Season 1 Episode 11

My Own Personal Jesus

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Dec 11, 2001 on NBC

Episode Recap

It's Christmas Eve but it is hard to get into the spirit when you work at the hospital every day. Elliot asks Dr. Kelso for advice with a 19-year old patient who is eight months pregnant. She would rather have the family practice people handle her, but Dr. Kelso would rather have her handle it especially as most female doctors end up in family practice or pediatrics.
Dr. Cox stops J.D. and asks him to video tape the birth of his friend's baby. Another patient of J.D. has been in a coma for two weeks and just as he is telling his family to give up, he awakens. Turk sees this as a miracle from god, who is the most faithful of the group. J.D. mocks him by saying that he believes in a monopoly hat and Carla chips in by saying she read the end of the bible and it ruined the rest of it so she never came around to reading the whole thing. Turk is offended and makes them come to the window, where he tells them a quote from bible while showing them a star. The star is just from a big Christmas tree in the park. Turk tells Carla he has a full love embargo for the time being.
Elliot's patient doesn't think it's possible she could be pregnant and wants to know what to do. Elliot goes off to get somebody else to talk to her. Jordan meets J.D. and Dr. Cox in the hallway. J.D. takes off to avoid an awkward situation. Turk persuades everybody to go to mass the next morning. Elliot returns to the room but the patient has left, even though she should be getting ready to deliver her baby as soon as possible. J.D. films the child birth but afterwards they notice Dr. Cox punched the tabs out of the tape so they can't be recorded over. Turk is on-call and has to handle lots of bad cases over night which makes him lose faith. J.D. and Carla are getting ready for mass and Turk comes home from the hospital. He doesn't want to go anymore, ever.
Elliot is worried about her patient and J.D. reckons she will surely turn up. Turk is pessimistic about that. Dr. Cox switched the tape of the birth but Jordan wonders why the baby has hair in the video. Dr. Cox and J.D. come up with the excuse that they shave the baby. Dr. Kelso questions why Elliot is at the hospital on her day off, and she says she is worried about the pregnant woman and doesn't care about babies as much as she thinks. Carla takes Turk on the roof to try and bring back his Christmas spirit. Turk thinks this is all a joke to her and that he feels abandoned by God, as so many people got hurt last night. Dr. Cox reveals that he will not go to see baby Charlie, J.D. tries to tell Jordan to make him feel bad but she also doesn't want to see baby Charlie.
Elliot takes J.D. away because there was a 911 call about a pregnant teenager in labor, but no location. Turk has a feeling and runs out of the hospital. He runs all the way over to the big Christmas tree over at the park and finds the pregnant teen. Jordan and J.D. go to see baby Charlie after all and they connect. Everyone comes to the park and the delivery goes well. Carla wants to know how Turk knew she was there, and he said he 'just knew'. J.D. agrees that he was right, and that miracles really do happen. J.D. says "God bless us, everyone" and everyone walks off saying that was a really lame and cheesy thing to say.
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