Season 3 Episode 13

My Porcelain God

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Feb 17, 2004 on NBC

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  • This episode left me with a good feeling.

    Michael J Fox continues to be an amazing addition to this show. His guest appearance is probably one of the best things that has happened to this show. +All plots were heartwarming in their own way. JD becomes Turk's best man, but then he finds out that he was the second choice, since Turk's brother couldn't make it to the wedding, he spends the rest of the episode avoiding Turk. Meanwhile Cox & Carla continue to have amazing chemistry as they go against Kelso when Kelso closes one of the wings of the hospital due to financial purposes. They need that extra wing though considering their hospital is always packed now. The janitor builds a roof toilet, which is what this episode revolves around. Everyone seems to be having epiphanies on that toilet. Dr. Kevin Casey & Elliot are the only people who haven't used the toilet. Elliot's plot is my favorite because I'm sure a lot of doctors can relate to not being able to do something, because you're afraid you're going to mess up. She can't intubate, and she feels bad since Kevin Casey was the only person that hadn't helped her. She finally does get helped by the end, as she goes on the toilet and has an epiphany. She gets over her fear of intubation thanks to Dr. Kevin Casey. That scene when the helicopter landed gave me chills all over and made this episode just a feel good episode. Turk & JD's conversation on the car, really showed how great of friends they are. Cox & Carla wonder if Kelso is a nice person outside of the hospital since he decides to reopen the hospital wing, I loved the transitioning in that scene. All plots were incredibly heartwarming, and this episode was just a feel good episode in general, also gave some development to Carla/Turk's wedding. Amazing episode.