Season 4 Episode 16

My Quarantine

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Feb 08, 2005 on NBC

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  • Memorable.

    This episode definitely did stand out from all the other episodes because of its format, and plot. Everyone is stuck in the hospital overnight while under quarantine where lies are shared, and the truth comes out. I wouldn't call this a dramatic episode, even though some of the plots might have been dramatic, I wasn't getting that sense from this episode. The JD/Kylie scenes kind of annoyed me, but I still like their relationship, I just didn't like their plot with Kylie being JD's "assistant" as she follows him around the hospital. We see a surprising return from JD's ex-girlfriend, Danni. I don't understand why they have to make Danni such an unlikable character. Danni is completely different than how she was in her first appearance. She was shown being mysterious and clever which is why many people were drawn to her, but now she is an obnoxious chain smoker with no morals. I definitely did not like the direction they took for her character and her appearance in this episode was so unnecessary, all she did was walk around and annoy people. JD basically covers everything up on his first date with Kylie. In the end, he tells the truth, Kylie & JD stay together in the end. We find out something very surprising, Cox & Carla used to date. Their relationship hasn't been put into question since season one, so this was an enjoyable plot and probably the best of the episode. Kelso is hungry so he hires the janitor to steal Laverne's cake, nothing really special about that plot. Elliot was in the sidelines and she had some funny scenes. Overall a great memorable episode that stood out in season four.
  • One of my favorite episodes.

    For me, these episodes, and several that were broadcast before and after it, were the funniest in the season's history. This episode in particular was very well written, with the gags coming fast and furious for the most part. What is even more impressive is the delivery by all the actors in this episode. They were spot on and had the perfect tone and presence to pull it off.

    I also like the fact that there were multiple actors in this episode. Even through most of the characters are background, the writers utilized a dermatologist for two very funny gags. How often do you see that on a network comedy?

    One of my all time favorites.
  • JD tries to impress his new girlfriend.

    JD thinks a patient may have Sars and that mean a lockdown in the hospital. While in lockdown, JD tries and lies to impress Kylie. Turk finds out Carla dated Dr. Cox and Doug and Ted fight over Danni. JD finally comes clean to Kylie and she forgives him. Turk becomes ok with the fact that Carla dated Cox. Finally the lockdown is over and everyone can leave.
  • Will JD ever learn? Probably not!

    JD has all the luck... not! On his first date with Kylie he runs over a possum, and then a hobo who he must take to the hospital. JD's clumsiness then gets to him in this episode when he suggests and probably only jokes that a patient who presents with symptoms, has SARS. The ward is lockdowned with Kylie still with JD, and JD wanting Kylie to see some excitement pays the hobo $50 to fake a heart attack. It was truly a date gone wrong, but oh so funny!
    It was also great to see Tara Reid return as Danni, never ever thought I would say this about Tara Reid, but she does a great job in her role as the ditzy blonde. Kind of like Tara is playing herself! But she provided great entertainment and a few laughs too, so bravo to her.
  • J.D. tries to impress his new girlfriend Kylie, J.D. pays a hobo to fake a heart attack. After J.D. taled to his patient J.D. thinks its SARS and causes a lockdown. The Janitor makes a bet with Dr.Kelso, and turk gest made because of Carla's date.

    I thought this episode was very funny. J.D. causes a whole hospital to lockdown. i found that funny. I thought of this episode as a "turning point" when he got to spend some time with his new girlfriend Kylie. Also paying a hobo to fake a heart attack was funny too. The janitor bets 700$ to Dr.Kelso that if the janitor makes a face-cake that will please Laverne then all the money will belong to the janitor. Now that is one sweet bet. Turk gets mad because Carla never told Turk about the date with Dr.Cox before she was dating Turk. Now those are wierd random turns of events. Back to the janitor, Laverne discovers that Dr.Kelso at here cake and that Dr.Kelso won the bet. The janitor then called a "double or nothing" bet that if got a piece of cotton in a jar, the bet was off. With some Luck, he pulled it off and then the bet was over. That janitor is clever... He ROCKS!
  • JD says Sars = moron!

    This episode has a very clever plot, the whole situation being JD's fault that they were stuck in the hospital for quarantine and a couple of very funny and interesting plots evolve from this situation.

    JD's being the main plot, trying to impress his new girl with all of his doctor skills but with no incredibly ill patients to revive so he lies his way into her heart before realising that that's what her ex had done, it was very strong and quite funny at times, especially Elliot's input.

    This episode also revealed that Cox and Carla once dated, an interesting fact and gives more background to just why Cox loved Carla in season one.

    Overall, this is one episode not to be missed and I can't wait until the next one.
  • Lies of Omission, Lies of Face-Cakes and Lies of Dirty Lying Liefulness

    Lies of Omission, Lies of Face-Cakes and Lies of Dirty Lying Liefulness

    This was a very good concept, but I thought it could have been taken further. Despite just a single ward being under quarantine, conditions never seem as claustrophobic as they could have been. I’m thinking some of them should have been confined to a single room (if that made any kind of hospital quarantine sense), where home truths could have been revealed in a confined space. Awkward silences, like Waiting for Godot. Perhaps that would have been too gimmicky, but its something that Scrubs could have pulled off really well (or at least could have in Season 1 – things are a little too gag-dependent now). Anyway, I’ll stop dreaming, and comment on what did actually happen.

    And what happened was a tremendously funny episode, one of the best so far this season (*cough* not difficult *cough*) with a fairly intriguing subplot that reveals that Carla and Dr. Cox once dated! I’ve always sensed a history between these two characters that has never been fully disclosed, but I thought it was going to be left in the past. Is four years a bit late in the day to mention this fact to any longstanding viewers? Perhaps, but for me, it was a nice reminder of the days that were, when Perry had not a lot of hair and was so much more of a badass etc. Anyway, this revelation led to nice interplay between Perry, Carla and Turk, and a great moment where Turk headbutts Loni out of pure envy.

    Meanwhile, JD’s on his first date with Kylie. His outfit is great, allowing Zach Braff to camp up to the max, and even allows Elliot to get some funny lines (“That guy’s getting boobies!” “Yeah, he is.”) In fact, there must be something in the scriptwriters’ water, because Elliot is funny on MORE than one occasion. Her stories about her father’s work and a paintballing date are extremely well delivered. Just as well, seeing as she has no storyline this week.

    Speaking of no storyline, why the hell was Danni in this episode? If she’s required to guest star in an episode, at least make sure she’s not rendered useless and unfunny (except for her “SARS sucks!” comment). The date with Kylie on the other hand was the central storyline, in which JD tells her many lies to look impressive. This was especially dumb of him, considering how he and Kylie met in the first place, with him treating her _sswipe lying boyfriend last episode. JD came clean in the end at least, but given that there doesn’t seem to be much of a spark between the pair, does it really matter?

    One thing I noticed on watching this episode a second time were many funny things, some obvious, some not, that I missed out or just didn’t find funny the first time round. Shirtless Loni with the nametag still on his nipple. Kelso betting his “one remaining testicle” on it being a false alarm. JD throwing away Kylie’s blown kiss before smothering his lips with it. This was definitely an episode with replay value. There were many more great moments, of which I’ll name just a few. The Janitor’s game (although how exactly do you double-or-nothing your way to $600? I think Kelso may have been robbed, had he been paid in the first place). Turk’s ‘outstanding’ smirk as JD confidently walks in with the gayest outfit ever. The dermatologist’s chance to shine. I’ll end there, but there were others.

    A fantastically funny episode, but flawed by some questionable plot threads. 4 out of 5 Poor Little Possums.

    Best line: “AH! I just said slave to my new black girlfriend!” ---- JD’s mind
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