Season 2 Episode 13

My Philosophy

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 16, 2003 on NBC

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  • Turk proposes to Carla.

    All plots in this episode were absolutely amazing. JD & Cox have a patient that needs a heart transplant, and they talk about pretty serious issues, such as death and how it's like. Meanwhile they have another patient that's pregnant, while under surgery, it's a choice between the baby or her life. The husband is having trouble deciding what to do. Elliot goes to Kelso when she wants single sex change rooms once she is sick and tired of the co-ed change rooms. Meanwhile Turk gets an engagement ring for Carla and tries to figure out how to propose to her. The ring goes down a drain, and even inside a boy. In the end, when Carla's aunt dies. She is ready to leave for Chicago for the funeral until Turk finally proposes to her. Things are left up in the air when Carla claims she still needs to think about it. Elliot ends up getting what she wants when a doctor leaves which leaves space for a female change room. JD & Cox's patient, Elaine dies. Then we get a random musical number from the cast. It was all quite strange yet fitting. Overall, this episode was great and brought amazing development.
  • Elliot demands single-sex change rooms from Dr. Kelso as it's becoming increasingly embarrassing changing in the traditional mixed-sex rooms. Turk pops the question to Carla, but not in the way he'd originally planned.

    While this was a good episode, it wasn't my favorite. The Elliot subplot with Dr Kelso was entertaining, but Scrubs really had better subplots before. I'm kinda fed up with the salacious Elliot poses, but if i was a guy i probably wouldn't be ;). The Turk and Carla storyline also didn't exactaly thrill me. He wants to marry her after they've been dating for how long? A year? However, the storyline with Aileen was great and i'll always remember the song 'Waiting For My Real Life To Begin'. I'm not saying that the subplots weren't interesting, but Scrubs has done better before.
  • This episode is the best episode of anything i have ever seen. Because of this show and mostly this episode, i am thinking about becoming a doctor. I would watch this over and over again any day of the week. A MUST WATCH!

    This episode is the best episode of anything i have ever seen. Because of this show and mostly this episode, i am thinking about becoming a doctor. I would watch this over and over again any day of the week. A MUST WATCH! Its so good i just have to tell you to watch it, i cant even describe how good it is. Its like a work of art! If you haven't seen this episode, go to the video store and rent the season disc, right away! This is all pretty much filler because this has to be 100 words, but BEST EPISODE EVER!!!!!
  • Fine example.

    J.D. bonds with a patient, who is waiting for a heart transplant and discusses with her their idea of what death must be like. Elliot puts her foot down and demands a feminine locker room from Dr. Kelso. Turk decides it's time to propose to Carla, but a kid swallows the engagement ring.


    That little kid was awesome, throwing up whenever he wanted to and JD exploiting that to annoy the janitor (well worth 20 bucks anyway). Turk finally gets the courage to propose and he cant? An episode that left me looking forward to the next one.
  • I loved this episode.

    The song at the end was really amazing. Colin Hay's songs are brilliant and that part really showed how good that song really is. Turk's proposal also made this a great episode and Cox is as funny as ever. This is one of my favorite episodes, i love to watch it and it never bores me when i watch it over and over. It has a really good plot and a sad ending which defines what scrubs is all about. These types of episodes are the best in my eyes and i am sure that many others agree with me.
  • My real life to begin.

    Elliot makes some giant strides forward when the lack of a single sex locker room makes her really stand up for herself and what she wants. Though it takes some serious action and a little help from the ever depressing Ted she manages to get what she wants and gain a little more confidence in the process.

    Turk makes the decision to propose to Carla, but has some trouble with the ring. He buys a very beautiful one but has some trouble holding on to it. After managing to get it back, for the second time Turk proposes but is left with a very uncertain Carla who does not provide him with an answer.

    Jd and a female patient bond over what death is like, leaving Dr. Cox very umcomfortable. The patient is waiting for a heat transplant and has been for some time. However, she passes away before recieving her heart. The end scene of this episode is really great and really unique, it's what makes me love this episode in particular.
  • Great episode!

    JD meets a really cute patient that apparently is waiting for a heart transplant but JD is skeptical when he discovers that she is not afraid of death, that is the same for her if they find or not a heart transplants, and well is really cool, at the end she reveals that she thinks that dead is like a Broadway musical and thanks to that JD imagine the whole things. Meanwhile, Turk tries to propose to Carla but a lot of things keep happening to the ring, and Elliot demands a woman locker room as most of the men in there are full of perverts. Really cool!
  • Hits you like a hammer.

    That final scene with the arrangement of Colin Hay's "Waiting For My Real Life To Begin" was the most beautiful and chilling scenes I've ever seen on network television.

    The arrangement was amazing and the emotion involved really hits home. It's simultaneously very sad and elated, as Jill Tracy's character was okay about dying, and that death is not this terrible thing. This episode should have been shown to Terry Schiavo's parents.
  • A classic and innovative episode.

    This is my favorite episode of the second season and is the definition of what makes Scrubs one of the top three shows on television with Lost and Greys. This episode has humor and total originality in the ending music sequence. I loved this episode because it has forshadowing and an ending that is unlike any other I have ever seen in a TV show. I can sit down and watch this eposide two or three times in a row, it is that good. Not only does the main cast perform amazing, but the guest stars contribute to the overall quality of this episode.
  • A musical episode

    This is the second musical episode, though this one is much more emotional than the season 1 episode.
    The way Scrubs can balance comedy and emotion so well is one of the reasons I watch this show and this episode is no disappointment.

    In this episode, there are two surprise endings, JD's befriended patient flatlining after it looked like the plot had a happy resolution and Carla not exactly saying yes to Turk's proposal and both of these worked really well, the humour coming in with the Candid Camera fantasy, the lion king conversation. Ralphie and all of Elliot's plot.

    The last musical scene was very memorable and a great way to end this fantastic episode.
  • Superb episode. The best ones are the ones with a tragic ending.

    Turk is planning to propose to Carla, but a little kid swallows the ring to add some complications.

    Elliot is sick of having to change in the changing room in front of all those male eyes so she tries to get a female locker room.

    There is a real theme is this episode involving life and death and that final sequence where the woman who died leaves in a broadway singing style (something that was mentioned earlier in the episode) in a very touching finale.

    JD developed quite a relationship with her while at the same time he is thinking about how when one person is saved another life must be traded and lost.

    When she flat-lined there was a real sick feeling in my stomach. The only time I have had a similar feeling is when Ben is dead and we only find it out right at the end of My Screw Up.
  • Catches you by surprise...

    With all the laughter regarding Turk trying to ask Carla to marry him and Elliott trying to get a women's locker room, you are totally blindsided by the ending.

    The moral dilemma faced in the show regarding the choice of life over death is put forth very well and when the final event happens you are totally taken by surprise.

    Well done, Scrubs! The final Broadway Sequence makes you contemplate life and death. It makes you think...I wish shows did that more often.
  • A below standard episode

    I am a huge fan of Scrubs and am amazed at how finely balanced the show is. Unfortunately in this episode the balance just wasn't right.

    The opening sequence was as good and funny as ever but all storylines in this show felt contrived and poorly delivered.

    The ring dilemma with Turk felt like bad 70s comedy and the drama life-or-death choice wasn't handled well. The one redeeming feature of the episode were some clever one liners.

    To be honest I felt I was watching an B-grade movie version of Scrubs. Thankfully this poor quality of episode was a once-off.
  • I'm a big scrubs fan and this summarises the best of scrubs a funny episode with a very strong moral lesson at the end. The casts rendition of Waiting For My Real Life to Begin is very emotional

    This episode is the most touching scrubs episode I have seen. As J.D. philosophises about the fact that in the hospital one life saved is always traded for one lost, we see him faced the difficult news of telling a husband to choose between wife or unborn child. Also J.D. encounters an interesting patient who says she thinks death is like a broadway musical and you go out on a florish. The end of this episode is the most touching scene, as J.D.'s patient dies we see her go out as she said broadway music style whilst her and the cast sing "Wating for my real life to begin" by colin hay. J.D. sings the final word in a sad but solemn tone as the patient flatlines, i was so close to tears

    Great episode and very touching