Season 6 Episode 22

My Point of No Return

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM May 17, 2007 on NBC

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  • Season 6 ends with a fantastic episode

    While this certainly isn't the best season finale so far, My Point of No Return is a hilarious episode that deals with all the characters in a great way.

    Kim and J.D. getting back into being a couple again and feeling comfortable around each other, J.D. now forgiven Kim, is a great way to start off the episode as his life starts spiralling down afterwards. I like the fact that in season six, since Kim has been pregnant J.D. has only slept with one woman, and that's Kim, showing that subconsciously he still misses that relationship. After the revelation, he of course resented her but has now come to almost forgiving her. Unfortunately, he doesn't realise that his casual comments has put Kim directly in his life, since he convinved her to quit, move and stay with him. The theme plays quite well in the episode. I'm a fan of the J.D-Kim relationship as it does have room for comedy, such as the beets and pregnant sex.

    The parallel of Keith-Elliot, a relationship that I've always found funny but not been too into until My Cold Shower, which changed my mind, was quite good as Elliot gets cold feet, but could have been a lot funnier. Of course, the Brain Trust and Keith have that covered with some of the most hilarious moments in the episode, especially Ted, and Todd's need to pull off his pants. Doug's jealousy was great as was Keith's expression throughout the episode (I'm not walking through fire!) but even though I know he's a writer, the show is really overusing Lloyd, who I find is funnier in smaller doses (4 0r 5 episodes a season like 1-5, not every episode).

    The godfather plot is fantastic, J.D. missing the chance of a lifetime and Jordan's orders for Cox, aswell as J.D. calling Jack smug and opting to be godmother. This plot is also a great funny storyline and shows Dr. Cox and Jordan bonding. I wish Turk and Carla had been in the episode more but the few scenes they were in were terrific.

    The ending was a good summation of life but the cliffhanger isn't quite as effective as past seasons have been. If J.D. and Elliot do hook up, it will be reusing plots (His Story II, where Elliot has doubts about her serious relationship so goes for J.D. who's there for him). It's not exactly like that but there are only minor changes.

    Overall, the episode is superb, my favourite plots being Cox's and Janitor's, but the cliffhanger is a little weak and doesn't have the same impact of previous finales.
  • 'em but hate 'em

    I'm amazed at the consistancy of this show, to be able to reference back to past episodes making it feel like "Scrubs" it not a television show but a daily wrap up of some place in the real world put onto the tv for our viewing pleasure. Everything is played perfectly here. Janitor was spot on with his antics, and Doug was just hilarious. But getting to the main characters, everybody's plot in this episode meshed together without a hitch. In the season finale, it was great to see some medical issues the doctor's had to deal with as well, since the earlier part of the season seemed to lack patient-doctor interaction. Jack and Cox were just hilarious, and it was great to get a glimpse of Jordan and her daughter. Little JD was a neat addition, and a perfect example of why this show has some of the best consistancy on television. Elliot and JD developed a lot in this episode, and I found myself cheering for and against them multiple times like I became skitzophrenic. I can't wait for the cliffhanger to be resolved, and you can bet that after a hot streak at the end of season 6, season 7 should deliver some classic moments up to what may be the finale of scrubs.
  • Amazing! Sets up the last season to be possible the most amazing scrubs season ever.

    Because this and My Rabbit were aired together I apologize now for any overlapping. This episode was an amazing episode, period. The side story of Dr Cox and Jordan and Turk and Carla throughout the past now 6 seasons made this episode that amazing. For 6 years now we have all wondered if JD and Elliot were going to finally end up together, from the first crush to sex buddies to Elliot just being mad at JD. I personally think they should end up together, but hey thats just me ;P The parallel to Turk and Carla and Dr Cox and Jordan being perfect to eachother at the end of the episode was what made the end seem so much worse to be a cliff hanger. Now for the rest of the summer I will be wondering if when the new season starts what will happen. We have 1 season to go and because of this the power of Elliot and JD hooking up again is all the more giant. If they do hook up then its either they go their seperate ways or they end up together but a whole season of them being together without hardship seems a bit farfetched with their history. Seeing Elliot freak out over picking eye gunk was probably one of the funniest things I ever seen her freak out over. This episode was just amazing I'm still speechless so sorry if this review wasnt to specific.
  • My Point of No Return...lets talk...cliffhangers.

    My Point of No Return not only had one of the most brain racking cliffhangers Scrubs has ever given us, but some great alternative storylines as well. Lets start discussing those.

    The Brain Trust
    The Brain Trust was really funny. In my opinion, it brought the humor to what is supposed to be a very dramatic episode

    The God-Father
    The God-Father thing was kind of ridiculous in my opinion. Dr. Cox has never been that cynical and angry with JD this season, and in my opinion was not very Coxish. The Jelliot
    I am a JIM fan myself, but hell, what can we do. Its a cliffhanger. We are going to have to wait. We dont even know if there is a Jelliot.

    Overall, best season finale I have ever seen on Scrubs. See you next Season.
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