Season 6 Episode 22

My Point of No Return

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM May 17, 2007 on NBC

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  • When i thought that Season six was going to be a dud, the last 5 episodes just blew me away

    For me season six started out quite well with the introduction of Kim, everyone having a baby, etc. But then after the musical episode this season started going downhill fast. However there were a number of funny moments this season such as Turk farting and shooting off in to the sky, only to cross back from JD's day dream to a comment of "If i had a saddle i could have ridden you". The problem was that there was only one or two of these moments per episode, and the serious nature that has infected scrubs these last two seasons started to make the jokes seem like they were only there because they had to be there. The episodes just didnt flow. Then came episodes 17 through to 22, and these episodes completely renewed my faith in scrubs, and that they have enough to offer to make a 7th and hopefully 8th season. There have been so many emotional moments in the last 6 episodes, and while nothing will ever cap that moment in episode 20 of season 5 where dr cox lost his 3 patients, these few episodes are not too far behind.

    I especially enjoyed this last episode, i loved the brains trust, and i did like the way that it ended with us not knowing if JD and Elliot do hook up. I hope that they dont, mostly because i had completely given up on the two being a good couple. I think Keith and Elliot are perfect for each other, and that JD and Kim are perfect for each other, even if she did lie to him about the baby. One thing that i was very disappointed about was that Cox was so adamant that JD would not be his daughters god father, and i would have thought that his fondness towards JD would have shone through towards the end, but it didnt.

    I cannot wait for the next season, if the last few episodes are anything to go by, scrubs has rediscovered its magic and i think that the next season can be far better than anything we have seen before. (except for when cox loses it, which in my opinion is the most powerful moment on tv that i have ever watched)