Season 5 Episode 2

My Rite of Passage

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 03, 2006 on NBC

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  • Elliot gets fired.

    A small step up from the premiere, and season 5's future is looking bright. All the plots in this episode were absolutely fantastic and it brought a lot of character development, and eventful occurrences in the plot.Jordan continues to work at Sacred Heart full time, and Cox continues to have a problem with it. Jordan meets Sam, who was returned from season three or four, I don't remember, but he conned Elliot before. Now he is conning Jordan just as she wants to make new friends. Turk wants to tell her, but Cox wont let him so he can teach her a lesson on how it really is to work at Sacred Heart. Meanwhile Elliot is embarrassed to bring Carla to her work because she is a gossip, when Carla makes a surprise visit, Elliot ends up getting fired. Carla witnesses the whole thing. To prove that she isn't a gossip, Carla doesn't tell Turk or JD that Elliot lost her job. Which renewed Elliot & Carla's friendship,, and it was the perfect friendship plot that was heartwarming, and now we have to see how Elliot's going to make it since she lost her job. JD feels as though his interns kiss up to him, when they laugh at jokes that aren't funny. He wants them to stop, but then wants them to continue again by the end. It's awesome to see JD as an authority figure. Jordan ends up getting conned but she gets accepted by the hospital and makes friends with JD, Turk, Carla and Laverne all because of Cox which made their relationship better as well. So we have development in all places, we even see Keith on screen! All plots were amazing and eventful. Great episode.
  • Probably the worst Scrubs episode I've ever seen. Disappointing.

    The season opener (My Intern's Eyes) wasn't great and this episode was even worse. Don't get me wrong, it had it's funny moments. But it also contained one of the many unrealistic, cringeworthy 'stoner humour' moments of season 5, when JD cut one of his interns with a buzz-saw in a flashback scene. Contrasted with a season 2 fantasy (i.e. something unrealistic that didn't actually happen) when JD was cut with a buzz-saw, you can see how the realism that the producers pride themselves on has slipped out of Scrubs.

    The plots in this episode were weak and disinteresting. One was about Jordan settling into the hospital, which Cox has once again gotten mad about for no reason after he reconciled his opinion of it in My Changing Ways. Another was about JD dealing with his interns and the fact that they were sucking up to him. And another was about Elliot losing her job at her new hospital, which was a good point of this episode because it allowed her to return to Sacred Heart a few eps later.

    Overall, a don't exactly love this episode. But it's worth mentioning that even when Scrubs is at it's worst, it is still far better than most other TV shows, so I wouldn't snub this episode.
  • JD gets his new interns and learns that he's not that funny.

    I liked this episode because i thought that it had a lot of great JD/Turk moments. I loved it when they did siamese doctor or when they were in the bar and JD says "you know what put our right hand in front of your face. Now talk to it!" Aww man classic. This isn't really summing andything up, I just wanted people to know how much I liked this episode..selfish i know. Oh wait and the Janitor was hilarious too. His costumes were priceless. Oh yeah and the whole Jordan Cox thing was good too. Jordan getting conned by Sam the drug addict was good and I liked how Dr. Cox spun the whole situation around saying that he did it so that Jordan can feel accepted into Sacred Heart. Yeah def a good episode!
  • My Rite of Passage...

    Better than last weeks episode, much better infact. Now it felt like Scrubs was back. Great humour here. Great storylines as well.

    The Janitor tells JD that his interns only laugh at his jokes because they work below him.

    Turk trys to help out Jordan from making a fool out of herself because she working with a junky, the same one who conned Elliot in 'My Mment of Un-Truth'. However Dr. Cox tells him not to so she can learn what it's like working at the hospital.

    And Elliot is furious when Carla tells Elliots co-workers about an embarrasing time.

    All in all, quite a funny episode. Hopefully things like this will stick in the upcoming episodes. Hell hopefully even better.
  • Jordan comes into Sacred Heart!

    This episode was cool. JD seems to think of himself as a cool guy and a funny boss for his interns, but eventually, thanks to Janitor, he finds out that his interns are just sucking out to him because he is their superior. Kelso warns him that power always makes people to do bad things, JD does not want to believe it, but he begins to be bad to his interns because of what happened before. Eventually, JD decides to forgive them... and with the sucking back. Meanwhile, Jordan starts in Sacred Heart and meets with Sam, who previously played the drug addict, and convinces Jordan to give him money. Everyone is enjoying it, except for Turk, who wants to tell her but Cox prevents it so that Jordan sees how life in the hospital is. Jrodan discovers Sam's lies and gets mad at Cox, but only for a short time, and thanks to Carla, Elliot quits her job and tells Carla not to tell Turk, which is something awful for Carla since she likes to brag about everything. She tells Turk a different secret, and Elliot admits that Carla is a good friend. This episode was cool! I love it!
  • Good episode!

    The Janitor reveals to JD that his interns laughed at his jokes because he is more superior than they, and that causes JD to lose some jokes. Later on, JD tells his interns that they should always be honest about themselves and all of his jokes, but in the end manages to find out tha the does not needs to be of his interns' likeness and in the he gets excited over his new power. Meanwhile, Jordan is now working at the hospital and everyone ignored her, except Turk, who is caught on surprise. Turk is the only one who does not thinks that it is right when Jordan falls over for the drug addict, but in the end it makes Jordan to learn a lesson. And Carla discovers that Elliot does not wants her around because she embarrases her, and Elliot quits because of her new nickname. Later on, Carla swears that she won't tell JD or Turk, and manages to keep her promise. A really good episode, it was really fuunny!
  • Jordan gets conned and Elliot gets fired

    As the second episode of season five, this episode works very well, the most entertaining plot being the Cox-Jordan-Turk storyline in which Elliot’s former con patient fools Jordan aswell, though the rest of Sacred Heart could see it coming and Cox actually has good intentions when he doesn’t let Jordan in on the situation.

    JD’s interns were also a good storyline laughing at all of JD’s lame jokes (if that) because of the power he has over them. This has some great lines, particularly from the Janitor and his costume changes and Dr Kelso. We get to actually see Keith in the episode after seeing through his eyes in the season premiere and he’s had a haircut since.

    Elliot’s plot was also very well planned, her losing the job only having it for one full episode and leaves viewers wondering what will be next for the character but find some improvement between Elliot and Carla’s friendship when Carla doesn’t even gossip about the firing.

    Overall, this is a very amusing episode and seems to confirm the greatness destined for the fifth season.
  • Still funny, but kind of off.

    JD's story was ok. Him learning to be harder on his interns was kind of serious. It felt kindo of weird to me. I mean, the janitor has always been mean to JD (and almost everyone else), but this episode, he seemed a different kind of mean. It was more of a serious mean where as before it was a prank kind of mean.

    Elliot's story was really cut short. Seems like they came up with the story idea, then thought better of it and decided to bring her back asap.

    I did like that they are trying to intigrat Jordan into the group dynamic. She is a great addition to the show.

    Oh, and multi ethnic siamese doctore. Classic. "You know what, put our right hand in front of your face....NOW TALK TO IT!" XD
  • Keeps getting better

    Scrubs shows know signs of slowing up in the 5th season. This episode is a good an example that the sho is as good as ever.

    A con artist who is a drug addict comes backand manages to trick Jordan into getting money.

    Elliot loses her job and amazingly Carla manages to keep it a secret.

    and JD finds out his interns fake laugh at his jokes.

    My favourite moments were when Dr Cox put JD in the corner for saying "rock n roll", When Elliot spoke German and when JD and Turk became one hilarious person!

    The writers for this show are fantastic, because the gags are original as they have ever been!
  • Top episode so far

    With the way season 4 ended, to be honest i thought any further seasons of scrubs wouldnt reach the mark set by others. However this episode is simply hilarious. Highly recommended!
    The whole transition of doctors, in my opinion is apparent here, with the writers trying to show how JD will become like Cox - well sort of :)
  • Series classic so far, with a shakyish start to the series it took just 30 minutes for it to be back on track!

    Series classic so far, with a shakyish start to the series it took just 30 minutes for it to be back on track!

    Even thought it seems that the writers are doing a lot of backtracking plotwise with elliot this series the episode was still class with a great ketchup scene and an absolutely class appearance for charley.

    Also kinda refreshing to see them develop Jordan as a character a bit, even if it may be because they have no one else left to develope.

    Although Turk has to lose the goatie, really has to. It definately make him less of a big chocolate bear.
  • Fine to why I watch this show :)

    Great episode! I was worried that they wwere going to stick with that whole "first-person intern" view all series, but thankfully that got trashed and we saw yet another great addition to the Scrubs anthology.

    The physical humor was there, the random rumor (Elliot speaking german), just an all-around great episode! I can't wait for the next!
  • Great episode again.

    I just love Scrubs for all the small jokes they put in it. (duh, is a comedy) Like the start of this episode, where Turk says something JD makes a joke about, and then races him down the stairs just to tell it again in front of some people. And offcourse the Turk & JD Siamese twin act. This "Scrubsish" kinda humor is something I don't find in other shows and keeps me coming back for more.