Season 7 Episode 11

My Princess

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM May 08, 2008 on NBC

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  • I have nothing in particular against this episode but its not a series finale..and its poor shuffling with the series timeline only makes that worse

    I have to ask why they made this the finals how to be aired this series, had they switched this and "My waste of time" I would have been much happier.
    Let's deal with the obvious problem off the bat, Kelso's still cheif of medicine in this episode. Now i'm not a continuity freak, i didn't mind when Dr.Cox's hair cut seemed to get out of sink with the series earlier, but to switch episodes around so much as to have him be there just after his exit (which i felt was a fairly poor one for his cherecter as a side note) is just appaling and completly unecessary. The fact it also appears to have been slated for fairly early in the season annoys me even further.
    Apart from this glaring error its not a bad show, while i'm not a huge fan of the fairy tale style of the episode. It is a fresh take on things and allows some new gags which i am all for. The touch of seriousness at the end also works well. What does annoy me it that they have practically ressurected lavernes (apologies for the spelling) charecter, it just seems cheap after her very touching leaving episodes.
    Overall its as a good episode but minor gripes, the fact its billed as a series finale when it has no charecter devlopment or even a next series tie in and its horrendous anachronisms mar my viewing pleasure.
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