Season 6 Episode 21

My Rabbit (1)

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM May 17, 2007 on NBC
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Kim moves in with order to raise their child together. J.D. learns from Turk and Dr. Cox that fatherhood changes the way of how to see things. Carla complains to Elliot about her being a control freak when they prepare the bachelorette party.

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    A fine episode of Scrubs tonight, it really owned up it's cliffhanger, and really made JD & Elliot go in different directions in this episode, which was probably for the better. A lot of seriousness has become of Scrubs, considering all the changes and life decisions. Everyone hates Kim, and everyone is on JD's side as she comes back to Sacred Heart. We learn the sex of the baby which is a boy. Turk realizes having a baby changes you as a doctor, and he tries to get JD to realize that. Kelso wanting a cat fight was hysterical. Elliot is a complete control freak, and Carla & Elliot get in to a fight about it as they're still planning her wedding.

    Sure JD/Elliot fans wont be too fond of this episode, since the episode ends with JD with Kim, and Elliot with Kieth. But I came to realize how much I missed Kim as a character on this show. I honestly think this is one Elizabeth Banks' best roles, and she has been on a lot of prime time, believe me. Really it gave countless possibilities for the finale. Are JD & Elliot going to move in different directions with Kim and Kieth? Or will they explore they're feelings for each other yet again, hoping things don't turn out bad? A great eventful episode, that led us right in to the finale.moreless
  • A crazy episode with some of the classic early humour seeping in.

    Since Kim was now in the picture, I was going to give her another chance to see if I liked her. To be honest, I thought she had been a nuisance throughout the end of season 5 and season 6. Even the other characters showed their hateful views towards her in this episode. But, there were a few scenes that made me feel sorry for Kim. Carla and Elliot were very hostile to her and I thought Carla would support her more since she's been through the same experience. At the end of the episode, things did get better for her because JD and the hospital employees started to accept her.

    There were some crazy and funny moments though. The Bunny Conscience was hilariously random and the physical comedy was back at its best.moreless
  • In this episode J.D. invites Kim to live with him so that they can raise their child.

    It was really cool that J.D. let Kim move in. I don't like them as a couple, but it needs to be done! No child should ever grow up without a daddy, sitcom or not. I Didn't like Elliot planning her batchelorette party. I also didn't like how Carla told her about the party. Isn't it supposed to be a sort of surprise? I thought it was. This episode was really interesting though. I thought it played well into the series. It was fun to watch. Can you really drink wine when you are pregnant? Hmm... Anyways, I think that Keith is going to be a great husband, just not to Elliot!moreless
  • Fine Scrubs episode.

    I've got to be honest, although this episode was pretty awesome, it wasn't as funny as the last couple of episodes have been. Now i know that it's an end of season episode and therefore the whole idea is that it's dramatic and "conclusive", but i still think they could have thrown in a couple more hearty laughs. Having said that though, this is probably just in comparison to the last few episodes which have been particularily hilarious! This episode did set up for a great final episode though, and seen as I'm gonna watch the second episode straight after writing this, I'm pretty exited!moreless
  • Confusing Crises Containing Consciences

    This episode is hilarious, all the plots being magnificent and proving something about each character.

    While J.D.'s conscience being a rabbit didn't really serve a purpose, I did laugh at both the "nah, I'm cool with watching nudie flicks while my pregnant ex is in the other room" and his conscience going to the toilet while J.D. had a tough decision. The rest of his plot is also great, the cliffhanger from the previous episode becoming a recurring joke at the start of the episode where he kept escaping. And how at the end of the episode he decided to try to forgive Kim and see it from her point of view.

    Turk photoshopping Issy as a basketballer is hilarious and the plot about the surgery was terrific, Dr. Cox having two terrific moments in this episode, his rant about insanity and turning on J.D. to side with Turk. Turk's rant about how Issy changed his garbage eating ways is certainly one of the funniest moments in the episode.

    Elliot's bachelorette party has a lot of great control freak moments, and when she makes Carla madder by insulting her look while pregnant. Carla has some great moments as does Elliot, like ducking to avoid Ronnie, who has even crazier stories than Elliot.

    The Janitor wasn't hilarious in this episode and merely pointed out the change in opinion, but there were a few laughs stemming from it.

    Overall, this episode is fantastic and has development in Elliot being able to control her control freakness (is that a legible statement?) but not her neurotic side, Turk having a professional conscience after having Issy, showing he has changed since My Way or the Highway, and J.D. deciding to attempt forgiving Kim even if there's only a minute chance.moreless
Donald Faison

Donald Faison

Dr. Christopher "Chris" Duncan Turk

John C. McGinley

John C. McGinley

Dr. Percival "Perry" Cox

Judy Reyes

Judy Reyes

Nurse Carla Espinosa

Ken Jenkins

Ken Jenkins

Dr. Robert "Bob" Kelso

Neil Flynn

Neil Flynn

The Janitor

Sarah Chalke

Sarah Chalke

Dr. Elliot Reid

Scott Menville

Scott Menville

voice of the Rabbit

Guest Star

Gail Borges

Gail Borges


Guest Star

Craig Patton

Craig Patton

Mr. Fulton

Guest Star

Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks

Dr. Kim Briggs

Recurring Role

Mike Schwartz

Mike Schwartz


Recurring Role

Frank Cameron

Frank Cameron

Dr. Mickhead

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • J.D. offers Kim to bring her tea instead of coffee, saying that she can't have caffeine. But it is well known that tea contains caffeine.

    • When Kim is having her ultra sound and she and J.D. talk about names, her hands change position between shots.

    • When the Janitor and J.D. are talking in the cafeteria, there is a menu in the background that has the word desserts misspelt "deserts". The "deserts" available include three types of pie; bileberry, peach n cream, and blue n berry. Hot carls are listed on the drinks menu.

    • J.D. wants to name his baby son Sam Perry Gilligan Dorian. Sam after his father, Perry because he "likes the ring to it", Gilligan because he lost a bet to Turk, so he has to name his children Gilligan and Skipper. The bet was mentioned in episode "Her Story II".

    • Featured Music:
      "Pure Love" by Colin Hay (Final Scene)

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Ted: (To J.D.) She's pregnant, man.
      Todd: That's uncool.
      Lloyd: How could you do such a thing? (To Ted and Todd) What'd he do?

    • (Kim and J.D. pass by)
      Ted: Hussy.
      Keith: Liar.
      Lloyd: Jerk. (To Ted and Keith) Who is that?

    • J.D.: We can name him Sam Perry Gilligan Dorian. Perry just 'cause I kinda like the ring to it. And Gilligan 'cause I lost that bet to Turk.
      Kim: Those are all better than anything nerdy like Aragorn or Chewbacca.
      J.D.: Turk has dibs on Chewie.

    • Turk: Screw Hawaii. You know where you guys should go?
      Elliot: Turk, for the last time: there's no place called "Kokomo".
      Turk: Where'd the Beach Boys shoot the video, huh?!?

    • Dr. Cox: Let me phrase my response in the form of a riddle - what's black and white and should never, ever, hh-ever be allowed in a hospital?
      J.D.: Oh, is it Lloyd and Charise? Because their PDA has gotten out of control.

    • J.D.'s narration: Turk liked patients to see him intensely studying their charts because he felt it instilled confidence. Only I knew it was blank.
      Turk: Interesting stuff. We're gonna discuss some options and we'll get back to you.
      J.D.'s narration: Since Turk was a surgeon he always had the same answer.
      (J.D. and Turk leave patient's room)
      Turk: I'm slicing that guy open.

    • J.D.: I'm sorry. It's just that every time I think about running away, I look at the fat guy in the track suit with the giant rabbit head and he doesn't say anything.

    • (Lloyd and Charise are making out)
      Turk: Oh my God.
      J.D.: Is it still funny to yell "get a room"? I don't care, I'm going for it. Get a room!

    • J.D.: This couch isn't that uncomfortable.
      Kim: Thanks, actually I'm gonna lie down right now.
      J.D.: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, you get the couch, I get the bed.

    • Dr. Cox: Listen, newbie, having a kid changes the way you think about everything.
      Turk: Hell yeah, it does! Before Izzy was born, if I saw a half-eaten meatball sub in the trash you better believe I would dust that bad boy off and go to town on it! But now...I'm not risking my health eating trash food. Unless it's a corn-dog.
      Dr. Cox: Thank God, you procreated.

    • (After a few seconds of Carla wearing a tiara)
      Elliot: I said no bling! (She then throws the tiara)
      Carla: See, I told you.
      (Elliot looks over to where she threw the tiara)
      Elliot: I'll pay for that.

    • Gym Teacher Bunny Conscience: Dorian, don't watch a nudy movie while the mother of your child is in the next room.
      J.D.: Really?
      Gym Teacher Bunny Conscience: Nah, I'm cool with it. Have I got a carrot for her.

    • (Upon seeing a pregnant Kim)
      Elliot: Holy frick, you're still pregnant!

    • J.D.: (Talking to Kim about the pregnancy) I'm sorry, Kim, this is a big deal for me. I think I need to be alone right now.
      (Next scene J.D is with Turk)
      J.D.: Thanks for being alone with me, Choco.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Elliot interrupts Turk's suggested honeymoon destination, telling him "For the last time, there's no place called 'Kokomo'."

      Kokomo was a song recorded by the Beach Boys in 1988. The song was track #6 on the soundtrack for the movie "Cocktail".

      Although authors of the song said it was supposed to be about a fictional "exotic" Carribean locale, there's a town in Indiana named "Kokomo".

    • Ugly Betty:
      Turk shows J.D. a picture with his daughter Isabella being held by "Ugly Betty".

      Ugly Betty is an ABC show starring America Ferrera as Betty Suarez a.k.a. "Ugly Betty".

    • Travelocity:
      When Elliot is looking up a trip idea, J.D. says why Travelocity is so great, as he uses the website.

      Travelocity is an online site that helps with travel planning for booking trips, flights, hotels and car rentals.