Season 7 Episode 1

My Own Worst Enemy

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Oct 25, 2007 on NBC

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  • Another phenomenal portrayal of what Scrubs has come to be.

    Scrubs has returned and in force. This is one of the classic episodes with all the humour, music and solid storyline in place. A brilliant masterpiece to open the Season 7 first episode. Everything and more I expected through this episode was great, although the incident between Elliot and Keith was expected, it was still powerful and I am certain it isnt the last we will see of him. We will see.

    This episode has left me with wonder as to what this season will bring, and as stated by Bill Lawrence himself, this wont be a typical cliche that would be expected in a final season. The perfect level of humour mixed with plot made this really enjoyable and wonderful episode.

    Overall, a solid episode and a 9.7 out of 10 from me. Scrubs is back to the way they should be and I am loving it.
  • 701

    Probably one of the weakest premieres on Scrubs. It did not own up to the finale in any way. All of the fans must have been incredibly angry that after JD & Elliot almost, it's not mentioned again throughout the episode, since they don't end up kissing. Elliot ends her 2 year relationship with Kieth, then sleeps with him, and then breaks up with him again? Elliot really deserves all that name calling. And how she took it as a joke how she left Kieth was just cruel. All of her story lines with Kieth last season, and probably the season before that was completely pointless. There was not enough closure, and the breakup scene was inaudible. JD continues his relationship with Kim but comes in to realization that he's only in it for his baby, not because he loves her. When is she going to have her baby? Seriously, she was pregnant all of last season. The patient with lime disease was probably the only truly entertaining part of this episode. It was amazing that Occam's Razor was finally mentioned, and how it related to the other storylines. All in all, not the best premiere, but good wrap up though.
  • Looks like I'm about to disagree with a lot of people on this site...

    This is a very lazy review today, ladies and gentlemen. Here goes...

    I thought it was a brilliant, funny season premiere, a lot better than last season's opener!

    J.D. and Elliot are about to kiss, and J.D. pluckers up, but Elliot moves away. The two admit that what almost happened wasn't about "them" but was about the fact that they were panicking as they were making lifelong commitments to their respective partners. Elliot realizes that she doesn't want to get married to Keith, but just wants to be married. She breaks it off with Keith, and he doesn't take it lightly, calling her a "pigwhore". When Keith is moving out of Elliot's apartment, Elliot arrives and the two make out and get back together again. Elliot is once again worried, and once more, at the end, breaks up with Keith.

    J.D. thinks he's a self-saboteur as he is always trying to screw up his relationships, and so tries to go the entire day without screwing any relationship. Turk tells him that the reason J.D. is "screwing" up his relationship with Kim, is because he impregnated a girl he just met, and before he could love her she betrayed him. J.D. refuses to accept this. At the end of the day, J.D. manages to maintain all his relationships but at the last minute, screws up his "relationship" with the Janitor, by doubting that he has a girlfriend. In the end, J.D. accepts the fact that he does not love Kim.
  • JD sticks with Kim, Elliot dumps Keith and Dr.cox can't diagnose a patient.

    This was the overhyped premier for season 7. I can't remember the plot too good but here goes. JD and Elliot decide not to kiss at the last minute and then Elliot breaks up with Keith, only to hang out withe him later. Turk gets to pick one candy bar to eat*yawn*. Finally, Dr.cox can't figure out what's wrong with his patient. This episode was okay but it felt kind of out of order like none of the scenes matched. Elliot breaking up with Keith was pretty good but I wish that I could hear what she said. All in all pretty decent episode.
  • you have to agree scrubs has hit it's peak but this was still enjoyable!

    wasnt amzing wasnt bad either.

    finally elliot broke up with keith and now we say bye to his farm boy looks! i thought that was kinda funny!

    i dunno i enjoyed the epsiode overall but it wasnt amzing so im not gonna go rave about it!

    some very funny moments like " hey lady"

    see this show can always make up for it when it has some funny sub plots! the cliffhanger was good and it really gives a good idea on where this season is going to go! so im looking forward tosee if jd does fall in love with kim or if indeed he does sabotage this relationship!

    good day to you all!
  • Well it wasn't the best season premier. But it was a throughouly enjoyable episode all the same.

    While the final season of scrubs didn't quite start with a bang, it was far from the fizzle some would have you believe it was and was possibly the best season opener since My Overkill and certainly beat the rather poor season 6 opener. Perhaps one of the main reasons for this was because the sillier elements were toned down or at least kept in J.D's head unlike, for example, the whole trip to Vegas and the appearance of the Blue Men in My Mirror Image. For that reason at least the season felt like a step in the right direction. As did characterisations, especially those of JD, as it seemed in recent seasons that Braff had forgotten how to swith so effortlessly from funny, light-hearted material to the heavier material, almost becoming a parody of himself, becoming the character Cox believed he was (which was always just a gross overstatement- at least it was!). Here Braff showed the range of his emotions and his skill as an actor shone through as he went from funny to serious and back again.
    It's unfortunate then that J.D's storyline wasn't up to much in this episode as it mostly seemed like filler and petered out well before the end, as did Elliot's. Although the resolution of the cliffhanger was frustrating as was the way it was pretty much forgotten about for the rest of the episode, the real crux of the problem was that their storylines were unoriginal, threading the old ground of their fatal flaws hampering their happiness. Too much deja vu, I'm afraid! And unfortunately, the whole thing felt a little forced and convluted, eventually coming back to the point we'd all known from the start (JD only with Kim because of the baby)
    The subplot fared much better and was an entertaining little patient episode that gave my favourite characters (Cox and Turk) their time to shine. As well, teaming them up with the awesome Dr. Kelso provided countless laughs and at least a bit of a spin on an ordinary storyline about another patient without insurance. And this, like the main plot, was it's downfall- the unoriginality of the concept. Another patient without insurance? Seems awfully familiar to me. Still the hillarity of "Joe" added to the inclusion of Kelso working around the insurance at least gave it some feeling of freshness. And McGinley makes anything watchable.
    Other bits I enjoyed included Beardface in general (nice to see him get a bigger part), Snoop Dog Resident (or is it Attending?) and any Todd action. The plot with Janitor's girlfriend Lady was hyped out of all proportion and wasn't very entertaing, although it did provide one of the better parts of the episode (related to her chain and JD's mixup) so I'll watch how the whole thing developes.
    So, if you can look past the unoriginality of the whole episode, you'll find much to enjoy. I'm just glad the plot was given the attention it deserved even though what we got back was a cliched storyline, at least it all came together and was the fous of the episode, unlike some episodes in recent seasons where the storyline has been forgotten in the midst of all the surreal, random moments. Scrubs remains one of the best things on tv, even at 7 seasons in and we're in for another memorable season.
  • not the best season premiere considering the huge cliffhanger. However there was enough humour to make it a very good episode.

    Its always nice to see scrubs return to television even though its the last season. I felt this episode would of fitted in great in any season it just didnt have the storyline to carry it for a season premiere even though a few things were resolved even if they were quickly done. Its crazy to think how fresh Dr.Cox is after all these seasons, i look forward to hearing his put downs and one liners, and his one line about the small doctors voice had be roaring with laughter even though i knew it was coming. I hope this season of scrubs doesnt fail like last season (too many episodes were below the grade) and hope they can end in style.
  • Lacked season premier quality.

    Okay well where to begin. Im some what relieved of the outcome between JD and Elliot's tryst. Although that being the main plot of the episode it was sadly not amusing. However there were some comical parts like Turk and Carla trying to decide on what candy bar he should eat or the patient that Dr. Cox, Turk and Dr. Kelso like so much. Unfortunately I found this episode to be lacking in the spirit and true comedy it once was. This is of course understandable for a show that has been giving us laughs for the best part of seven years it is fair to say that the show is running out of steam. I hear that this maybe the last series and to it I hope it is becuase i would hate to see a show finish on such a bad note but having said this as a fan I do hope that this series picks up and continues to do so and finish on high.
  • In summary, pretty strong pilot - looking forward to next eps

    Well, the resolution of the cliffhanger, I thought, was pretty good, and in my opinion probably the best way to go. I was just hoping it wouldn't be something as stupid as we saw in the last episode of S6, where Elliot asks JD if she is making a mistake marrying Keith, and then Carla drags her off in split second.

    They brought back the feelings between JD and Elliot in few last eps of Season6, and now its clearly revealed that JD doesnt have feelings for Kim, and that Elliot and Keith are over. I think we may expect sparks to shoot at last.

    There were some really good bits stranded over the episode... for example I actually kinda liked the Elliot bit with laughing :D When i watched it again I thought it was a little too mean, but I still think it was a good piece. The beard face jokes were good too, and Janitor, funny as always.

    Overall a great ep!
  • Finally, signs of a turnaround.

    After a season and a half of increasingly zany, silly and vapid humor, Scrubs finally seems to be on the mend. This season premiere had smarter jokes, original character development, and more realistic drama, a formula that made Scrubs a great show in the first place. It is apparent that Bill Lawrence and the writing staff have taken recent criticisms to heart, abandoning the wildly surreal humor of the past season for a smarter, wittier (though still silly) approach.

    J.D. finally appears to be maturing, a line of character development that's been long overdue. After all, how many lessons can he learn each episode before they finally stick? His final realization about the nature of his relationship with Kim was starkly honest and felt more genuine than the many shallow "life lessons" from last season. With this, the episode struck a good balance between comedy and drama.

    Of course, the show still has a ways to go. Dr. Cox hasn't quite made his way back from irrelevance yet, and his little "WhoCareseys Award" monologue about all the whiny people at Sacred Heart (which wasn't even a monologue because it was almost entirely J.D.'s fantasy) lacked the deliciously biting wit of previous legendary Cox rants. Much to my dismay, Keith is still very much in the picture, although it was gratifying to see Elliot finally kick him to the curb and end one of the most unrealistic and ridiculous relationships the show has ever seen.

    Overall, the episode seems to have built a solid foundation for what could be a wonderful final season. The certainty of this being Scrubs' last season could be a blessing in disguise, as the writers won't be playing quite so fast and loose with the over-the-top zaniness anymore. This season will be important in establishing Scrubs' legacy. It can either go down in history as a once-brilliant series that somehow collapsed in on itself in a hail of absurdity and throwaway jokes, or it can go out on top as a show that returned to its roots and showed that touching drama and smart comedy can combine to form a great and unique series.

    Some favorite moments from the episode:
    "Keith? Wait, I was already surprised out loud..."
    Infanticidal panda bears. "Stupid nature!"
    "Pig-whore read/Reid"
    and of course, J.D.'s closing monologue.

    Also, I am immeasurably glad that the J.D./Elliot almost-kiss never developed into anything. Seasons 3 and 4 very thoroughly killed any remaining possibility of romance between those two. To redevelop that story line a fourth time would have been a disaster.
  • "Hey, Lady!!!"

    After months of waiting, the seventh and final season of Scrubs is finally here. You can tell it's the final season, because they want EVERYONE to have their moment to shine. Dr. Beardface, Snoop intern (sorry, attending), and an entire group looking at a rainbow out the window and saying "Ooooo" in unison.

    In any other show it would be annoying, but in Scrubs, it works. Even thought we have so many great main characters, it's the secondary characters and the feeling of community that really give this show it's kick.

    As for the story:

    JD is panicking (as always) and realizes he isn't in love with Kim. Maybe she needs *not* to like JD so much, then he'll be running after her. He is right: he does sabotage his relationships.

    We knew Elliot/Keith wouldn't last long. Glad they let this storyline end and didn't drag it out. Ted was nowhere in sight. Dr. Cox saves the day as always. And Janitor dating? It was absolutely adorable when he kissed "Lady".

    This is it. The countdown to the final episode. I would've given this episode more than a 9, but JD really needs to figure out what he wants and stop playing with people!
  • Why act childish when you can be a man?

    My Own Worst Enemy really develops J.D. (Zach Braff) and Elliot (Sarah Chalke) from a couple of self-destructive, self-sabotaging individuals to grown adults who finally understand what it's like to be out in the real world. The characters have finally grown up and have decided to make smart decisions.

    Excellent writing is the key to any series, and this episode does not fail to deliver. Although many of the ideas and jokes may seem to be re-used, it is important for the die-hard Scrubs fans to see continuity in the show. The writers know exactly how to add to the plot as the watcher saw i nthis episode.

    My Own Worst Enemy is a great addition to the already strong series and the view will not be at all disappointed. This is a must watch.
  • A very exciting season premiere that stunned me with suprises. It looks that this season is going to be breathtaking... Where is Tedd?

    I really liked this episode, infact i can watch it 7 times without getting tired!! Hopefully I think that this season is going to be much better than the sixth season. I used to love it when interns and residents fear Dr. Cox, but I don't see that anymore. Dr. Kelso seemed to appear much less in the previous season, I wonder why? The Janitor Stopped Harassing J.D. and yet he seems to mention it all the time. For me the best character is Dr. Cox. I love the way he dimeans and hates everyone around him. But we don't see much of that anymore. I would like all the readers to go back and watch seasons 1,2 and three. If you have the chance to do so you will know what I mean. Personally, those are my favorite seasons because there was comedy and drama in them. Now all we see is less comedy and more drama, but that will never make me stop lovine the scrubs... I feel so bad that this is going to be thier last season..
  • It felt like a filler but still, it was great.

    Scrubs is my favorite show in the entire world and this episode proves why.

    My Own Worst Enemy takes place directly after the season six finale with Elliot and JD in the on-call room. Decent dialogue takes place instead of a dreaded kiss. Relief. Turk's storyline with his diabetes was good, so was Dr. Cox actually liking a patient, Joe. And you couldn't help but feel bad for Keith when Elliot made him cry, during her laughing fit. Even though I don't like them together, I still felt bad for him when they broke off the wedding. The Janitor and his girlfriend, "Lady", was a dissapointment, but at least he didn't get a name. :D I felt like it should have been a mid season, not an season premiere. But still, Scrubs is amazing. ;)
  • A great season premiere. This season is looking good already...

    I liked this episode. Well written and directed, and it definatley had that Season Premiere feel to it. I thought it was very solid as all the storylines had enough time to develop and conclude. However, i was a little disapointed that the Janitor's "Lady" friend wasn't developed more, but hopefully it will in the upcoming episodes (only 17 left now). Now onto JD/ Elliot, i'm glad to see that if they do end up together, the writers are giving enough time for their relationship to re-develope. As i hated the way Ross and Rachel's relationship from Friends was rushed in the final 3. Scrubs are giving it a whole season and 4 episodes (Cold Shower - Point of No Return). Anyway, i don't really care about that right now, as long as this season is amazing, i'm happy.

    Good Job Bill on a fantastic season opener.
  • My least favourite season opener... is still a great episode!

    This episode starts off pretty well, and is consistantly funny throughout the episode, but is not without its downsides.

    My favourites scenes in the episode are Cox's award speech (we all really wanted to win), Turk's sweat smelling like eggs, the candy choosing Turk, Snoop Dogg becoming attending, and another classic Todd shirt.

    However the plots themselves weren't as great as they could have been. The patient that doctors get attached to and can't figure out what's wrong with has been done before, and the plot wasn't as funny as previous attempts. Elliot breaking up with Keith was an okay plot but the scene where she tries to make him laugh goes on way too long to the point where it stops being funny, and Elliot comes off as a jerk, but the rest was alright. The Janitor having a girlfriend was really not that good a plot, but it was pretty funny and used an excuse to show that JD is still self sabotaging.

    Which brings us to JD. Now having doubts about Kim is a fine plot, nothing wrong with it, but they exaggerate it far too much. Throughout season 6, JD has shown that he cares about Kim, and while it is believable that he doesn't love her, he certainly had feelings for her.

    The ending with the simplest explanation being the most obvious (think horseys, not zebras, oh different episode) was a good way to end the first episode and start what will hopefully be a hilarious season.

    The episode is very good and the only real problem I have with it is the fact that Elliot seemed so calm about ending her longest relationship ever, and also the fact that the regulars such as Doug, Ted and Jordan were left out to make room for an overused Beardface joke and an extended foot-in-mouth scene. The episode could have been written better but was entertaining for the most part.
  • Finally scrubs has returned!

    Finally scrubs has returned! Finally scrubs is back and as good as ever in my opinion.
    Nice intresting episode to start the 7th off and running. Answered some questions that left us on the edge of our seats at the end of the sixth season.

    Pig Whore! lol. Some funny parts in the episode, but still not as funny as other episods. Couple of new jokes but series is restarting so will get back into the swing of things in a few episodes.

    I hope to see a new story line twist rather than the elliot/keith, JD/kim continuation.

    I think the Janitor love intrest will really create a few laughs and jiggles. Hope this storyline is continued.
  • Episode 1 of Season 7

    this episode was alright. The whole Jaintor and Lady thing was silly and pointless. The whole J.D and Elliot freaking out about having to commit with there relationships was intresting. There were some pretty funny one liners. The thing i didn't like was the whole Elliot breaking up with Keith and then getting back togother and breaking it up again. I think they should have had her break up with Keith the next episode. I thought that the whole thing was Dr. Cox and Turk helping that patient was stupid and just filler. So there were some funny bits but this episode was average.
  • Scrubs is back and it's still pretty funny, but damn, I'm really tired of this storyline!

    It happens over and over again. JD hooks up with a girl and always ends up breaking up with her. Sometimes it's funny, other times it's heart-wrenching.

    But after Elliot, Molly, Kylie, Dani, and now Kim, I'm getting incredibly tired of JD's immaturity! I used to stick up for Elliot, pitying her for what JD did to her [in regards to Sean in season 3] but this episode totally reversed my feelings. The way Elliot treated Keith was just so inappropriate. I expected Elliot to seem a lot more sincere and sorry after she just dumped the guy she was about to marry. This episode had a lot of pretty funny jokes. But just like season 6, I feel the jokes in seasons 1-5 were much funnier. I don't like the way the characters have evolved and that affects the types of jokes they make. JD's too cocky and annoying now; he's unlikable in all respects.

    I would have given this episode a better rating if not for the ending. I enjoyed most of the episode until that last scene with Kim. The show's becoming way too dramatic - this is because of JD's jerk of a character. What used to be the center of the show [patients and their drama, you know, the HOSPITAL] is now the background for the relationship drama being shoved down our throats. The only patient related subplot was the Joe one, and it was much weaker than older patient plots.
  • Scrubs is back!

    So, we waited a long time to see the conclusion from last season. And I think it was good. The storylines should get a little better in the future, but this episode was definitely better than most of last season.
    My guess is that the reason why Elliot broke up with Keith is that she and JD are getting back together soon. That means JD has to ditch Kim first, but I don't like her anyway... ;-)

    Dr. Cox had his moments in this episode, especially the award ceremony was funny. And Turk pondering about what candy to get was also ok.
  • A strong re-opening to the Scrubs series.

    This episode set has set the tone for the whole season to follow. The story was excellent, having both the deep drama and the beloved comedy aspects fans of the show have now come to love so much. Whether you like the intense episodes of love and loss; a long, funny, and insulting rant from Dr. Cox (a great long one in this episode by the way)p; or the Janitor messing with J.D.'s head, you'll find it all in this episode. Getting a chance to again bask in the glow of Scrubs all in itself was worth more than enough, but the producers, writers, and actors gave us a treat with this great episode. I eagerly (yet sadly) await Scrubs' final season in it's illustrious television career.
  • Elliot doesn't kiss JD... Elliot dumps keith... Elliot is a Pig Whore... Elliot has sex with Keith... Elliot dumps Keith (again!)... Elliot is a Pig Whore (again!)...

    Great season opener! Better then the last two seasons! Allthough I do think that Zach Braff has lost his spirit, the rest of the cast saves the show again. J.D. is going to be a horrible dad! I just can't get enough of dr Cox en dr Kelso! Always fighting with eachother!
    I hope this is the end of keith Dudemeister, because he wasn't funny at all last season, and allthough Elliot and Keith make a better couple then J.D. and Elliot I still think he needs to go. She broke his heart, so run off to another hospital!! :)
    It's gonna be a great final season!
  • The show seems to be moving in the right direction to start the final season.

    I thought this was an excellent beginning to the last season of Scrubs. Even though the opening moments where the kiss between Elliot and JD didn't turn out like I have been hoping for the last 6 months, it still resolved fairly comically and did develop both characters as well as their relationship a bit. And as unsatisfying as JD choosing to stay with Kim was compared to what I want to happen, it is more within JD's character and a moral move to do what he did (not that I wouldn't welcome some change to his current actions).

    I also thought that the opening patient with Dr. Cox, Kelso, and Turk was fairly commonplace for the series, but at the same time an excellent beginning of the new series. The show barely shows Kelso as a charismatic character and was portrayed as one (and that intern's voice was hilarious). The conclusion was also fairly funny.

    The key part of the episode, with Elliot and Keith was really not something that was totally expected and the way it handled was absolutely excellent in my opinion.

    Overall the episode was a bit of the more-of-the-same, but at the same time it showed that the series is back again, and as great as ever.
  • Yay! Goodbye, Keith!

    Good stuff:
    -The Elliot/Keith trainwreck is resolved much earlier than I had anticipated. Which hopefully means a lot less Keith.
    -The humor was pretty good as a whole throughout this episode.
    -J.D. and Elliot get character development. Here's hoping it'll stick this time.
    -The Janitor and his "Lady".
    Bad stuff:
    -The cringe-inducing jokes. Maybe it was intentional, but I didn't find it funny when Elliot tried to "cheer up" Keith.
    -The Cox/Turk/patient of the week subplot was pretty standard.
    -I really didn't like the way Keith acted in this episode. It seemed really out of character. This show needs to try something besides repetitive sniping when a character is mad at another character.

    Fun:1.5/2 Humor:1.5/2 Writing:1/2 Acting:1/2 Plot:1/2
    Overall: 6/10
  • I still think that scrubs is very funny, but the main story is really getting me angry.

    OK, the comedy is great,I thought this episode was pretty funny but the whole back and forth thing needs to stop. It seems like every 5 seconds JD and Elliot can't make up their damn minds. Don't get me wrong I do enjoy some uncertainty for characters in a story line but I just wish they would choose one way or another. I really don't know why it bothers me so much but I am just getting rubbed the wrong way by this whole thing. And that JD whould stop being so stupid. He did the same thing with Elliot in season 3.
  • Reused plot lines and unsurprising "twists".

    "My Own Worst Enemy" is exactly why this show is ending...the plot line with Joe, the likable patient suffering from a mysterious ailment, is a shallow reworking of any number of other Scrubs subplots. The near-kiss between JD and Elliot, which we waited five months to resolve, fizzled out into nothing about fifteen seconds into the episode. Elliot breaks up with Keith in a manner reminiscent of her break ups with Sean and Nurse Flowers and that guy from Season 4 who was pretty much a Keith prototype. This show was once clever and moving; now it's just trotting out familiar faces and cliches to appease the die-hard fans. I loved you once, it's time to let it all go.
  • Elliot and J.D. do not kiss, but Elliot realizes she does not want to marry Keith, she just wants to be marrie and calls off the wedding. J.D. realizes he doesn't really love Kim and probably never will. He is only staying with her because of the baby.

    Although it was slightly predictable, I enjoyed the prmiere of Scrubs. I figured J.D. and Elliot weren't going to kiss, I also figured she wasn't going to marry Keith. I am sad that this is the last season of the show because I really like it. However, I hope Elliot's revelation about Keith and J.D.'s true feelings for Kim don't open the door for him and Elliot to get together again because I think that would be a bad idea. I was also a little thrown off by the ending. It seemed like it ended to abruptly for me. I thought there should have been more to the episode, but I'm not sure what.
  • Scrubs is back with a great episode!

    This episode was funny and bittersweet. While I laughed, I just felt sorry for a few of the characters. It was a really great episode, however.

    I felt horrible for Keith. I really wanted Elliot to marry him. He bent over backwards to please Elliot and she broke his heart - twice in one episode! I also felt bad for her because she didn't want to be heartbreaking "pig whore" but she couldn't help the way she felt. I thought that the actor who plays Keith was great. I loved when he walked by muttering "Pig whore!" That was so funny.

    How about the janitor and his girlfriend "Lady"? That was hilarious. I love the janitor's dry humor. I love Dr. Cox's and Dr. Kelso's bickering. Two grumpy old men! I felt bad for Turk. One lousy candy bar! I'd go crazy if I couldn't have chocolate all the time. I love JD. It was so funny when he said he really didn't care about Keith. I can't remember exactly how he phrased it, but he said something funny about Elliot and Keith's breakup. I think that JD will get to a point where he realizes that he actually does love Kim. If he doesn't come to this realization, I think he'll realize that having a child together doesn't mean they have to be a couple. I can't stand seeing him look so unhappy. It was so sad when he said that he hadn't missed Kim. The premiere was great. I can't wait to see more Scrubs. I am so sad this is the last season. I hope the rest of this season lives up to this premiere. If it does, the show will go out with a bang.
  • 7 series in, and this show is showing no signs of becoming old and tedious.

    Well the question on all our lips was answered! Would they? Wouldn't they? Not again, surely?

    So, Elliot and J.D. didn't end up kissing, which is a relief! This episode deals with the aftermath of them realising what they were about to do. J.D. thinks of himself as being a self-sabeteur, whilst Elliot realises she was wishing Keith would walk in on them because she didn't want to marry him after all.

    Whilst those 2 are dwelling on why they must systematically ruin their own happiness, Turk is more worried about which candy bar he gets to eat since he's only allowed one every 6 months due to his diabetes. Dr. Cox is irritated when he winds up actually LIKING a patient and can't figure out what's wrong with him, and Snoop Dogg Resident gets a promotion! ;)

    The bitterness of Keith towards Elliot is played brilliantly and I couldn't stop laughing at his "pig whore" comments towards her. Typical laughs from the janitor (and his girlfriend, Lady!!!), J.D. and Dr. Cox are to be expected, and the show is instantly quotable.

    This may be the last season, but it is definitely going to be ending on a high note if it continues the way it's started. Brilliant! Informative! Funny! Keep 'em coming!
  • *Spoiler* So you think that JD and Elliot will finally kiss but no Elliot turns away. Then she tells Keith she cant marry him hes devastated. Then Elliot makes out with Keith and gives him hope but then she dumps him again.

    Great episode you must watch it it was very short but none the less it is important to watch it. It was really sad when Elliot broke Keith's heart twice after dumping him at the beginning of the episode and then getting back with him later. What was not very good was that The actor that played Keith had Drops that make him look like he was crying the whole episode it wasn't a good add on if i must say. Still great episode and i cant wait to watch the rest of the scrubs episodes later in Season 7. Scrubs is my favorite show by far!