Season 3 Episode 13

My Porcelain God

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Feb 17, 2004 on NBC

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  • This episode left me with a good feeling.

    Michael J Fox continues to be an amazing addition to this show. His guest appearance is probably one of the best things that has happened to this show. +All plots were heartwarming in their own way. JD becomes Turk's best man, but then he finds out that he was the second choice, since Turk's brother couldn't make it to the wedding, he spends the rest of the episode avoiding Turk. Meanwhile Cox & Carla continue to have amazing chemistry as they go against Kelso when Kelso closes one of the wings of the hospital due to financial purposes. They need that extra wing though considering their hospital is always packed now. The janitor builds a roof toilet, which is what this episode revolves around. Everyone seems to be having epiphanies on that toilet. Dr. Kevin Casey & Elliot are the only people who haven't used the toilet. Elliot's plot is my favorite because I'm sure a lot of doctors can relate to not being able to do something, because you're afraid you're going to mess up. She can't intubate, and she feels bad since Kevin Casey was the only person that hadn't helped her. She finally does get helped by the end, as she goes on the toilet and has an epiphany. She gets over her fear of intubation thanks to Dr. Kevin Casey. That scene when the helicopter landed gave me chills all over and made this episode just a feel good episode. Turk & JD's conversation on the car, really showed how great of friends they are. Cox & Carla wonder if Kelso is a nice person outside of the hospital since he decides to reopen the hospital wing, I loved the transitioning in that scene. All plots were incredibly heartwarming, and this episode was just a feel good episode in general, also gave some development to Carla/Turk's wedding. Amazing episode.
  • Dr Casey was hilarious!

    Dr. Casey and JD discover the Janitor's toilet on the roof-top (dubbed the Epiphany toilet),it warrants the name after many of the staff realise solutions to the problems they're having after using it. Dr. Kelso closes down an entire wing of the hospital to save money. Dr. Cox and Carla fight back by using his own office as a room. Turk asks J.D. to be his best man, but he realizes later he wasn't Turk's first choice. Elliot seeks help from Dr. Casey as she is becoming fearful to intubate patients after botching an intubation.

    This was really a above average episode. Dr Casey was hilarious and i loved how he helped out the other characters, even though he has his own share of problems.
  • Dr Kevin Casey spends his last couple of days at the hospital as Elliot asks him to help her with interbating patients. However just as he's about to help her he has to leave; JD is Turks best man however finds out Turk has asked his brother first.

    It was kind of sad to see Kevin Casey leave, even though he was only suppose to be a guest star. Anyway, just like My Catalyst, M.J Fox played his character very well, bringing joy and humor and heart warming to this episode.

    This episode was a very, good, old, classic "Supersized" episode as it was a run time of 26 minutes. In that time we saw humor with the roof toilet the Janitor had fitted on top of the hospital.

    This is an episode that is definatly in my Top 10 Scrubs Episodes. If you havn't seen yet, make sure you do.
  • Dr. Kevin Casey (Michael J. Fox)

    Janitor: That, my friends, is a roof toilet.
    Dr. Casey: I'm sorry, you said that like it's a normal thing.

    Another excellent cameo from a celebrity, I've said it before and I'll say it again Scrubs really has a knack for picking great guest stars and great roles to put them in.

    Michael J. Fox as an OCD inflicted doctor is such fun to watch. It is really a treat to see him on television again and get to experience his skill and work on screen.

    This is probably one of his weirdest roles, I mean he just couldn't conquer that roof toilet...or could he?
  • One of the top ten Scrubs episodes ever. Period. The guest appearance by Michael J. Fox makes this episode unforgettable. It\\\\\\\'s hilarious but also has a very serious side to it that everyone can relate to.

    I love this episode, deeply and truly. The addition of Dr. Kevin Casey (Michael J. Fox) gives this episode another layer. Kevin becomes the shrink around the hospital, helping everybody out with their individual problems. Turk asks J.D. to be the best man at his wedding, and we are really shown on this episode how close J.D. and Turk really are. Then, when J.D. hears a message from Turks brother, he finds out that Turk asked his brother to be his best man before he asked J.D. This leads to J.D. questioning his friendship with Turk. Meanwhile, Kevin struggles with using The Janitors roof toilet, and Elliot struggles with completing a simple medical procedure that she shouldve mastered years ago.

    It all comes to a head when both Kevin and Elliot use The Janitors rooftop Epiphany Toilet. Kevin is able to get over his fear of the germs, and Elliot gets her epiphany and is suddenly able to complete the procedure. Meanwhile, Turk and J.D. sit outside on Turks car and have a memorable heart-to-heart about the wedding.

    This episode is quoteable, memorable, and it leaves you just feeling good all over. 10/10.
  • This is, in my opinion, one of the best Scrubs episodes ever.

    The character Dr Kevin Casey, adds a whole new dynamic to the Scrubs episode. In this episode Elliot has a problem 'intubating' a patient, JD gets asked to be Turk's best man at his wedding (but hears a phone call that questions his friendship), and Kevin Casey is trying to sit on the roof toilet "It's my Everest". Kevin Casey's advice "If there's something you know you can do ... and your mind keeps throwing up roadblocks, just know you can drive right through 'em." ends this episode spectacularly. I love this episode because it is touching, funny and has a nice twist at the end.
  • This is a cool episode!

    This was a really cool episode, Janitor installs a toilet in the ceiling that allows everyone that puts himself in it to think freely, Dr. Kevin shows it to JD and he promise to keep the secret. Later on, JD is offer by Turk to be his best man but afterwards he finds out that his brother changed plans and that he wants to be Turk's best man which causes JD to doubted their friendship with him, but until the end finds the last reason. Meanwhile, Kelso tells Carla and Cox to take care of his gardener to help him, and they use his office as his room, which questions if whether Kelso is a nice man in the real world, and Elliot seeks help of Dr. Kevin when he has help everybody, but the toliet ends up to be the solution. What a really cool episode!
  • The Janitor builds a roof toilet which affects all of Sacred Heart

    The epiphany toilet is one of the most original plots ever seen on TV and only Scrubs had the possibility of pulling it off.

    Even better than the previous episode starring Fox, My Porcelain God shows Kevin Casey leaving Sacred Heart, Elliot losing her medical confidence and JD becoming Turk’s best man, though he was way off on what he thought they were going to offer.

    This episode has to be the biggest one that focuses on a Janitor plot as most of the episode comes out of the toilet he built on the roof, a hilarious idea in itself.

    Kelso claiming it wasn’t his job to look after sick people and Cox subsequently putting Kelso’s sick gardener in Kelso’s office were both brilliant in the plot where Kelso shuts a hospital wing down.

    Overall, all of these plots are either solved or started by the porcelain god itself, the mighty epiphany toilet! This episode has to be considered a classic because of the memorable plots, well written characters and side-splitting gags such as JD’s tux and the “helipad”.