Season 2 Episode 17

My Own Private Practice Guy

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Mar 13, 2003 on NBC

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  • Jay Mohr guest stars at Dr. Peter Fischer.

    A great episode that was almost as good as the last episode as JD continues to keep the secret from Dr. Cox, that he knows Jordan's baby is Cox's. JD meets Peter, a private practice doctor. Cox hates him for some strange reason and warns JD about him JD thinks he's just jealous because he's spending time with another doctor, but it becomes much more than that as secrets start coming out. Peter was the one who broke Cox & Jordan's marriage, once Peter slept with Jordan after Cox confided in him by telling him the marital problem he's been having. This puts a strain between all three doctors. Meanwhile Elliot's life seems to be going perfectly, even the janitor is nice to her. Something that JD wants to prove wrong since he knows what kind of guy the janitor is. Carla starts to feel unattractive and she realizes it's because of her wedding ring. The plot was a bit exaggerated at some parts but it was still good with the guy who gets seizures when he's sexually aroused. When Kelso takes away Turk's basketball court, he takes away Kelso's Mrs. Pacman game for payback. Then they both go golfing, which turns out to be a setup. Kelso sends him away with the guards. All the plots were really great, I couldn't find a huge flaw, and Jay Mohr's guest appearance was astounding. Jay Leno's guest appearance on the other hand was unnecessary. Great episode, hopefully JD will reveal the secret soon enough!
  • Dr. Peter Fisher pays Sacred Heart a visit

    JD has a patient who has her own private practice doctor much like him, but later realizes he was actually the reason Jordan and Dr. Cox divorced. Janitor starts flirting with Elliot, and Carla has issues with her appearance.

    It had some great funny moments, like JD peeing with Jordan in the room and it was very revealing as well (the Dr Cox and Jordan plot, i mean). The Janitor and Elliot plot was hilarious as well. The Carla one had it's funny moments, but it just wasn't my favorite.

    All in all this was a good episode with a few good laughs!
  • Fine example

    A personal secret of Dr. Cox is revealed during hospital visitations by a cocky M.D., who establishes a rapport with J.D.


    I'm surprised how short the summary is for this episode, makes me reviews a lot harder, 100 word limit. I actually like this episode a fait bit, private practice has always intrigued me (but its not my future/potential career).
  • Dr. Cox and Jordan

    After Jordan revealed the truth about her baby to Jd, that Dr. Cox is the father, he struggles with wether or not he should tell Dr. Cox the truth. This sparks him to wonder why the couple ever got divorced in the fist place. When a doctor, Peter Fisher, arrives at the hospital he is given some resolution to that question. Years ago, when Dr. Fisher worked as a resident at Sacred Heart and he and Dr. Cox used to be close friend and confidants, Dr. Fisher slept with Jordan while she was still with Dr. Cox. Obviously, Dr. Cox hasn't ever forgiven him and I can not blame the guy because this Dr. Fisher turns out to be a real sleeze. Even though Jd has befriended the guy and kind of bonded with him it's quite obvious Jd can see it, too. And he knows better then to continue associating with someone like that. Just like he knows that no matter how much he thinks Dr. Cox deserves to know the truth about Jordan's son it's not his place to step in, just like it wasn't Dr. Fisher's
  • Revealing...

    JD meets with MD who apparently was once a guy whose mentor was Dr. Cox but for one reason they now hate each other, JD does not knows what to do and MD tells him how to manipulate Dr. Cox which causes both of them to loss trust, later on JD finds out that the reason why did Cox and Jordan get divorce was because MD sleep with his wife. Meanwhile, Elliot has a high personality level, and Carla begins to feel ugly since no one pays her any attention adn then discovers something awesome featuring her ring, and Turk disconnects Pacman when Kels0 obstructs the basketball playfield. Really cool episode!
  • Why Dr Cox and Jordan got divorced... revealed

    This episode was very entertaining with terrific JD scenes such as not geeting his accidental joke, Turk scenes such as destroying Kelso's Pacman game and Kelso scenes such as stating that he'd never seen Turk in his life while on a private golf course.

    The best part was JD being so slow as to not realise they were talking about Jordan and not him which led to some classic jokes.

    This revealing scene and many other hilarious scenes in this episode definitely add up to an entertaining, hilarious and worthwhile watch with no dull scenes or boring lines. A very important episode.