Season 6 Episode 22

My Point of No Return

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM May 17, 2007 on NBC

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  • nothing new ...

    let me preface this review by saying: i love 'scrubs.' i own every season on dvd and i think the series gets better and better every single season. i never go an episode without laughing out loud and i think the character portrayals are spot on!

    that being said, this "cliffhanger" was so unoriginal, it's not even funny. i'm surprised at some of the reviews. not the, "exactly why i watch this show" reviews, because i can understand those. this type of thing is what excites them. but others, welp ...

    in this season finale, dr. cox and jordan are about to baptize little "jennifer dylan;" members of the brain trust attempt to teach keith how to be the best husband; kim moves in with JD, once he finds out she never had a miscarriage and is still carrying their baby (no real surprise); and JD and Elliot (as always) fear their commitments and end up in the on call room together, wondering what to do. the episode ends with them leaning in towards a kiss.

    AND??? THIS is cliff-hanging??? this is nothing new! the JD and Elliot "when are they going to get together?" question is always hanging there. it reminds me of "who's the boss?" (another of my favorite shows) but done very badly. i say that because JD and Elliot have constantly hooked up. there is no excitement, really, in waiting for a climax because they've already had one. and two. and three. at this point, you're just waiting ... again. and not for them to get together ... but for the eventual break-up as soon as they do. i gave this episode an 8.5 because most times it is coupled with "my rabbit," which is a good episode. the two together are very good and i do like all the other story lines. "are JD and Elliot going to go there again?" just doesn't happen to be my favorite. perhaps i am not the norm in feeling that way. in reality, after six years, you would think that two adults could figure out whether or not they wanted to be together ... and if they did, they would. of course, "scrubs" isn't reality ... i'm aware of that. i suppose i just feel that the JD/Elliot "maybe" is wearing a bit thin and the only thing i felt at the end of this episode was irritated. i would have given it a lower score but, thankfully, the entire episode didn't revolve entirely around JD and Elliot and was really quite good.