Season 6 Episode 8

My Road to Nowhere

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Feb 08, 2007 on NBC

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    So much plot twists, too many too count. I knew after last week's awful episode, scrubs would just bounce back with a great one. I would have to say this was one of my favorite episodes of Scrubs ever. I can't even contain myself, on how good this was. Although i didn't understand Kim's reasoning, and why she lied to JD, it was still an amazing plot twist.

    I personally LOVE road trip episodes, and they've never really had a road trip episode on Scrubs, and this episode was a definite road trip episode, and I loved every minute of it. All the interactions were amazing. I felt saddened and surprised, I felt many emotions when I saw the final scene of this episode. Kim lies about having a miscarriage, breaks up with JD, and actually plans to have the baby on her on. Huge jaw dropper, and a great use of dramatic irony. We got more than one emotional scene as we learn Jordan's sex of the baby the hard way when they have to operate on pregnant Jordan. Cox & Jordan show their love for one another as Jordan goes in to surgery and Turk & Cox, the way I see it, probably share a special bond now that Turk operated on Jordan. Amazing emotional ROAD TRIP episode, with funny scenes, and a lot of plot twists.
  • Even E4 said this episode was better than last week's 'His Story IV'

    What an episode! Laughs, shocks, lies and more laughs. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, it was very funny. After being convinced to go to Tacoma for Kim's first ultrasound, J.D, along with Carla, Elliot, Janitor, Keith and Ted, takes Kelso's new RV on a road trip. Turk misses out on the road trip due to Isabella and Jordan & Dr. Cox have trouble when Jordan's ultrasound reveals that the baby will need surgery - and they are having a girl! Dr. Cox and Turk, I've noticed, have been interacting more than J.D and Dr. Cox for some reason?? Anyway my favourite part was when Dr. Cox threw Turk's phone and it just hit someone's shoe and goes in the elevator. Hehe. And any people who like Kim, will be completely disappointed with her actions in this episode.
  • JD realiza un viaje para estar presente en el ultrasonido de su primer hijo. Mientras tanto, Perry y Jordan veran como se complica la vida de su segundo hijo, aun en el vientre.

    JD decide viajar hasta el hospital donde trabaja su novia, y conocer asi los resultados del primer ultra sonido de su hijo. Por otro lado, Jordan y Perry esperan ansiosos conocer el sexo de su segundo hijo, pero surge un inconveniente y deben operar a su hijo o sufrurian la perdida del mismo. A pesar de contar con una operacion exitosa, los riesgos a futuro son inminentes, mas Perry se alegra al saber que tendra una niña. JD, sin embargo, recibe la noticia que su novia tuvo un aborto mas ella no quiso comunicarselo para no incomodarlo por telefono. Finalmente, se preguntan si a ambos solo los unia el tener un hijo, y al ver su realidad, deciden terminar como amigos. Pero ella, finalmente, oculto la verdad a JD, y tendra al niño a escondidas de Dorian.


    Uno de los capitulos mas tristes de Scrubs hasta el momento. A pesar que se siguen viendo algunos vacios comparado con las primeras 4 temporadas (se dan cuenta que ahora hay menos trafico y movimiento en las salas del hospital?), la trama ha sido compleja, pues pocas veces se ve en television los problemas de operar a seres dentro del vientre materno. Si ello fuera mucho, el ocultar un hijo al padre es doblemente cruel, sobretodo cuando uno hace el esfuerzo por estar presente para el ultrasonido.
    No ha sido un capitulo divertido, sino mas bien reflexivo. Un aborto, mentir sobre la perdida de un hijo, la operacion de un no nato, las consecuencias del mismo... no se ganaran un Emmy por este episodio, pero la audiencia le ha dado buenos comentarios.
    Siguen gustando las actuaciones y caracterizaciones de los personajes.
  • Great, i loved the whole idea of this episode.

    I really enjoyed this episode, i thought that it was good to see an episode which had a bigger part for the janitor! it was very funny to see the relationship between him and JD which went on with his eyes "malfunctioning".

    As well as this the revelation at the end was awesome, putting a whole new spin onto the whole JD and fatherhood idea. I was a little disappointed myself though because i really liked Jd and Kim together, and her charachter was funny - it's a shame she's out of it for just now.

    But all in all definately a well put together episode for the new season with laugh after laugh!
  • This episode was just heartwarming.

    It was fun to watch them go on a roadtrip and cause all sorts of trouble outside the hospital but the only thing I don't understand is how the Cox baby could grab onto Turk's finger. Wouldn't that mean Jordon's water broke? They can't stitch up her water or for that matter I don't think they can cut into it It was shocking to see that Kim was still preggers and I wonder why she did what she did? I wonder how long it'll be before they'll come back to this secret storyline. Poor JD, it's just not right to keep a baby away from such a nice daddy.
  • JD is convinced by his friends to make the long journey to be with Kim for the first ultrasound of their baby.

    Although the episode as a whole was unremarkable there were some fabulous comical moments even at somewhat inappropriate times, a real trademark of this show.

    I was very impressed by the development in Kim's storyline; it was a very bold move by the writers as her actions are highly controversial.

    Personally I was disgusted with Kim's behaviour but I can't imagine that the writers would toss something so awful into the overall plot without big things to come. I look forwards to seeing where they go with this particular storyline, I hope they don't let us down. It's unlikely, I know!
  • Excellent episode, with some touching moments, and an unexpected plot twist at the end. (spoilers)

    As always, Scrubs delivers a hilarious combination of goofy antics and touching human drama. I felt bad for JD when he found out Kim had miscarriaged. It seemed to me from the start she wasn't as excited about a baby that JD was, once he got over the shock. She seems to have some insecurities about life, which is probably why she decided to take a full time position where she is. But then to find out she lied about EVERYTHING, possibly even including a full time position, just blew my mind. What a horrible thing to do. For some reason she just wants to do this alone, or figures JD will leave her so she took a preemptive strike? Who knows. This could end two ways, JD really hurt and seeing his kid on weekends, or she goes back to him and apologizes profusely when she gets close to term and they work it out.

    I couldn't imagine lying to someone about something like THAT.
  • In this episode Dr. Cox and Jordan find out that their baby is going to need surgery, and J.D. has to go see Kim's first ultra sound.

    I loved this episode, but I want to know why Kim did that. I can't believe that she did. How come the writers didn't put anything about it in the episode. I really wanted Kim and J.D. to stay together. I hope that J.D. ends the show with his life back in order. I don't imagince what is going to happen when Kim has the baby. I mean what is she going to do? Why didn't she want J.D.'s support? I am still confused. I want to know how Jordan is doing still, I don't remember seeing anythign about it.
  • Although the bits and pieces of this episode were great as always, I was quite disappointed in the fact that they repeated a story that has been in use since AT LEAST the late 1990s (in 1997's Fools Rush In)

    The hilarious dialogue was definitely up Scrubs' usual standard but I was extremely disappointed in the little "twist". Had this twist (or a similar one) not already happened SEVERAL times (a similar twist occured in Fools Rush In, in Everwood's second season, and the exact same situation occurred in the second season of the OC). I'm just mildly annoyed by the fact that a show which is generally as creative as Scrubs, used a plotline that's already been used so much. In actuality, the only real benefit of this kind of twist, is that there are many different places it can go from there, my only hope is that they choose somewhere good.
  • im in two mind about this episode.....cont.....

    well i thoght the idea of a road trip was great, despite the idea having been tossed around so many times b4 in other shows, lots of the usual prescribed humor, and yeah i enjoyed it however when jd finally makes it to kim and she explains of her miscarriage, the viewer is devastated for kim and j.d. wen they "realise" that they where only in it for the baby the basically break up, despite this they stil throw in the "would a pizza place deliver to a bench at three in the morning?" kind of comedy. the episode concludes with the revelation that kims baby is fine and she lied to j.d, which mad me angry..despite this i feel that they made a great episode here with the range of emotions it provokes in the veiwer. the only thing i'd fault it on would be that this plot dev seems just to get kim out of the pic and to try to get the will she / wont she tension with elliot and jd back, i'd only take of half a point for that though, the rest, perfect!
  • JD travels with 'the gang' to tacoma to see his babies ultrasound for the first time so he can get a warm fuzzy feeling, but when he gets there he gets a big surprise by Kim.

    Three letters here


    This episode was a great one at that.

    Lots of people have given this episode crap because it didn't contain witty humour or that it was just a filler episode but this episode really spoke to me for some reason. It re-affirmed my faith in the writers of 'Scrubs'

    .......Right on with my original intention.

    The shocking news that JD's baby was miscarried actually stunned me for a second but then at the end we just see Kim having an ultrasound......its quite mad but it was a GREAT twist if you ask me and if you look at the details closely you'll see that there is a little spark between JD and Elliot.

    JD says "And there wouldn't be any sexual tension between us" to Elliot and Keith and they go silent for a good 4 seconds, then on in the RV you see Elliott and Keith argue a lot. I personally would be ecstatic about JD and Elliot getting back together, i mean come on....if you've been with someone 3 separate times and you honestly don't have any feeling for that person after then you're just lying to yourself.

    My "review" is done, i give it a 10
  • It's nice to see Turk and Cox to be friends... but I consider what Kim did was completely Dorian.

    I think that Kim should know, that Carol would do anything for her, in fact he told her how much he was looking forward to do parental stuff. She kinda acts totally immature. But if she is carrying out the baby it will be a come-back, worth to look forward to. Anywho ... its completely unfair that she does that

    The rest of the episode was nice and I found it nice how they integrated the Hand of Hope to the plot. I think what happened in this episode has strenghend the relationships between Perry, Turk and Jordan

    Anywho... This episode showed that Scrubs ain't a typical sitcom, because it's all real (maybe "my musical" was a bit freaky). 10 points from here.
  • I'm not one of those "Season one was so much better boo hoo wah" types, but I have to say that I was thrilled to see an early-season feel in this episode.

    I don't think this was the BEST episode this season-mostly because I love both House and Musicals-but it was definitely fantastic. Admittedly, the RV scenes were occasionally cliched or dull (Ted forgetting he was driving, Janitor falling off, the tunnel) the funnier jokes (Nightrider reference, Janitor's amnesia, everything ELSE involving Ted, Kimonos, Keith's accidental horn honking totally redeemed it. They were just that good

    But that part still probably would've gotten about an 8.5 without the Jordan sidestory. Emotion and style were very season 1 or 2 ish, and my three favorite jokes were there (Turk's cell phone and ringtone, "Man Check!")

    And let's not forget that Kim is now a complete and total...well, nothing nice for sure. But nevertheless, that scene and all following also kept the old-season feel. And even though there's nothing wrong with recent seasons-Season 5 being the BEST EVER-it feels nice to be back.
  • Another terrific season 6 plot twist

    Kim's decision was Dorian in a lot of people's opinions and I have to agree with them on some level although we don't know her reasons for lying about the miscarriage.

    That said, this episode was also very entertaining, the Cox-Turk conflicts being my favourite type after Cox-Kelso and JD-Janitor those are regular fights and it was also good to see a bonding moment between the two aswell.

    The Janitor's concussion and Ted-Keith discussions were also cause for many laughs, especially a classic Ted line "Excuse me, my mother sleeps with men, I've seen it", although the Kelso RV seemed like a setup from the beginning, using Ted as a carwasher this time, after using him as a waiter, errand boy, accountant and many other occupations throughout the series as his legal competence is very little.

    Overall, this episode had some great twists in it such as real complications with Jordan's baby, fake complications with Kim's baby and Kelso using Ted's full name.
  • One word, three sylables...FANTASTIC!

    This was such a great episode in the Scrubs series. So much was revealed and again, the show was able to maintain its comedic sense while getting dramatic. JD ventures with some of the Sacred Heart crew to Tacoma to visit Kim for her first ultrasound only to find out that she had a miscarriage. What's really unfortunate about this is that she lied about it. I hope that her motives are revealed later in the season as this is a great plot twist. As for the rest of the episode, Dr Cox and Jordan recieve news that something is wrong with the pregnancy and that surgery needs to be done. Seeing as Turk was unable to go due to "that tan baby ruining everything", Dr. Cox asks him to aid in the surgery and Turk complies. Shows how no matter how much these characters seems to be at eachothers throats, they always come through for eachother in the end and that is the message.
  • THe season keeps getting better and better after a slow dull first episodes. This one made me laugh and think

    Ok, enough with thinking that scrubs is jumping the shark. Bettween the musical, his story IV and this one I've regained trust in the series. It's been a while sience I laughed like I did on this episode. Somehow the series turned dull with Carla's depresion because of the baby and JD's relationship with Kim. But it seems as if the writters had heard our pledges and took care of business. THey gave a whole lot protagonism to Jordan's baby and gave a twist in the Jd-Kim relationship that just came in like a whif of fresh air. By the way, I almost pooped my pants when the Janitor fell of the RV in full motion. Man... Can't wait to see more of this
  • hm..........felt this episode was a bit of a dorian....

    I'm not saying this episode was dire or awful, but I feel that this episode was probably the worst one I've seen from scrubs. This season has had some very slightly above average episodes, and don't get me wrong cos, that's a bad thing. Usually scrubs is in the range of Amazing to OMG this is like crack (eg the musical) but this season did have a slow start, and although I feel they have reached into deeper territory these days, I don't think they are as good as they used to be. Nonetheless there were moments in this epi which were hilarious, as we have come to expect from scrubs, such as the whole "dorian" thing and the pole dancing bit, but the rest of the episode was very bland, there weren't enough jokes that really made me laugh, but i did enjoy the use of "pickle".

    The whole episode had potential but i think they just didn't hit the target this time :( sorry guys.

    Worst score i've ever given scrubs: 6
  • can somebody explain how a comedy can be so so dark?

    Let's be honest, we like jd to suffer a bit, by the janitor or by cox does not matter

    but the ending of this episode is crushing, cruel en and painful

    still its good, eventhough you expect to be amused and your left with a feeling of disbelieve

    in short
    baby cox is in trouble and needs surgery (turk gets to help)

    jd and the rest of the gang go to tacoma for the first echo of kim and jd's baby

    (they take dr kelso's brand new super camper that ted was suppose to get cleaned) anyway with some great jokes underway the get to tacoma leave jd there and go back.

    ted has to find a way to explain to kelso why half of his camper is missing (clever way!)

    and jd is left to talk to kim

    watch it yourself, no review can get it right
  • A series classic!

    When a show has been on as long as scrubs it sometimes becomes En Vogue for people to rip it! For people to say that it isnt and can never be what it once was! I for one have been one those people who have ripped a lot of episodes of Scrubs this season! Something has just felt off! However there is frankly NO way that people can be honest and rip last nights episode of Scrubs. For last night was one of the rare times this season that Scrubs has hit on all Cylinders. Episodes like last night remind you why Scrubs is the best show on tv! Not just the best comedy but the best show! It had funny moments which included the whole RV trip! Classic Dr. Cox screwing with someones head and it working! It had extremely moving moments with all the baby problems and issues! And at the very end of the episode Scrubs pulled a twist that none of us saw coming with JD's baby or not his we arent sure! I cant wait to see where the writers go the rest of the season! They seem like they have hit there strid now so i think it will be great episodes the rest of the way
  • As always, a perfect balance of drama and comedy makes for a terrific episode of Scrubs.

    It always amazes me how well the writers of Scrubs balance outright ridiculous over-the-top homor with terrific drama. I have heard too many people complain that Scrubs does slip in a little too much drama, but that is what makes this show so unique. My Road to Nowhere was a perfect example of this. The scenes with Turk and Cox trying to ruin each other's day were funny, but took a sharp turn when they realized that Cox's unborn child needed surgery. The road trip that JD and the gang took had some hilarious moments (including the running "honk the horn" joke), that were balanced by the sad news Kim had for him in Tacoma. And the ending of this episode just floored me. Too many comedys lapse into corny and sappy when they try something serious, but Scrubs always manages to be well written and creative. Definitely one of the best shows on TV, and My Road to Nowhere was one of the best episodes.
  • This episode didn't make up for His Story IV.

    All right, thanks to some new information gleaned from the forums, (not the five people who disagree with me so far), I've changed my opinion a bit since writing my first review. So, the text below is edited material.


    The road trip plot was more than a little hackneyed. Kelso had remarked right at the beginning how good his RV looked, and put one less-than-central character in charge of cleaning it. When Cox tells J.D. to hit the road and make it to his unborn child's first ultrasound, half the show becomes so much predictable filler, a way for J.D. to have a (season-changing, but not well-done) conversation with Kim. More and more characters are tacked onto the road trip, including the Janitor, whose part in the show starts ridiculous and stays ridiculous. Very little of the conversation in the RV approaches what we'd expect from previous seasons. Many of the jokes simply sounded like the writers were trying too hard.

    Kelso shouting "THEODOOOORE" slapped the toe-tag on this episode and shuts the freezer door. Still, I thought, it wasn't quite as bad as much of the "His Story IV" uninspired banter.

    That said, after two hours, I learned that the part where the hand reaches out to Turk's finger is actually possible (and based on real events). I didn't know that going into the episode, and after the first two-thirds of the episode, it originally struck me as another example of the writers trying too hard, and disconnected me from the rest of the Turk-Cox dialogue. That does change my estimation of the show, although I still don't think the show is nearly deserving of its current 9.4 rating (putting it in the top 15 Scrubs shows ever, up to this point).
  • A good episode to a decent at best season six.

    I was really looking forward to this episode. I enjoy Road Trip type stories and I really thought it would be funny to see most of these characters out of the hospital for an episode and it defintely turned out to be a good one. It has a nice suprise in the end, something I saw coming (mainly due to TV Guide posting behind the scenes photos of the twist, though not intentional). While not an amazing episode, this was defintely one of the better ones of the 6th season and one that will hopefully come into play later in the season.
  • Wow... Amazing plot twists...

    First Jordan is having complications with her pregnancy and is forced to go under the knife for a baby-saving procedure, then Kim lies to J.D. about their baby, telling him that she had a miscarriage. This is what Scrubs needs... some insane drama! Will Jordan be the character that dies at the end of the season during child birth? Bill Lawrence alluded to the fact that a character dies. Will J.D. ever find out that Kim lied to him?

    This show makes you want the episode to go on! The way it ends is fantastically done, leaving the watcher in suspense... I kept watching, not noticing the time and didn't realize it was over.

    Well done Scrubs. This episode is EXACTLY why we continue to watch Scrubs weekly... Waiting for the insane plot twists! Thank you.
  • Scrubs strikes back after last weeks poor showing

    This episode, while not the best scrubs has offered, certainly was awesome compared to last weeks. J.D. plans a road trip to see Kim's ultrasound due to Turk's advice. We get a nice little battle/bond session from Turk and Dr. Cox, and an important surgery for Jordan's new baby. The ending had a semi predictable twist, but nontheless intriguing. Jack's "man check" was hilarious, and this episode was on the whole time. While we may not have the 100% solid episodes of the past, this episode was a return to form. Bravo!
  • Shocking. Scrubs has its first REALLY dramatic twist, and the first person you want to hate.

    This show broke new ground in the series. The last 5 minutes were the most shocking in the entire series. J.D. is told his baby was miscarried, and it turns out he was completely duped. I can't comment much more on the episode, but one thing struck me- the writing was sub-par. It didn't seem as clever or crisp. I'd like to know if this is a new writer because it certainly seems like it.

    In any case, quite a surprise. I hope this doesn't lead to a slow sad climax to the season.
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