Season 4 Episode 16

My Quarantine

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Feb 08, 2005 on NBC

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  • J.D. tries to impress his new girlfriend Kylie, J.D. pays a hobo to fake a heart attack. After J.D. taled to his patient J.D. thinks its SARS and causes a lockdown. The Janitor makes a bet with Dr.Kelso, and turk gest made because of Carla's date.

    I thought this episode was very funny. J.D. causes a whole hospital to lockdown. i found that funny. I thought of this episode as a "turning point" when he got to spend some time with his new girlfriend Kylie. Also paying a hobo to fake a heart attack was funny too. The janitor bets 700$ to Dr.Kelso that if the janitor makes a face-cake that will please Laverne then all the money will belong to the janitor. Now that is one sweet bet. Turk gets mad because Carla never told Turk about the date with Dr.Cox before she was dating Turk. Now those are wierd random turns of events. Back to the janitor, Laverne discovers that Dr.Kelso at here cake and that Dr.Kelso won the bet. The janitor then called a "double or nothing" bet that if got a piece of cotton in a jar, the bet was off. With some Luck, he pulled it off and then the bet was over. That janitor is clever... He ROCKS!
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