Season 6 Episode 22

My Point of No Return

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM May 17, 2007 on NBC

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  • funny ep that concentrated on the love rectangle(?) of Kim,JD,Elliot,Keith.

    First of, I found the JD/Cox baptism storyline a little dissapointing, despite being quite funny. The reason is that I was kinda hoping that JD would become the godfather, since he tried to hard for so long... It seems weird to me that Cox would make a deal with his wife to leave JD out... why does it matter so much to Cox that JD would in fact be his son's godfather? I thought he secretly liked JD, but now im all but confused.
    Next, I found the brain trust parts quite funny, especially with Ted getting into character, and Todd with his hammock... It was a nice addition to the ep. It also showed that Janitor cares about Elliot, even if he seems to be over her in a romantic sense... probably cares about her more than she realizes.
    Now, after seeing this episode I am quite confident that Elliot and Keith will not end up together. There is too many signs that they are not right for each other, stranded over several of the past episodes. As I predicted a couple of episodes ago, the dust has settled, and the initial excitement of getting married has worn of for Elliot, and she realizes that she is probably doing the wrong thing. JD is having a kid with Kim, but in my mind that is not too big of a deal, because as long as he and Kim remain good friends and treat each other with respect, why should the kid care that they are not having sex in the next room? They can still be great parents, even if JD is involved with someone else. Which brings me to the relationship between JD and Elliot... It was clear that JD had feelings for Elliot again, but this time I was happy to see that he didn't try to sabotage her relationship with Keith, as in season3... in fact he comforted her by saying that she will probably be alright with Keith in 20 years... This time it seems like Elliot is the one to make the move... she was the one that got onto the same bed and 'accidentally' held JD's hand...
    So, I'd like to say that I think Elliot and JD would make a really good couple. What I am hoping that will happen is that they will get together somewhere in the beginning of season7, and remain in a stable relationship for the entire season until the end. I think their relationship as a clumsy couple could lead to a lot of good comedy, as it did in My Bed Banter and Beyond. (one of my favorite eps, I like all the episodes where Zach and Sarah are together... they seem to click on screen as a couple). This would also hopefully eliminate some of the soap opera aspect of the show that started to bother me a little lately... and it would end the will they wont they thing, once and for all, but in the good way, with them being together :D

    So... keeping my fingers crossed for JD/Elliot together, I hope they go NUCLEAR in s07e01 :D, and hoping for a really good Season7 :)