Season 5 Episode 14

My Own Personal Hell

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Mar 14, 2006 on NBC
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J.D. is sick of perfect intern Keith and he's not the only one. Elliot's relationship with Keith is revealed, so the other interns think that he is getting special attention. Dr. Cox boasts about being named "The Best Doctor in the City" by a local magazine, thus Dr. Kelso assigns him to the most difficult patient in the hospital to deflate his ego. Turk and Carla continue to struggle in their quest for conception.moreless

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  • Definite improvement from the last episode.

    Is it just me or is Kieth's annoying entities starting to rub off on Elliot? I found Elliot extremely annoying in this episode, she changed everyone's schedule just so she can spend the day with Kieth? It was a nice friendship episode for Elliot and JD which is why this episode is really great in my opinion, since we haven't had a real plot with these two since the beginning of the season.

    I'm so sick and tired of waiting around if Carla & Turk are going to have a baby or not. We already went through this with the sterility with Carla in "Her Story II" so I wasn't a huge fan of this plot. I loved the walkie talkies though, and I'm glad JD kept his half acre that he bought with Julie. If anything this episode was a great episode about friendship.moreless
  • I don't like Elliot's character in this... she annoys me slightly

    Elliot and Keith's relationship is revealed to the staff at the hospital and they are not happy about it.

    Dr. Cox is named "The Best Doctor in the City", and in keeping with his character he boasts about it! (I love Dr. Cox!)

    and Turk may be "firing blanks"!!

    I did like the episode as a whole, however, Elliot's character got to me a little. First off, she continued seeing Keith (back when he was just a booty call) despite J.D. asking her not to since he wasn't too comfortable with it (since he didn't like Keith), and she initally said she would drop Keith but instead acted like a 3 year old who had to have what was made taboo! (in My Buddy's Booty)

    And then in this episode she goes a step further and gets mad at J.D. when he didn't back her up! Talk about being unfair!

    Though I did find Elliot's revenge hilarious!

    But I do also find Elliot's character kind of annoying...moreless
  • JD Is Getting Sick Of Keith And Elliot And So Are The Other Interns, Dr Cox Is Named "Best Doctor In The City" So Kelso Assigns Him With A Difficult Patient, And Carla & Turk Have Difficulties When Trying To Make A Baby.moreless

    Fab Stuff, Dr.Cox's Ego Rises High Above The Clouds When He Is Named "The Best Doctor In The City", Bob Kelso Assigns Him With A Extremely Demanding And Annoying Patient In Order To Deflate His Over Sized Ego.

    J.D. Is Getting Sick Of Elliot & Keith, And So Frankly Are The Interns, They Think Keith Is Getting Preferential Treatment Because He Is Sleeping With Elliot, Keith Gets To Have The Best Cases, AND He Got His Shift Switched Around With Lisa Who Was Less Than Happy!

    I Thought This Episode Was Absolutely Great, It Was Very Interesting To See JUST How BIG Dr.Cox's Ego Would Get Before It Got Deflated By Bob Kelso!moreless
  • An improvement from the previous episode.

    2 out of 3 storylines i found interesting in this episode; Turk and Carla and the whole fertil thing, and the JD/Keith/Elliot storyline. The other one is Dr. Cox being again hasseled by Kelso etc. I suppose the only funny thing about that storyline was when Dr. Cox throwing the slip of paper away with the list of demands on, given by a snobby patient. Classic Cox.

    JD for once had no problems, apart from Elliot revealing to JD that he doesn't like Keith and giving him hell for it. It was funny when he went to eat breakfast and she had taken the insides of every apple out, drained all the eggs etc. The Turk and Carla storyline was the best storyline, with Carla trying to sperm jack Turk because she thinks he's firing blanks and wants to get him tested. However, if she tells him, he'll react the same way when she told him his ruck sack looks like a women's bag.

    All positive points, but why havei given it an 8.9. Well, the 3rd storyline didn't really have much interest, and there were some uses of the "stoner" humour, for example; the walkie talkie picking up the sizzling sound of Keith's back burning and the fact that is was sizzling, just because of soe cream JD was putting on (not realistic).moreless
  • Cox + "Best Doctor in the City" article = massive ego boost

    The watchie talkies are a brilliant idea by Scrubs and the Janitor makes them even more funny, though thanks to his not so subtle mistakes (“I’m that black doctor you’re always hanging out with”), it leads to JD actually winning one.

    Dr Cox being the best doctor and Kelso being forced to admit this to him was a great moment in the episode as was JD sticking up for Elliot despite the fact that he disliked Keith.

    Turk’s plot was very funny, especially involving the elevator scene on the watchie talkies and his nervousness about going one on one since he’s only ever done that twice in his life revealed in a previous episode.

    Overall, this is a terrific episode, all of the plots being very entertaining.moreless
Donald Faison

Donald Faison

Dr. Christopher "Chris" Duncan Turk

John C. McGinley

John C. McGinley

Dr. Percival "Perry" Cox

Judy Reyes

Judy Reyes

Nurse Carla Espinosa

Ken Jenkins

Ken Jenkins

Dr. Robert "Bob" Kelso

Neil Flynn

Neil Flynn

The Janitor

Sarah Chalke

Sarah Chalke

Dr. Elliot Reid

Janet Carroll

Janet Carroll

Mrs. Cooke

Guest Star

Eve Brent

Eve Brent

Mrs. Harris

Guest Star

Bernard Bruce

Bernard Bruce

Old Man

Guest Star

Travis Schuldt

Travis Schuldt


Recurring Role

Aloma Wright

Aloma Wright

Nurse Laverne Roberts

Recurring Role

Christa Miller-Lawrence

Christa Miller-Lawrence

Jordan Sullivan

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • J.D. claims he had finally "won one" referring to his victory over the Janitor. However, he had beaten the Janitor when he and Turk refused to believe that the Janitor had a twin brother, though he decided to make the Janitor feel better by saying that he did believe him for a moment.

    • Featured Music:
      "Living Life" by The Eels

    • In the scene of Turk's crying in the toilet, he was wearing the walkie-talkie watch on his hands, but Carla was thinking of a flash-back long ago. How could that be possible if Turk and JD has just started using the walkie-talkie watch in this episode?

    • When Dr.Cox is explaining the "You are" thing to the medical staff, Dr. Kelso isn't in the line. But when they start saying "You are", Bob Kelso appears to be there, which is because he showed up in between shots. If he was there when Cox was explaining it, his line ("There was a line. I assumed it had something to do with cupcakes".) would not have made sense, because he wouldn't have stayed in the line if he knew what it was about.

    • After the scene with the back pack/purse ifreakout, the position of Elliots stethoscope changes from hanging to lying on her shoulder. But it is nearly impossible that she moved it and has her hands on the coffee again so fast.

    • At the beginning of the episode when Turk and Carla are lying in bed, Turks watchie-talkie is on his left wrist. However when he gets up and gets dressed it is on his right wrist.

    • When J.D. and Turk are talking at the beginning of the episode, J.D. is pressing a button on his watchie-talkie to talk while Turk is just speaking into his.

    • When Dr. Cox is talking to Dr. Kelso, Cox's stethoscope goes from being inside his coat to outside his coat in four successive shots.

    • In the scene where Turk and Carla are in bed and Turk quickly gets up and dressed, you can still see a glimpse of his arm in the corner of the screen.

    • During Carla's "sperm-jacking" Turk isn't wearing the "watchie-talkie." However when he later has his manly freakout in the bathroom he is wearing it. Did he put it on right before freaking out, to be able to comunicate with his best buddy during the breakdown? Or is it just a mistake.

    • When Elliot has drained all of the eggs, she shows J.D the bag and in it you see the the yokes are intact. However if they were drained out through a tiny hole in the shell, it would all be one gooey egg goo.

  • QUOTES (25)

    • Turk: Hey White Shadow.
      J.D.: That's not my handle.
      Turk: Hey Gizmo.

    • Lonnie: Yar. (The Janitor popsicles him) God! Why?
      Janitor: You combined "you" and "are". "Yar". It made no sense.

    • Carla: I swear Turk, sometimes I think you and J.D. are more of a couple than we are.
      J.D.: (Over the walkie talkie) Tell her I've known you longer.

    • Elliot: Later, I'm going to find some aloe and rub it wherever it hurts.
      Keith: Well it's just on my back, really.
      Elliot: Keith that was innuendo. You were going to work on this.
      Keith: Oh right, right, right. Ok um…it also hurts under my pants. In my pants! Damnit! I can't get this!

    • J.D.'s narration: People were starting to talk about Elliot and Keith but I decided to stay above the fray. Then I changed my mind.
      (J.D. joins a group of nurses in a circle)
      J.D.: Can you believe those two?
      Laverne: No I can't. All that carrying on in public.
      Nurse: It's way too much.
      J.D.: It's just too much. Sorry, I switched places so I could go again.

    • J.D.: Mrs. Levin has dementia, Rex. And I know she loves sweets, so take the pill, put it in some raspberry jam, put it on your finger, dip it in her mouth. Hello!
      J.D.'s narration: Rex would forever remember that morning as the time he lost his finger tip.

    • Patient: (To Turk) Young man, can you make sure they don't give me any black blood?

    • Dr. Cox: Listen up.
      Keith: You are!
      Dr. Cox: We're not doing that anymore.

    • Dr. Cox: Gandharoo, I need you to talk to a young pregnant black girl who will not let me call her mom.
      Turk: Why would she listen to me?
      Dr. Cox: I may have told her you were Kanye West.
      Turk: I'm actually all right with that.

    • Elliot: First of all, the only woman in this hospital that I would even consider sleeping with is Jamie in Pediatrics. (All the women moan)

    • J.D.: Wow.
      Lisa: It's just so unfair!
      Gloria: So unfair.
      J.D.: It really is unfair you guys.

    • J.D.: Are you nude right now?
      Turk: Yeah! How'd you know?
      J.D.: Your voice is always higher when you're nude.
      Turk: That's true.
      Dr. Cox: It's not weird you know that at all.

    • Turk: (To someone off camera) Alright, look. I know I said I wanted to go by myself to get tested today. But I've been doing some thinking and…I'm scared. So it would mean a lot if you went with me.
      J.D.: Of course, buddy.

    • J.D.: (At a sterility clinic) Excuse me, are any of the reading materials in there available for those of us out here?

    • Janitor: (Over walkie-talkie) J.D., this is…black surgeon that you're always hanging out with. Come on outside to the ramp, dawg.

    • Lisa: Dr. Reid, we think it is lame that you give Keith preferential treatment. We're filing a complaint with Dr. Kelso.
      Elliot: Oh, ok sure well you know what? You guys can tell Dr. Kelso whatever you want cause all he's gonna hear are the facts. I'm sleeping with Keith, he gets his schedule shifted and he gets the most interesting cases. Who wants 20 bucks? (The interns raise their hands) Well, that's not gonna work. I don't have that much money.

    • (Talking about their respective men)
      Elliot: They are three manly men.
      Jordan: Perry gets his chest waxed.
      Elliot: Keith loves to knit throw pillows.
      Carla: Turk might be sterile.
      Jordan: We have a winner.

    • J.D.: just gave me some good advice about how to deal about Elliot. Coocheecoochee coo!
      Dr. Kelso: Can I fire him?
      Dr. Cox: Sleep on it.

    • Turk: You know I'm not comfortable getting busy with myself?
      J.D.: Well, you are in luck. This happens to be my specialty. Here is a tip: If you can't get over the fact that you are doing it to yourself, sit on your arm until it falls asleep then pull it out and use that. I call it "The Stranger".
      Turk: If I ever have kids, you are NEVER allowed to baby-sit them.

    • J.D.: I'm having a rough morning Brown Bear. How are you doing with your sterility?
      Turk: Ahh... I can't really talk about that right now. I'm in an elevator.
      J.D.: Not reading you Brown Bear. I repeat, are you still sterile?!
      Laverne: This is so juicy that I feel dizzy.

    • Turk: I may be sterile.
      Carla: Oh honey, stay calm. Nobody knows but us.
      J.D.: (Over watchie-talkie) You firing blanks, buddy?

    • Dr. Cox: Why me?
      Dr. Kelso: I know it's a minor condition Perry but you know how things can turn.
      Dr. Cox: Why? You wanted me in there because I'm the best...what Bob?
      Dr. Kelso: No!
      Dr. Cox: Tell me Bob, or I'll go in there and tell her you're dying to be with her a lot more often.
      Dr. Kelso: (Babbling) A shabble adi frabble.
      Dr. Cox: Beg you pardon?
      Dr. Kelso: You're the best Doctor.
      Dr. Cox: (Moved to tears) Thank you Bob, means a lot to me!

    • Dr. Cox: As a doctor, I rarely root for the disease, but with you I find myself cheering, "Go hypercalcemia with underlying MEN syndrome. Go, go, go, go!"

    • Carla: I can't do that. Turk is very sensitive about his masculinity. You remember what happened when I told him his backpack looked like a purse.
      Carla: I'm sorry, Turk. I didn't mean it!
      Turk: I AM A MAN!!!! A MAN DOESN'T WEAR A PURSE!!!!

    • Dr. Kelso: If I wanted to waste my breath, I would have given my wife CPR last night when she went into cardiac arrest.

  • NOTES (0)