Season 6 Episode 22

My Point of No Return

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM May 17, 2007 on NBC

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  • Thank you Scrubs for another fantastic season...

    *****************CAUTION... SPOILERS**************************

    This episode had everything that Scrubs fans want to see. It had plenty of comedy, plenty of drama (specifically between JD and Elliot), and plenty of "Coxian" moments. I loved the use of the cliffhangers at the end of the episode to set up for the much worried about but fortunately signed final Seventh season. This episode definitely makes the watcher wonder what is going to happen at the start of the next season. Will they or won't they? It's classic JD and Elliot. The way they left them, not yet kissing, but in the position to kiss. JD finally trusts Kim again, and Elliot's wedding is coming up, so if they do indeed cheat on their respected loved ones, there could be a huge shake-up that can shape the mood for the final season.

    Thanks again Scrubs... Your ability to leave the watcher in agony worrying about what is going to happen is still intact. I personally cannot wait.