is in his third year now and knows practically every medical treatment, however can't find out what'swrong with his current patient; Elliots unlucky streak continues and decides to grow up and change.

    Wow! Elliot is looking good. This episode is the first of season 3 and it is off to a great start. This episode is filled with humor like when Elliot, before she has a makeover, gets her car doors knocked off or when her smoothies fall off her roof. It is unfortunate but funny. Great Start.
  • what a way to start season 3

    what a way to start season 3.... hehehehee.... JD was dancing around and coxyy is still the same old coxyy... he want's JD to call him big chease or cesar... LOL... eliot is still stupid and searching for something... while her car door slames off the car. while "Bob" is having probs with his nose... when ever he breathes fast everyone can here and everyone is having there day off... hehehehee.... Janitor thinks he is a winner and tells another great storie about his life... hehehe... coxeeee try to change and he can't hehe...
    overall the episode was great... :D
  • Elliot

    Elliot really is in kind of a bad place when all she seems to do is make one mess after another, while being in kind of a bad place already. Even after a run in her ex that could have potentially been good things only seem to get even more messed up for her. After coming to the realization she has to take steps herself to improve her life and get more confident she heads off to get a spiffy new haircut and a spine. Turns out it works to, though I don't see how cutting her hair off really changes anything. But all the same Barbie gets a little attitude with an uncoperative hospital technician. Go Barbie!
  • Great episode that truly rocked!

    This episode is my all time favourite as it is well and truly all Elliot ( my favourite character) There is the fact that yes Elliot does actually get some sort of backbone at the end but also she learns that she also needs to grow up as her friends don’t see her as the adult that she is. We also learn that JD has a growing crush for Elliot which we see in the next episode and in this series. Also the Janitor is evil to JD once again and Doctor Cox has another rant which we all love!
    Hope that in the future of Scrubs there will be more development like this but more on the Janitor or even Doctor Cox….xxxx
  • A classic season premiere, with laughs, character development, and most of!Elliot.

    From the first episode of season three of Scrubs, I knew it was going to be better than the previous two seasons. I bought season 3 as an impulse buy, because it was on sale, and I was wondering if it was better then the previous two seasons, and it was.

    From the first minute, I was already laughing at JD\'s dancing/singing in public, and Steven dancing past added an extra touch of amusement.

    Ah, storyline contiuation. Yes, Kelso\'s nose is still squeaking from the end of last episode. It was amusing at first, but then it just got kind of annoying.

    Sean\'s back! Leaving Elliot to give us bizarre details of her dreams, most likely due to her insecurities.

    I love how Elliot has decided to change, and grow up, quickly making her my favourite character.

    Highlights of the episode:
    * JD\'s dancing/singing
    * JD\'s talking for everyone
    * Basketball
    * \"Frick!\"
    * JD tripping over the wheely-thing (I totally just forgot the name!)
    * \"No cutsies\"
    * Janitor\'s wise words of advice
  • Great!

    Elliot finds out with her old love Sean and also she begins to have trouble with her car and everything, later on she discovers that nothing good has happen to her in the last two years, and when she is excluded from her friends she decides to change her attitude completely toward everything ultimately helping her friends. Still Cox denies to help them, until they find out the ill themselves, and while doing that he is also picking up on Dr. Kelso. What a cool episode!
  • First episode of season 3

    This episode has some hilarious scenes such as Elliot and the car doors and her actually taking it with her because she didn't want the door to be stolen which it probably would, considering her luck.

    This episode also reintroduces the love of Elliot's life, Sean, who appeared in a few episodes in season one as the guy dating Elliot as an intern.

    The patient was also an original idea with hilarious scenes such as what happens after Elliot changes both her look and outlook and overall this episode is one of the good ones, a great start to season 3.
  • A reason why Season 3 will be exciting: Elliot is looking hot!

    While I write this review, my mother shouts at me for not going with her to church and I try to remember the exact details of what actually happened in this episode.

    Season 3 has officially begun and it opens up to JD dancing. What a way to open up a season. With a gay song and dance. The opening scene of this episode is a nice scene with JD and Turk walking through the hospital and JD's inner monologue (how I missed you) explaining that he can speak for his colleagues, including Dr. Cox.

    I love Dr. Cox. He is one of the freshest sitcom characters to come out of NBC since sliced bread. Every week, the writers come up with witty, sarcastic lines for him and John C. McGinley delivers them perfectly.

    Not one good thing has happened to Elliot in Sacred Heart apparently. The fact that her car door has come off doesn't help. Elliot portrays the comical ditz in this episode, but at the end she has a major personality and image change to make her look like a strong, sexy character. She, as usual, brings the funniest scene in this episode as she tries to impress Sean by driving with her car door open.

    Could this be because of the reappearance of Sean in her life? God, I hope not. If they were going to bring someone back, they should have brought back the student nurse. Now, I have nothing against Sean, he just seems to bore me. That, and the fact that you just can't date a guy who has dolphin smell all over him.

    Anyway ...

    Carla and Turk are turning into a typical sitcom couple. The thing is, I'm not a big fan of typical sitcom couples as I prefer couples who are out there, such as Perry and Jordan. Carla is upset that Turk never gets jealous, and decides that she'll make him show a hint of envy. Carla is one of those types who seems to fight for what she wants, and that kind of shows in this episode.

    And finally, Kelso's got a squeaky nose due to the events of the Season 2 finale. This gives the staff a chance to do absolutely nothing. This also gives us an insight into Ted's character, as we learn that he's OK at playing swingball.

    And for some tidbits:

    "You look great! Except, the buzz-cut has kind of tapped into this recurring dream I have where my dad makes me marry this army colonel named Johnny Case who, as it turns out, already has a wife in the Philippines. Anyways, she and I become friends, but then she smothers him with her thighs and then frames me for it." - Elliot to Sean.

    It's a week between the S2 finale and the S3 season premiere.

    Steven is gay.

    All in all, a great way to begin what looks to be a great season. Already, an ex has returned, a resident has had a change of hair and the staff are clueless over their patients. Welcome to Scrubs, Season 3!
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