Season 4 Episode 16

My Quarantine

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Feb 08, 2005 on NBC

Episode Recap

J.D. is getting ready for his first date with Kylie. He goes through dozens of outfits before his final choice. He borrows the Mini Convertible and hit a possum on the way. They take it to the vet and need to pay $120. J.D. is angry about the money and Kylie thinks he's sad about the possum. They hit a bum next and take him to the hospital. Danni Sullivan is here too but J.D. gives Kylie a tour. She asks about one of the patients and J.D. asks if he has been to Hong Kong. The patient says yes and J.D. reckons it could be SARS. This creates an immediate lockdown of the ward, but Jordan quickly dives underneath the closing door to escape, leaving Dr. Cox looking after her sister Danni. By hospital rules they need to keep the ward under quarantine until the results from the patient come back negative.

Kylie thinks it's exciting to be around J.D. and see him work. She changes into scrubs to be his assistance. Elliot says it is a great turn on to see a doctor at work. Ted and Doug still remember making out with Danni but get in each other's ways to flirt with her and start fighting. Turk is bored because there is no surgery so Carla gets him to do nurse work. He says he is not qualified but she replies that every idiot can do nurse work. He agrees which is what Carla thought so she pushes him and leaves. Dr. Kelso is starving and sees the janitor flipping things into a jar from far away. He bets $5 that he can't do that twice in a row and he fails. The janitor goes for double or nothing. Kylie falls asleep because there is nothing exciting happening. The bum has an idea. Danni visits Dr. Cox and he asks her to keep an eye on Turk for him. The janitor already owes him $600. The bum fakes a heart attack but in the middle he wants $50 instead of $20 and J.D. needs to borrow some. The bum is "revived" and Kylie is excited.

Everyone tells about their first dates, and Carla tells hers which Turk doesn't want to hear so he leave after a few words. However, he hears Dr. Cox talk about his first date which happens to be the same one! Turk is shocked. Kylie likes J.D., because she can trust him and he doesn't lie like her old boyfriend James. J.D. doesn't think he deserves her. Turk confronts Carla about her dating Dr. Cox but she says he has never asked her about it. The Janitor owes Dr. Kelso $700 but instead he can steal Laverne's birthday facecake and they are even. J.D. tries to come clean with Kylie but they see Danni behaving childish and Kylie says only people like her ex-boyfriend would go out with her. J.D. says he would never go out with Danni, nor sleep with her.

The bum wants more money. Dr. Cox asks Carla if she remembers a quarantine seven years ago, which only involved her and himself, and Turk gets jealous and leaves. Carla says she should give him a break, and what if he would find out that Jordan had a history with somebody at the hospital. He asks around and a lot of people raise their hands, including J.D. behind Kylie's back. The janitor brings Dr. Kelso a piece of cake and Laverne finds out. He says it was the janitor who can't say anthing as he owes him $700. Elliot knows why J.D. is lying to Kylie, but he should just act like himself. He reckons nobody is like that, and only starts being themselves after dating a while. Turk talks to Dr. Cox about his history with Carla but Perry says Turk overreacts way too much as all he got was a kiss on the forehead. The lab results come back and there is no SARS so the quarantine is over.

Laverne notices that Dr. Kelso has her cake on his hand. The janitor wil have to pay $700 but he makes one more double-or-nothing shot into the jar and gets off for free. Kylie is ready to go but J.D. tells her the truth about faking the bum's heart attack, having lots of sex with Danni. He wants come clean with her now and not let this come back to haunt them later. She doesn't want to think long term at the moment. J.D. says he doesn't want the date to end like this or they'll only remember it as bad, so they kiss.