Season 4 Episode 16

My Quarantine

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Feb 08, 2005 on NBC

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  • Memorable.

    This episode definitely did stand out from all the other episodes because of its format, and plot. Everyone is stuck in the hospital overnight while under quarantine where lies are shared, and the truth comes out. I wouldn't call this a dramatic episode, even though some of the plots might have been dramatic, I wasn't getting that sense from this episode. The JD/Kylie scenes kind of annoyed me, but I still like their relationship, I just didn't like their plot with Kylie being JD's "assistant" as she follows him around the hospital. We see a surprising return from JD's ex-girlfriend, Danni. I don't understand why they have to make Danni such an unlikable character. Danni is completely different than how she was in her first appearance. She was shown being mysterious and clever which is why many people were drawn to her, but now she is an obnoxious chain smoker with no morals. I definitely did not like the direction they took for her character and her appearance in this episode was so unnecessary, all she did was walk around and annoy people. JD basically covers everything up on his first date with Kylie. In the end, he tells the truth, Kylie & JD stay together in the end. We find out something very surprising, Cox & Carla used to date. Their relationship hasn't been put into question since season one, so this was an enjoyable plot and probably the best of the episode. Kelso is hungry so he hires the janitor to steal Laverne's cake, nothing really special about that plot. Elliot was in the sidelines and she had some funny scenes. Overall a great memorable episode that stood out in season four.