Season 3 Episode 10

My Rule of Thumb

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 22, 2004 on NBC

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  • Scrubs Classic!

    Elliot and Carla get arrested looking for a gigolo for a terminally-ill patient. Danni asks JD if she could stay at his place after walking in on her sister and Dr. Cox, but JD starts having second thoughts almost immediately after initially agreeing. Dr. Cox and Turk's clash over a liver transplant situation turns rather personal.

    Before i even saw the episode i knew that it would be the end of JD and Danni already. Dr Kelso was soo evil to poor bed (which was hilarious though). The Carla and Elliot plot was hilarious. The only thing that bothered me once again was Sean and Elliot's long distance relationship.
  • Kind of boring.

    An unsettling episode, that was just the same old same old, and if you missed this episode, you wouldn't be missing much, believe me. The Danni/JD storyline was incredibly annoying, and I cringe every time they have a relationship plot. It was nice at first, but their relationship has officially fizzled out, and now they've moved in together? What? Carla & Elliot's storyline was a bit too ridiculous for my liking, being arrested for paying for a prostitute for a patient. I thought doctors had morals even if you have a 38 year old virgin for a patients. The only enjoyable plot would have to be Turk & Cox's plot. A good concept, and we really got to see Turk's character more in depth as a surgeon. Cox wants his friend to get a liver, but then they find out he drank, which is one of the things that you shouldn't do. He wasn't going to appreciate his new liver, but Cox begs to differ, until he finally realizes that Turk was right all along, and gives his honest opinion to Carla what he thinks of Turk. "You could do a lot worse." A nice scene, and I really enjoyed the Turk & Cox interaction. All the other plots seemed to be quite of a blur to me. Mediocre episode, with forgettable plots since one plot conquered all else.
  • This may not be a standout episode but it is executed very well and each character has their trials.

    As each character goes through the trials set out in the episode they learn something of value that progresses their character. JD, learns about taking more chances in his relationships, which he hasn't really done since he dated Alex in season 1. Turk learns a little about what someone thinks of him and Carla begins to realize how perfect she and Turk are together. Turk also is forced to make a very hard choice that sparks a conflict between he and Dr. Cox. Cox learns that it is, in fact, hard to keep his emotions about a patient from interferring with his judgement.
  • Great episode!

    JD accidentally tells Danni that he wants her to move in with him, but Dr. Cox takes out his mood when he tells him about moving in and the possibilty of both of them to have a baby. Elliot and Carla tried to help a patient lose her virginity and Cox and Turk fight over a patient...
  • Danni moves in

    Danni moves in with JD in this classic episode, JD being terrified but too late to stop the moving since Danni had the keys already.

    Dr Cox and Turk’s plot was very good and shows that Cox’s respect for Turk is heightened by the end of the episode but he still thinks Turk’s “a complete tool”. Todd’s “look at my giant balls” was hilarious especially Turk fighting the temptation to laugh at the stupid skit.

    Carla and Elliot being arrested for prostitution, Elliot being excited about it was great as was JD answering the phone to get out of confronting Danni by saying “I’d love to pick you up at jail!”

    Overall, each plot was highly entertaining and worth watching many times.