Season 6 Episode 22

My Point of No Return

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM May 17, 2007 on NBC

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  • JD deals with the after of the news about his not miscarried baby.

    I think that this episode is just like all the others in most. I wished the "brain trust" would come up with a better gift. I thought that they would give her something funny. Ted is HILARIOUS! I think Carla should have another kid. I think that would add more humor to the story line. I like the name JD picked out for his boy. It's pretty funny. I thought it was funny how he said "Turk has dibs on Chico" or something like that. Some name with a "C". I can't wait until the next season starts. I want to see if JD and Eliiot do anything. I don't think they will. I think one of them will pull back.