Season 7 Episode 11

My Princess

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM May 08, 2008 on NBC

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  • Awful, Terrible, Abysmal, Finale. Shall I go on?

    The first really just awful episode of Scrubs. The worst episode of Scrubs to date, and the continuity was awful, something that I thought went really well this season, Kelso is all of a sudden Chief of Medicine? Didn't he quit? Why is he back? Why did they air this out of production order? Why is this the finale?

    The fact that anyone could like this episode is astonishing. Season 7 was pretty good, until this episode came along, the last episode should have been the finale, this episode was insignificant and obnoxious. It didn't add to the plot at all, even as a filler, this was awful because of how annoying it was.

    I would have liked at least SOMETHING to keep me on my toes for the next 3 months, like the past finales have given us, but in this case, we got absolutely nothing. As the last episode on NBC, I wouldn't be surprised if anyone watched season eight after this incredibly awful sendoff after being on NBC for seven years. Just so, so awful. Do not watch this episode.
  • A fun, imaginative episode. Touching at the end.

    I loved all the great adventure and fairy tale movie references throughout the episode. Loved how it was actually Dr. Cox narrates the episode (like he did in the episode His Story) and how we got to see how he thinks of all the characters, Elliot thinking that she is a princess, Turk and Carla are never separated, and JD being an idiot, and Kelso being an evil wizard. It could have been a little funnier at some points with the fairy tale references, but overall made me laugh. Made a good ending to the series on NBC, and a good lead into the last season on ABC this fall. I am glad we will finally get to see the ending Bill Lawrence intended and the conclusion to JD story.
  • An ok episode.

    I was dissapointed in this episode. Definitly not what I would expect from what might have been a series finally. Yes I know that it was renewed on ABC for the fall, but as far as NBC is concerned it was the series finally, and I think there should have been a little more character closer. Instead we get a mideocure episode. Yes it was funny, I laughed, but was not rolling on the floor laughing my butt off laugh that I would expect from what could have been a series finally. I am gald now that ABC is going to be airing new epiodes in the fall, and hope when they finally have a series finally (wheater it's a season or 2 or 3_ they have a great one.
  • I have nothing in particular against this episode but its not a series finale..and its poor shuffling with the series timeline only makes that worse

    I have to ask why they made this the finals how to be aired this series, had they switched this and "My waste of time" I would have been much happier.
    Let's deal with the obvious problem off the bat, Kelso's still cheif of medicine in this episode. Now i'm not a continuity freak, i didn't mind when Dr.Cox's hair cut seemed to get out of sink with the series earlier, but to switch episodes around so much as to have him be there just after his exit (which i felt was a fairly poor one for his cherecter as a side note) is just appaling and completly unecessary. The fact it also appears to have been slated for fairly early in the season annoys me even further.
    Apart from this glaring error its not a bad show, while i'm not a huge fan of the fairy tale style of the episode. It is a fresh take on things and allows some new gags which i am all for. The touch of seriousness at the end also works well. What does annoy me it that they have practically ressurected lavernes (apologies for the spelling) charecter, it just seems cheap after her very touching leaving episodes.
    Overall its as a good episode but minor gripes, the fact its billed as a series finale when it has no charecter devlopment or even a next series tie in and its horrendous anachronisms mar my viewing pleasure.
  • Season 7 ends on a high point.

    Season 7 ends on a high point.
    To be honest I was shocked once Dr Kelso turned up but, he was not really in it enough to drive away the enjoyment of the episode. I really enjoyed this episode, alot of the reviews seem to disagree compleatly but honestly I thoght it was a good solid episode, the fantasy arrangement realy appealed me and reminds me of earlier surreal episodes that make me alaugh out loud. I thought the production value was high with the sets and costumes. I thought the characters were well thought really reflecting on how the people have developed. I can't knock this episode, roll on Season 8
  • Why is everyone disparaging this episode? It was great!

    As silly as it was, this episode is probably my all time favorite now. I thought it was funny and silly. but dealt with serious drama in a way that Scrubs has not in a long time. I absolutely loved that this episode returned to the roots of the original concept of Scrubs. It was irreverent in all the right ways, but you knew in the end that the characters had learned something. I only hope that this is merely a season finale. I hope that Scrubs will continue and that the writers will strive to continue writing episodes that are more like the early episodes rather than the drama laden recent episodes. My Princess is full of hope for a new beginning!
  • One of my all time favorite episodes

    Wow what and amazing episode i have to say i loved it .It starts off With Dr cox having to tell Jack a story because Jordan makes him . Through Dr cox's story we follow them trying to solve the hospital mystery of the disease in a fairytale of the cast trying to kill the monster.i especially loved the giant(Janitor) and hunchback (ted) walking off together i thought that was so cute. Yes there were some issues with continuity issues with Dr kelso , JD and Elliot's kiss , but it was obvious the episodes were out of order. I think the best part of the episode was the end with Jordan and Perry and Jordan sitting outside listening in and asking what really happened in the end. All in all an awesome Scrubs episode.
  • worst scrubs episode ever.

    I love scrubs, I think it's amazing. but this was just awful. Clearly the worst episode ever, and they were going to end scrubs forever with this episode! I'm not an eleven year old watching morning television. This isn't funny, it isn't SCRUBS. What is with Jordan in this episode too? Just, awful.

    Every other episode of scrubs is amazing, but this isn't up to scratch.

    Though, worst scrubs episode ever isn't a complete insult, as scrubs is amazing, but this is notably worse than the other episodes, but on a rainy day you may enjoy it, I, however, will never enjoy it.
  • In This Episode Dr Cox Has Had A Hard Day At Work, And Jordan Tells Him He Has To Tell A Story To Their Son, Jack, He Talk About How Elliot Was A Princess, JD A Idiot And Carla & Turk A Two-Headed Person, And They Together Solve The Patients Illness.

    In The Episode Before This Dr Kelso Quits His Job, But In This Episode, He Is Still Chief Of Medicine, And I Found Out This Episode Was Meant To Be Aired As Episode 9, But They Needed A Better Finale.
    But In My Opinion They Could Have Done A Much Much Better Job.
    Nothing Really Happened And There Really Was Nothing To It Either.
    It May Well Have Been One Of The Worst Episodes In The History Of Scrubs, But To Finish On A Good Point, There Was Some Really Good Funny Parts In It, And Its Good To See How The Characters React To This Type Of Situation.
  • it was decent.

    I don't see why some people despise this episode. it was decent. i mean being the final episode of the season, it was pretty crappy.i do believe it was aired out of order since the episode before, at least to me, was a perfect way to end the season. it was an interesting concept, but it could only be done once before its old. to me, it seemed like the writers were out of ideas and just trying to have an episode written. at leas the episode turned out okay.i like when it goes from "Sacred Heartia" to the hospital. :D its cool looking.
  • Just a filler episode, doesnt add to the story plot.

    This episode was just another filler . Not as good as the other episode we have become used to watching . It was extremly boring , silly and painful to watch !!! . It added nothing , zip , zero to the story line , plot or even the season . It seemed completely out of sync with the episodes before it !!!

    In the episode before Bob quits and Dr Cox takes over as cheif, in this epsidode Bob is walking around threating to suspend people working late . I didnt like the episode at all . I am sure they could have done a LOT BETTER.
  • Last one on NBC

    After a string of Scrubs episodes being. . .not extremely bad but incredibly awkward and out-of-sync with the rest of the show, here comes the season finale which starts to bring things back on track. Mimicing a Princess Bride style format, it tells of Cox telling his son a bedtime fantasy story that actually mirrors an actual case he was working on the day before. It was fun to see a Coxian. . .twist on his own story, how of course he has to be the hero, J.D. being this pathetic, clueless mess without him, Elliot following the same, Kelso the villainous monster, and Carla and Turk being this odd chimera-ish creature. And Scrubs returned to its breezy, light, comedic brilliance that was lacking from weeks before. Zac Braff directed this episode, so he did know what he was doing and help bring the show back to speed. There were a few problems, just with continuancy and which place and time this episode was made. Like, why was Kelso back in the hospital when he quit a few episodes back? It's a good thing too that this isn't the last episode of Scrubs ever because in the end, nothing happened. Nothing. Nothing of importance happened and the J.D. and Elliot kiss from the season six finale was still left up in the air. If this was the last episode, I would have been severally disappointed. Since it's not, it was a fun, enjoyable kick back to the series we know and love. Hopefully, when Scrubs returns this time to ABC, it can come back with that same attitude.
  • Cute episode, but without the timeline of the season.. wasnt kelso retired already?

    Once upon a time, there was a sitcom named Scrubs.. it was funny and hilarious, and every chapter seems to be funnier than the other.. Also, it never leaves a detail unnattended.. there were always explanations for every little weird thing that happened..

    But one day, came a big writers strike.. and all the sitcoms were affected, including Scrubs.. and they all lost the time line, and Scrubs did it too.. and when a great season seems to be starting suddenly, it has a unexpected end..

    The fans of this sitcom felt insulted about this, because Scrubs was always great.. but with the end, they filled the end with a random episode that was filmed even before than the second last.. and the people started to complain..

    So, what will happen with scrubs? what was Kelso doing in this episode? let Lavrne rest in peace!! We will receive and explanation about this weird end of season in the 8th one..

    We will have to wait..
  • Another big episode for Scrubs.

    God knows why Scrubs would be almost-cancelled for that lame show 30 Rock. I now have a new respect for ABC. Every year, this show has an over-the-top, money-grubbing episode that could either make us laugh (My Life in Four Cameras) Boo (None come to mind at the moment) or glaze over in fascination (My Musical, My Way Home). (Obviously, by listing these, I'm trying to make the 100-word minimum for a review), but this one was just fantastic. The only difficulties I had with it was the seemingly quick-and-painless way of handling the (by now, boring) relationship between Elliot and JD.
  • An interesting episode, glad it isn't the final episode for Scrubs though.

    The whole fairy-tale related story was an interesting concept, but it is expected from Scrubs, where fantasy makes up a big part of the show, flashbacks and JD's day-dreaming, etc.

    Originally advertised as the final episode for Scrubs, you can understand why many won't happy with the this episode. It does not tie up the 7 years of Scrubs and the character's lives and made you feel this episode has no relevance to a finale. Luckily it wasn't.

    The reappearance of Kelso through me off a bit originally aswell and it does question how they are going to explain that next season.
  • Dr. Cox tells his son a bed time story based on the events in the hospital that day.

    In my honest opinion, the episode is underrated. I think it deserves a better score than what it currently has. One of the main reasons it has a low score is because it was advertised by NBC as a series finale. Many people were given the impression of a bad finale for a great series. It was also aired out of order and many people were also confused with Dr. Kelso still being the COM. Although I must admit that the jokes were too obvious and unclever, but the plot line of the episode as a whole is asomewhat touching. The episode gives hints of, what I regard as a cliche but maybe a good storyline, a Jelliot getting together ending of the series. Its not the best episode and frankly I expected more from A ZB directed episode, but all in all, a very underrated episode.
  • Dr. Cox has to tell his son Jack a good night story, so disguises his hard day as a fairy tale about the little village Sacred Heartlia with Carla and Turk as the two-headed witch Turla, Elliot as the princess and J.D. as the village idiot.

    This is a very different episode where all the charcters are dressed up in medievil clothes and act out the story as Dr. Cox describes it. It gives a good view about how dr. cox views the hospital. it pretty much deals with the stuff we see at the hopsital usually. Humourous as usual and Dr. Kelso is back! He as always adds the element of surprise to the episode. he is the evil person in the story.the janotor and ted give a whole new aspect to the story. This episode was very original and as usual dr. cox and JD made it hilarious,
  • What did it happen to this episode to be aired only now?

    What did happen to this episode to be aired only now? I can't understand this careless treatment to the audience because we know that Kelso is no longer chief of Sacred Heart and Laverne is already dead. And what did happen to the magical almost kiss that we all saw in the last episode of last season? Are we seing a Ross/Rachel dinamyc all over again? I can't stand anymore "the Turks". We have got that a couple should be as they are but it is enough sugar for me. This put on the side the episode is good enough. Bye
  • Not a perfect "Season-Final-Episode", but it was never ment to be one!

    This episode is just great!
    Maybe it's not the best Episode ever writen, maybe it's not even the best episode in season 7, but it's one of a kind.
    You shouldn't judge this episode because it's not the great "two people kissing" episode most of you expected for the "final" season of Scrubs. This episode was never ment to be the last one, so please blame NBC for taking it as season final an not even careing if somebody notices that Kelso is back...

    Let's look at it like every other episode done before:
    There is this very nice idea of telling a sad story to a little kid and switching between farytail and the real world which leads to more than one hilarious scrubs-styled jokes.
    You can see how hard they worked on this episode, the costumes, the set design and special effects you don't find often in this quality on tv.

    It's sad for all those people who worked hard to make this episode special. So why not give them a chance, watch it again in the right production order and then rate it again. I think then there would be a Scrubs worthy Score 9.x score.

    PS: blame my english teacher for all the mistakes...
  • How bad is this

    Shockingly poor, could this be the beginning of end for Scrubs even though season 8 is apparently planned. Am I right in thinking that Zach Braff directed this episode, if so, please keep him from behind the camera in future!

    Shockingly poor, could this be the beginning of end for Scrubs even though season 8 is apparently planned. Am I right in thinking that Zach Braff directed this episode, if so, please keep him from behind the camera in future!

    Shockingly poor, could this be the beginning of end for Scrubs even though season 8 is apparently planned. Am I right in thinking that Zach Braff directed this episode, if so, please keep him from behind the camera in future!
  • This is soooo painful to watch.

    What's left to say? Those who know anything about this show has rated it below 5.0 because this episode sucked. I belive they where supposed to do 19 episodes in season 7 they ended up with 10 bad episodes and squeezed in a season finale that confused everyone. I think i had like one or two laughs this episode and it was when noone where around to see J.Ds "What the hell face". The entire season 7 sucked, the first seasons are great but the end of season 6 and entire season 7 are worthless, id rather watch all seasons of seventh heaven. Just hope that season 8 will be better, and that J.D will come back and Turk stops overacting everything and that Dr. Cox starts hating everything again. The only one still sticking to character is Janitor, he is still insane.
  • A little fairytale-story filmed as an earlier episode, sold as season finale. I'm left with very little hope for Scrubs.

    Scrubs has always been two things: part sitcom, part soap. And they got away with this, because they managed to keep those seemingly contradicting elements in balance. - It was funny on the one side, but I cared for the characters and for the developing relationships between the them (Cox - JD, JD - Elliot...)

    But now i don't enjoy the series any more. I don't know if it's just bad writing, or if it's just been running for too long. Take the JD - Elliot - storyline for example. It's one of the oldest tricks in the book to stall the relationship between the two main-characters in a series. Lois and Clark, Mulder and Scully, you name it, it's been done a thousand times, and while this makes for good TV-material for two or three seasons, after a while, it doesn't work anymore. - And scrubs really overdid this thing - JD and Elliot were together and apart again for how many times? - I don't know, but certainly often enough for me to not care anymore.

    Then there's this thing between J.D. and Cox - Will Cox ever accept him, will something like a friendship evolve, will Cox open up, will J.D. grow up? - While in the early seasons there was some evolving storyline, now they are back to stalling.

    And those two examples are symptomatic for scrubs. You can't push the characters and the storyline forward, while at the same time everything stays the same. J.D. is now a father, but he's still the same childish douche. The whole fact that they're working in a hospital seems to be forgotten, there's hardly any interesting storylines involving patients.

    While the last season was way to soapy and sentimental for my taste, this one did go several steps too far in the opposite direction. The characters seem random, and what happened to them in the past doesn't seem to influence their personality, main charakters like Kelso are killed off the series, then they're suddenly back, because apparently the network itself doesn't seem to think that scrubs has enough of a storyline to care about the episode order, and all in all it doesn't seem to go anywhere.

    If i was a writer, I'd have no idea, what to do with the series in order to resuscitate it, it'd certainly be easier to bring it to an end (better too late than never).

    But hey - i bet there's more creative people than me out there - so what's your opinion? - What could they do to make Scrubs excellent again???
  • Another great "special" episode that might be not as good as "My Musical" but nevertheless has its moments.

    Leaving the heavily discussed "out-of-order-problem" aside, I really like this episode and how it has been made. The fairy-tale - which Dr. Cox tells his son as a bedtime story - fits well with the actual medical plot and the transitions between the fairy-tale and the real world are smooth. One might not like the setting and costumes of this episode but I like how they did it: a bit overdone and cheap-looking, but still enough to keep the "magic". The only downside I can see is that JD (as often seen before in season 7) sometimes acts a little bit too childish, even though - admittingly - this time Dr. Cox narrated the story. So one might think he exaggerates to make JD look like a really big idiot, but nevertheless I think some things (the tail scene) were overdone.
  • Dr. Cox tells Jack a fairy-tale version of his day at the hospital.

    I loved parts of this episode, and the overall idea of the fairy-tale was brillant. The parallel between the fairy-tale and the actual story was great. But there were some problems.

    I know they saved the expensive episode for last, but I would have excepted "My Waste of Time" as the NBC finale too. The problem with taking the episodes out of the written order was Kelso was still in charge. That was pretty bad but unavoidable since they wanted this episode last. Neil Flynn as the giant was genious. I loved everything he said. I thought it was strange for The Todd to have such a small part in the episode considering he was in such a large amount of the previously aired episodes. I was glad that they finally went back and mentioned Keith, and I deeply love Jack so I was glad that he got some real attention for once this season. But I didn't think imaginary Turla was at all funny, and I was really disappointed by that.

    I believe that this episode would have been better liked had it been aired in the original order that it was supposed to, and not as a season finale. Thank goodness it's moving to ABC, so when the time comes, it can end the right way.
  • Perry (Dr. Cox) comes home from a rough day at Sacred Heart to take joy in telling his son (Jack) a story. This story takes the events of a rather normal day and turns them into a whimsical adventure. "That's the way I'm tellin' it".

    A great episode, that seems to be very similar in its overall design to an episode that was done a few years ago now, "My Way Home", S05E07 (the 100th episode). In this previous episode they mirrored the plot line of "The Wizard of OZ", while in the latest episode they seemed to of mirrored the plot line of "The Princess Bride", throwing in some other references, to "Robin Hood - Men in Tights" and the like.

    Even though this idea of paying homage to great films of the past has been done before, it still seemed fun and fresh. This fantasy theme of the episode was great, however it was the continuing story line of J.D and Elliot's love life, with their usual, drawn out, will they or won't they antics and the confusion of out of sequence production that has Kelso as the Chief of Medicine again, that brings the tone of the show down.

    I feel that this season of Scrubs has suffered terribly at the hands of the "Writers Strike". As this had seemed to be touted as the final season of Scrubs, I feel that the writers strike may have interfered with what the shows producers had planned, which has stretched out some continuing story lines and generally interfered with the previous plans.

    Even with the season arcs being drawn out, I feel that this was a great episode, fun, with a lot of heart.
  • They seem to have lost their Spirit

    First of all I wanna say: They could have done so much better. The idea of Cox narrating a fairy tale to his son with the Sacred Heart Workers filling the parts is great. But the way they've done it is poor. Kelso is still the Chief of Medicine althought he quit in one of the previous episodes. And Season 7 had only 8 Episodes which is very poor and sad. I watch Scrubs since the first day it came out but now I only watch the Episodes because I want it to finish. I really hope there will be no more mishaps like this in the Future and that Bill Lawrence can bring the Series to a good finish.
  • After a hard day of work Dr. Cox decides to tell his son, Jack, a bed time story.

    Hate is a strong word, but I HATED this episode. It was horrible and very out of character. Well really just the end. The whole episode was amazing, until they just killed it at the end. The fantasy bed time story was an awesome idea for a story, but the way they decided to make the "finale" (which is what NBC aired it as, but I'm not sure if it is true or not) end was the worst thing that the show could have possibly done. Especially how at the one part you think J.D. is going to propose to Elliot, but they just end up thinking their kiss meant nothing. They did not break apart their lives for nothing. It was utterly out of character.
  • Nothing Special just ok, had it moments.

    I'll give NBC a pass on this episode because of the writers strike. Even though I believe they did Scrubs dirty because they felt like it wasn't coming back to NBC and they didn't want it back. They seemed like a midseason episode. It would have been ok for a midseason episode as a set up for the finale. So many questions need to be answered and hopefully whereever Scrubs lands next year they will be answered. Who is the new Chief of Medicine? Are Carla and Turk having another baby? We all know about the J.D Elliot question. This show deserves better treatment then want NBC gives it. All they care about Office,What about Earl? and 30 Rock. Can't wait to see Scrubs live on.
  • "Are they fooling us??"

    I have just one single question that explains my point of view: why during this episode Kelso is still in charge as Chief of Medicine?

    This isn't a season finale, there's no continuity, it's just some episode. As season finale, i'd expected much more than a episode that would be perfect during mid-season. There's no conclusion to anything and i can't accept this is how Scrubs ends after seven season.

    I hope their sloppy choice to air this awful season finale it's just because this isn't the last episode of the series, it's just the NBC Scrubs finale.

    See you next season on ABC.......we hope.
  • Sacred Heart = Sacred Heartia

    Let me start things off by saying that this episode is not a 10. I gave it that rating as a sort of "defense measure" against the overly harsh reviews of others.

    I can't believe how much this episode is being slagged off here. Not only was it funny but it was incredibly beautifully shot and well-directed. Sure, it could have been funnier, but the storyline was very welldone and the acting was pretty much perfect.

    Honestly, I got shivers when they found the "real" golden ring. I don't see how you could not.

    This just proves what I've always believed: If a show tries anything different then people will lash out at it for no reason.

    And now, just like My Musical: a really well-done episode of Scrubs is being torn apart by people because it dares to be different.
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