Season 3 Episode 13

My Porcelain God

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Feb 17, 2004 on NBC

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  • Dr Kevin Casey spends his last couple of days at the hospital as Elliot asks him to help her with interbating patients. However just as he's about to help her he has to leave; JD is Turks best man however finds out Turk has asked his brother first.

    It was kind of sad to see Kevin Casey leave, even though he was only suppose to be a guest star. Anyway, just like My Catalyst, M.J Fox played his character very well, bringing joy and humor and heart warming to this episode.

    This episode was a very, good, old, classic "Supersized" episode as it was a run time of 26 minutes. In that time we saw humor with the roof toilet the Janitor had fitted on top of the hospital.

    This is an episode that is definatly in my Top 10 Scrubs Episodes. If you havn't seen yet, make sure you do.