Season 6 Episode 22

My Point of No Return

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM May 17, 2007 on NBC

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  • what's happening?????jd...elliot...please...NOOO!!!stay with kim and's so perfect in this way!!you're adult!!!don't do such a stupid thing!!!!think!!!!!

    i was glad when i saw keith asking elliot "will you marry me?" and also because kim and jd were a couple again...but the almost kiss between jd and elliot shocked me...we saw during the 5th and 4th season how good was their friendship...and now?...they fall again...what's wrong???elliot loves keith and she also quarrel with jd(5th season) because jd doesn't appecciate keith...and now?she's not ready...elliot and jd...please....don't do stupid f**king things!!!!!!even if it makes audience...and i guess the writers had this idea because both the characters are having a situation in which they are they can make the same "mistake"...but this time there are a baby and a wedding in this mess!!!!
  • Elliot and Keith's wedding approaches as does the due date of JD and Kim's baby.

    This could have been a series finale but luckily Bill Lawerence didn't write himself into a corner and left open the possibility for a seventh season. This finale also had the feel of earlier seasons with Dr. Cox's haistyle from season 1 and the resurrection of JD's unicorn diary. All it was missing was Hooch and Ben. Will JD and Kim have the baby afterall? What will happend to Elliot and Keith? Great way to end the season and build up interest for season 7; of all the finales it ends on one of the worst yet best cliffhangers Scubs fans have had to endure.
  • At the end of the episode the viewer is unsure just as JD is about his future

    This episode was such a cliff hanger and very well done. All credit to the producers and actors alike. I just read on another post there that there is going to be a seventh season of Scrubs and this is wonderful because this episode was so briliant that it would be a shame not have a new season. This episode of Scrubs waqs particularly emotionally and the wonderful ability of Scrubs is to have moments of hilarious comedy but also the abiltiy to put the viewer on the verge of tears. This episode really and superbly potraits what Scrubs is all about.
  • That cliffhanger was so amazing...but i wonder what will happen on the seventh season between JD and Elliot and what about Keith and Kim, how will they feel... Also, what about the other characters...what will happen with them? We will find out September!

    Turk and Dr Cox think fatherhood... JD and Elliot worry about their future.... Carla is thinking about how Elliot really won't lether help out for the wedding.....and the janitor wants Keith to be a good husband to Elliot....Kim is back in the picture and triesto plan out her and JD's future and family.....pretty soon in this epiosde i had to think for a minute what if all of these things changed everything and everyone Season 7 is coming and i am just dein to know what will happen on the premiere... we will find out soon enough :) XD THISISGREAT
  • When i thought that Season six was going to be a dud, the last 5 episodes just blew me away

    For me season six started out quite well with the introduction of Kim, everyone having a baby, etc. But then after the musical episode this season started going downhill fast. However there were a number of funny moments this season such as Turk farting and shooting off in to the sky, only to cross back from JD's day dream to a comment of "If i had a saddle i could have ridden you". The problem was that there was only one or two of these moments per episode, and the serious nature that has infected scrubs these last two seasons started to make the jokes seem like they were only there because they had to be there. The episodes just didnt flow. Then came episodes 17 through to 22, and these episodes completely renewed my faith in scrubs, and that they have enough to offer to make a 7th and hopefully 8th season. There have been so many emotional moments in the last 6 episodes, and while nothing will ever cap that moment in episode 20 of season 5 where dr cox lost his 3 patients, these few episodes are not too far behind.

    I especially enjoyed this last episode, i loved the brains trust, and i did like the way that it ended with us not knowing if JD and Elliot do hook up. I hope that they dont, mostly because i had completely given up on the two being a good couple. I think Keith and Elliot are perfect for each other, and that JD and Kim are perfect for each other, even if she did lie to him about the baby. One thing that i was very disappointed about was that Cox was so adamant that JD would not be his daughters god father, and i would have thought that his fondness towards JD would have shone through towards the end, but it didnt.

    I cannot wait for the next season, if the last few episodes are anything to go by, scrubs has rediscovered its magic and i think that the next season can be far better than anything we have seen before. (except for when cox loses it, which in my opinion is the most powerful moment on tv that i have ever watched)
  • Scrubs pulls through with another amazing Season...

    Throughout Season 6 of Scrubs, many fans found that the storylines were poorly written and the show was beginning to lose its former glory. However, we all saw that the writers haven't given up on Scrubs yet with this excellent Season Finale. The finale was amazing throughout, and it seemed the show was setting up for some closure....but with a combination of great writing and skilled acting, the show brought us an unexpected ending with a massive cliffhanger. During the finale we revisited some questions and Elliot and J.D have once again shown their feelings for each other. So 10/10 and Excellent job on the finale of Scrubs Season 6, I'm sure everyone is pleased and is now anticipating the long awaited Season 7 of Scrubs.
  • A Really Good Episode!

    The Whole episode is just fantastic. A very pivitol episode. Very revealing. Very Suprising. Very..... Good! hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi b b bb b b b b b b bb b b b b b b b b b b bb b bb b b b b b b b b b b b bbbb b bb bb b b b b b b b bb b b b b b b b b b b b b b
  • This Episode was great!

    Wow, I really thought this was a good episode for the season finale. I mean, the episode was funny with TEd and the brain trust and the Janitor and him trying to help Keith be a perfect husband and then at the end, Gasp, A cliffhanger which puts us into anticipation for the next season which I thought they really set up great with the whole JD and Elliot maybe getting back together thing where they start to kiss at the end and they'd have to do something crazy because they're at the point of no return. Hmm, I love it. And maybe it's cause I've always liked blondes, but for some reason I hope they do get back together. They seem like a good neurotic messed up happy couple to me. Well, anyways if they live or not I can't wait for next season and I hope it's good. Great Episode.
  • In the season finale, J.D. and Elliot start to think about what they are doing, and how much their life is changing.

    I loved this episode! It was great! I didn't like the fact that Kim was drinking wine, but then again I'm young and don't know anything about that kind of stuff. I was so glad that J.D. and Elliot were kissing at the end. I jumped up and started to clap. I am a JElliot fan! I have been since their first "hook up." I hope that the next season will be even better. I was so happy at the end, but I started to cry when I realized that was the season finale. YAY! No Kim and Keith! Yay!
  • J.D. is freaking out about the iminent birth of his child and his issues with Kim. Elliot is also having serious wedding jitters. We see the long awaited christening of Dr.Cox's baby girl Jennifer Dillon.

    This was freaking amazing. I felt that scrubs was getting kinda stagnated and spinning its wheels but this totally turned it around for me. I had a number of moments were I literally laughed out loud and the end had me covering my eyes for the enevitable. I can't wait for next series.

    I must say the writers have pulled the finger out and made the start of the next series a "must watch". Personally I didn't see how they could have J.D. and Elliot getting together again but this could possibly be it (I think it may be possible that the awaited kiss may be halted at the last second).

    All in all a fantastic episode and I can't wait for the next series.
  • My Point of No Return...a blend of classic Scrubs comedy and a last minute cliffhanger that gives great hope for an awesome final season.

    Earlier episodes this season were not very appealing to me personally. As the characters grew up and got on and settled their lives with commitments, the same plotlines and jokes could only be used so many times.

    My Point of No Return not only managed to give another dose of refreshing comedy, it also showed how nice it can be for anyone who has watched Scrubs from the very beginning to recognize and find the humor in each of the allusions and jokes being employed.

    The Brain Trust was a relatively new aspect with the Janitor headlining the way as usual. Keith and Elliot as a couple never really appealed that much to me, but Keith as a character is hard to dislike. The Brain Trust brought some much needed humor to the double episode finale, which was very emotional in general.

    The last minute really leaves you sitting on the edge of your seat because the storylines are that well written. JD and Elliot...well, we'll see. It always seems that they were meant to be together.

    This is perhaps the best season finale Scrubs has produced and it's a shame we'll all have to wait 'till next year!
  • 'em but hate 'em

    I'm amazed at the consistancy of this show, to be able to reference back to past episodes making it feel like "Scrubs" it not a television show but a daily wrap up of some place in the real world put onto the tv for our viewing pleasure. Everything is played perfectly here. Janitor was spot on with his antics, and Doug was just hilarious. But getting to the main characters, everybody's plot in this episode meshed together without a hitch. In the season finale, it was great to see some medical issues the doctor's had to deal with as well, since the earlier part of the season seemed to lack patient-doctor interaction. Jack and Cox were just hilarious, and it was great to get a glimpse of Jordan and her daughter. Little JD was a neat addition, and a perfect example of why this show has some of the best consistancy on television. Elliot and JD developed a lot in this episode, and I found myself cheering for and against them multiple times like I became skitzophrenic. I can't wait for the cliffhanger to be resolved, and you can bet that after a hot streak at the end of season 6, season 7 should deliver some classic moments up to what may be the finale of scrubs.
  • Amazing! Sets up the last season to be possible the most amazing scrubs season ever.

    Because this and My Rabbit were aired together I apologize now for any overlapping. This episode was an amazing episode, period. The side story of Dr Cox and Jordan and Turk and Carla throughout the past now 6 seasons made this episode that amazing. For 6 years now we have all wondered if JD and Elliot were going to finally end up together, from the first crush to sex buddies to Elliot just being mad at JD. I personally think they should end up together, but hey thats just me ;P The parallel to Turk and Carla and Dr Cox and Jordan being perfect to eachother at the end of the episode was what made the end seem so much worse to be a cliff hanger. Now for the rest of the summer I will be wondering if when the new season starts what will happen. We have 1 season to go and because of this the power of Elliot and JD hooking up again is all the more giant. If they do hook up then its either they go their seperate ways or they end up together but a whole season of them being together without hardship seems a bit farfetched with their history. Seeing Elliot freak out over picking eye gunk was probably one of the funniest things I ever seen her freak out over. This episode was just amazing I'm still speechless so sorry if this review wasnt to specific.
  • My Point of No Return...lets talk...cliffhangers.

    My Point of No Return not only had one of the most brain racking cliffhangers Scrubs has ever given us, but some great alternative storylines as well. Lets start discussing those.

    The Brain Trust
    The Brain Trust was really funny. In my opinion, it brought the humor to what is supposed to be a very dramatic episode

    The God-Father
    The God-Father thing was kind of ridiculous in my opinion. Dr. Cox has never been that cynical and angry with JD this season, and in my opinion was not very Coxish. The Jelliot
    I am a JIM fan myself, but hell, what can we do. Its a cliffhanger. We are going to have to wait. We dont even know if there is a Jelliot.

    Overall, best season finale I have ever seen on Scrubs. See you next Season.
  • Ah! I am going to kill JD!

    This is totally within the character frames of both JD and Elliot so it doesn't bother me at all, in fact it's what makes sense- anything else would be inconsistent with their personalities. That's what makes this show genius - the continuous growth and deepening of these characters over 6 years. They've changed so much, and not at all. Just like me!
  • JD deals with the after of the news about his not miscarried baby.

    I think that this episode is just like all the others in most. I wished the "brain trust" would come up with a better gift. I thought that they would give her something funny. Ted is HILARIOUS! I think Carla should have another kid. I think that would add more humor to the story line. I like the name JD picked out for his boy. It's pretty funny. I thought it was funny how he said "Turk has dibs on Chico" or something like that. Some name with a "C". I can't wait until the next season starts. I want to see if JD and Eliiot do anything. I don't think they will. I think one of them will pull back.
  • The writers have really raised the bar on this fantastic episode.

    Continuing from My Rabbit, Kim and JD were now back together. The first few scenes showed them building up their relationship again which made me feel happy since the characters treated Kim poorly in the previous episode.

    I definatly noticed that the old and new humour of Scrubs was compiled again to make a completely new but original episode. The first half of Point of No Return was made up of slip and slide humour, but, as the episode progressed, it went into deeper, emotional feeling to end with JD and Elliot on a bed, supposedly about to kiss. I thought the Janitor's Brain Trust was as wacky as ever and the Godfather debate was very amusing.

    I am extremely exited to find out what happens in season 7!
  • funny ep that concentrated on the love rectangle(?) of Kim,JD,Elliot,Keith.

    First of, I found the JD/Cox baptism storyline a little dissapointing, despite being quite funny. The reason is that I was kinda hoping that JD would become the godfather, since he tried to hard for so long... It seems weird to me that Cox would make a deal with his wife to leave JD out... why does it matter so much to Cox that JD would in fact be his son's godfather? I thought he secretly liked JD, but now im all but confused.
    Next, I found the brain trust parts quite funny, especially with Ted getting into character, and Todd with his hammock... It was a nice addition to the ep. It also showed that Janitor cares about Elliot, even if he seems to be over her in a romantic sense... probably cares about her more than she realizes.
    Now, after seeing this episode I am quite confident that Elliot and Keith will not end up together. There is too many signs that they are not right for each other, stranded over several of the past episodes. As I predicted a couple of episodes ago, the dust has settled, and the initial excitement of getting married has worn of for Elliot, and she realizes that she is probably doing the wrong thing. JD is having a kid with Kim, but in my mind that is not too big of a deal, because as long as he and Kim remain good friends and treat each other with respect, why should the kid care that they are not having sex in the next room? They can still be great parents, even if JD is involved with someone else. Which brings me to the relationship between JD and Elliot... It was clear that JD had feelings for Elliot again, but this time I was happy to see that he didn't try to sabotage her relationship with Keith, as in season3... in fact he comforted her by saying that she will probably be alright with Keith in 20 years... This time it seems like Elliot is the one to make the move... she was the one that got onto the same bed and 'accidentally' held JD's hand...
    So, I'd like to say that I think Elliot and JD would make a really good couple. What I am hoping that will happen is that they will get together somewhere in the beginning of season7, and remain in a stable relationship for the entire season until the end. I think their relationship as a clumsy couple could lead to a lot of good comedy, as it did in My Bed Banter and Beyond. (one of my favorite eps, I like all the episodes where Zach and Sarah are together... they seem to click on screen as a couple). This would also hopefully eliminate some of the soap opera aspect of the show that started to bother me a little lately... and it would end the will they wont they thing, once and for all, but in the good way, with them being together :D

    So... keeping my fingers crossed for JD/Elliot together, I hope they go NUCLEAR in s07e01 :D, and hoping for a really good Season7 :)
  • 622

    JD & Elliot almost kissing? Is this what we really want? We've gone down this road plenty of times, and it has always resulted in disaster? Elliot & Kieth have been dating for 2 years and now they're getting married. Would Elliot be that afraid of commitment that she would sleep with JD after 2 years of being with Kieth Would JD do the same thing with Kim after asking her to come to work at Sacred Heart, and to move in with him?

    We've already got two huge commitments on this show, and I'm sure a lot of fans have come to like them, why bring back JD & Elliot together now of all times? For shock value, maybe? All I know is that, all were going to get here is another mess, even if they kiss or not, or whatever they do, which could really mess up things with their relationships with Kim & Kieth.

    The christening of Jennifer Dylan was nice, JD being removed from being a godfather was hysterical, at least the baby is still named JD. A pretty great finale, usually this show isn't HUGE on cliffhangers in finales, but in this case, they did a pretty good job.
  • Another great ep. of Scrubs.

    So the Season 6 finale ended with J.D. and Elliot sharing a kiss..awww. But before their kiss the episode was really great. It was basically about Elliot and J.D. both experiencing the same kind of emotions: They are both very nervous at the moment to were their lives are heading. Elliot is not sure about marrying Keith and J.D. thinks he made a mistake getting back together with Kim. And this is what led to J.D. and Elliot sharing their problems with each other and then realizing that they were meant to be. This was a great final episode and i can't wait for the next season.
  • JD is back together with Kim, Elliot is about to tie the knot with Kieth. Than things are starting to seem iffy. (spoilers)

    So I was excited and happy to finally see Kim back in JD's life. Elliot is getting her wedding lined up with Kieth and she's a nerotic mess but you really couldnt ask for much more with Elliot being the way she is. But when Elliot and JD start second guessing whether or not they should have broken up, thats when things start getting messy. I've spent 6 seasons watching JD screw up every realationship that hes had, and to see him and Elliot almost kiss at the end of the episode just about sent me off of the edge. Here he has this georgous looking woman sitting at his apartment waiting for him to come home, not to mention she's carrying his child, and he starts to go and screw it up. What I hope to see in the next episode is JD saying stop and something about how they can't keep doing this just when other things in their lives start to get heavy.
  • well in this episode its the season finale, and at the end elliot and j.d. almost kiss, leaving us a cliff-hanger.

    i thought this episode was good, but they shouldn't have revisted the same storyline where j.d. and elliot fall for each other. I think that j.d. should stay with kim, and elliot should marry keith. It actually mad me really mad when they were about to kiss, I thought that the writers should have kept the story line the same. (i cant really think of anything else to say)
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  • Thank You Scrubs for another amazing season...

    *****************CAUTION... SPOILERS**************************

    This episode had everything that Scrubs fans want to see. It had plenty of comedy, plenty of drama (specifically between JD and Elliot), and plenty of "Coxian" moments. I loved the use of the cliffhangers at the end of the episode to set up for the much worried about but fortunately signed final Seventh season. This episode definitely makes the watcher wonder what is going to happen at the start of the next season. Will they or won't they? It's classic JD and Elliot. The way they left them, not yet kissing, but in the position to kiss. JD finally trusts Kim again, and Elliot's wedding is coming up, so if they do indeed cheat on their respected loved ones, there could be a huge shake-up that can shape the mood for the final season.

    Thanks again Scrubs... Your ability to leave the watcher in agony worrying about what is going to happen is still intact. I personally cannot wait.
  • Thank you Scrubs for another fantastic season...

    *****************CAUTION... SPOILERS**************************

    This episode had everything that Scrubs fans want to see. It had plenty of comedy, plenty of drama (specifically between JD and Elliot), and plenty of "Coxian" moments. I loved the use of the cliffhangers at the end of the episode to set up for the much worried about but fortunately signed final Seventh season. This episode definitely makes the watcher wonder what is going to happen at the start of the next season. Will they or won't they? It's classic JD and Elliot. The way they left them, not yet kissing, but in the position to kiss. JD finally trusts Kim again, and Elliot's wedding is coming up, so if they do indeed cheat on their respected loved ones, there could be a huge shake-up that can shape the mood for the final season.

    Thanks again Scrubs... Your ability to leave the watcher in agony worrying about what is going to happen is still intact. I personally cannot wait.
  • Another good episode... but something seemed to me missing all of season 6... and this summed it up for me

    I don't have much to add, and I donno where I stand on the elliot and j.d thing right now cuz I like them together but at the same time I thought Keith and Kim deserve it too (which is saying a lot I hated Keith at the start) but I really am bummed bout Cox still being so cold on J.D.... I mean the name of his child I understand... but Godfather I was really hoping he'd let J.D... that bummed me out kinda. I guess one of the reasons I liked season 5 so much was that Cox finally seemed to show some warmth to J.D and almost all of 6 had him revert right back to where he was. The season in general was a downer from 5 which I would say had been my favorite so far. It seemed some of the characters didn't continue to progress the same way I thought... Kelso and Cox did but other than that it didn't have the same WOW that 5 did... where it jus seemed that all the characters were interacting and there was a lot there... 6 was all about the babies it seemed like and there wasn't any real moments with Cox and J.D this season which disapointed me cuz I really liked how 1-5 had gone with them.

    Just my two cents though
  • Time to go nuclear?

    Fantastic finale to season 6 of Scrubs. For me this season has been the weakest of all, it didnt start off good and only a handful of episodes really brought out the quality you expect from this show. "My Point Of No Return" brought out the best of this show, which resulted in this being the best episode of season 6. Only thing that really let it down was the Janitor's "Brian Trust" didnt really find that amusing, something else that bothered me with the "Brain Trust" thing is that Todd hasnt been used really this season, considering his character is very funny. I feel Ted hasnt been as funny this season and Lloyd the delivery guy is just a terrible recurring character which wasnt funny at all. Apart from that it was great, brilliant ending (which i've come to expect from a scrubs finale). It brings together the couple that everyone wants (i think) but will never happen. I dont think anything will happen between JD and Elliot in season 7. Roll on Season 7
  • JD and Elliot question their life's direction as JD and Kim prepare to bring their son into the world and Elliot prepares to marry Keith.

    Personally, one of my favorite season finales. I love "Will they, won't they" couples, especially JD and Elliot. They're one of those couples, who tried twice and failed, it was left to where we were to never think about them together again and then BAM! They bring back, what I have been waiting for, for so long. There's no couple better than JD and Elliot and the cliffhanger is amazing. If season seven gives me the couple I've been waiting on since around the end of the third season, then, without a doubt, Bill Lawerence will not only be my favorite writer but my favorite television creator. He should cater to what real fans want and I want the dream couple, the fantasy couple. It's not realistic... but honestly, in life what is? Give those that love the perfect couple, hope. That's exactly what this episode does. I was so excited... I cried.
  • Season 6 ends with a fantastic episode

    While this certainly isn't the best season finale so far, My Point of No Return is a hilarious episode that deals with all the characters in a great way.

    Kim and J.D. getting back into being a couple again and feeling comfortable around each other, J.D. now forgiven Kim, is a great way to start off the episode as his life starts spiralling down afterwards. I like the fact that in season six, since Kim has been pregnant J.D. has only slept with one woman, and that's Kim, showing that subconsciously he still misses that relationship. After the revelation, he of course resented her but has now come to almost forgiving her. Unfortunately, he doesn't realise that his casual comments has put Kim directly in his life, since he convinved her to quit, move and stay with him. The theme plays quite well in the episode. I'm a fan of the J.D-Kim relationship as it does have room for comedy, such as the beets and pregnant sex.

    The parallel of Keith-Elliot, a relationship that I've always found funny but not been too into until My Cold Shower, which changed my mind, was quite good as Elliot gets cold feet, but could have been a lot funnier. Of course, the Brain Trust and Keith have that covered with some of the most hilarious moments in the episode, especially Ted, and Todd's need to pull off his pants. Doug's jealousy was great as was Keith's expression throughout the episode (I'm not walking through fire!) but even though I know he's a writer, the show is really overusing Lloyd, who I find is funnier in smaller doses (4 0r 5 episodes a season like 1-5, not every episode).

    The godfather plot is fantastic, J.D. missing the chance of a lifetime and Jordan's orders for Cox, aswell as J.D. calling Jack smug and opting to be godmother. This plot is also a great funny storyline and shows Dr. Cox and Jordan bonding. I wish Turk and Carla had been in the episode more but the few scenes they were in were terrific.

    The ending was a good summation of life but the cliffhanger isn't quite as effective as past seasons have been. If J.D. and Elliot do hook up, it will be reusing plots (His Story II, where Elliot has doubts about her serious relationship so goes for J.D. who's there for him). It's not exactly like that but there are only minor changes.

    Overall, the episode is superb, my favourite plots being Cox's and Janitor's, but the cliffhanger is a little weak and doesn't have the same impact of previous finales.
  • nothing new ...

    let me preface this review by saying: i love 'scrubs.' i own every season on dvd and i think the series gets better and better every single season. i never go an episode without laughing out loud and i think the character portrayals are spot on!

    that being said, this "cliffhanger" was so unoriginal, it's not even funny. i'm surprised at some of the reviews. not the, "exactly why i watch this show" reviews, because i can understand those. this type of thing is what excites them. but others, welp ...

    in this season finale, dr. cox and jordan are about to baptize little "jennifer dylan;" members of the brain trust attempt to teach keith how to be the best husband; kim moves in with JD, once he finds out she never had a miscarriage and is still carrying their baby (no real surprise); and JD and Elliot (as always) fear their commitments and end up in the on call room together, wondering what to do. the episode ends with them leaning in towards a kiss.

    AND??? THIS is cliff-hanging??? this is nothing new! the JD and Elliot "when are they going to get together?" question is always hanging there. it reminds me of "who's the boss?" (another of my favorite shows) but done very badly. i say that because JD and Elliot have constantly hooked up. there is no excitement, really, in waiting for a climax because they've already had one. and two. and three. at this point, you're just waiting ... again. and not for them to get together ... but for the eventual break-up as soon as they do. i gave this episode an 8.5 because most times it is coupled with "my rabbit," which is a good episode. the two together are very good and i do like all the other story lines. "are JD and Elliot going to go there again?" just doesn't happen to be my favorite. perhaps i am not the norm in feeling that way. in reality, after six years, you would think that two adults could figure out whether or not they wanted to be together ... and if they did, they would. of course, "scrubs" isn't reality ... i'm aware of that. i suppose i just feel that the JD/Elliot "maybe" is wearing a bit thin and the only thing i felt at the end of this episode was irritated. i would have given it a lower score but, thankfully, the entire episode didn't revolve entirely around JD and Elliot and was really quite good.
  • elliot and jd start thinking bout their future

    i think it was a surprise to just end the season with a kiss scene. where's the wedding what happened to kelly and jd?? there were so many pieces of the puzzle that are missing. i think the previous seasons had a better ending compard to season 6. i hope the next season will answer all my questions.
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