Season 1 Episode 21

My Sacrificial Clam

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 30, 2002 on NBC

Episode Recap

Elliot is going out with Sean and they rush home to have sex. J.D. and Carla make fun of Turk gaining some weight and he admits of having taken on a few pounds. At the hospital, J.D. accidentally gets stuck with a needle that might be infected with Hepatitis B. Carla takes care of him while Dr. Kelso wants to make sure J.D. knows about hospital safety. He signs a paper that says he won't sue the hospital and the janitor says he won't make it.

Elliot arrives at the hospital with her clothes from last night and everyone makes fun of her. She needs to exchange her top for a new set of scrubs and Dr. Kelso catches her. Turk is obsessing about Carla's comments about his weight, especially since Dr. Cox seems to be in great shape. J.D. has four doctor patients who talk about his hepatitis; they scare him a little. Elliot tells Sean that she is falling behind in her work and they can't have sex tonight. But they end up having sex anyway.

In the cafeteria, Turk asks if he could work out with Dr. Cox some time and Perry agrees. J.D. visits a patient in the contagious ward to show he himself doesn't have any hear. At rounds, Elliot gets a question wrong and doesn't know the answer to the next. Dr. Kelso isn't happy about her slipping and walking around the hospital half-naked. Turk and Dr. Cox work out in front of the hospital and Carla isn't happy that she hardly gets to see Turk anymore. J.D. notices that there are lots of sick people at the hospital but at least his blood results come back negative. Now suddenly he can't get back into the contagious room with his meningitis patient, making excuses that he is swamped right now.

Sean brings Elliot some an extra pair of scrubs so she won't have the same situation before. Elliot is too busy to talk to him right now. Turk is hardly keeping up with Perry. J.D. switches patients with Dr. Cox so he doesn't have to face his meningitis patient. The janitor is sorry for earlier and ask him to go to a ballgame tonight. Thinking that it's a joke he walks away, and the janitor says to himself that this is the last time he reaches out.

Carla finds Turk in the gym but he doesn't want to leave just yet. But he leaves shortly afterwards. Dr. Cox knew he would quit but seeing that Perry is in the gym nearly every night, Turk says he has a life. Sean waits at the entrance with a bunch of roses, wanting to apologize. Elliot says her work never ends and she needs a good internship for her residency next year. She believes she could never be casual with Sean and can't make it work right now. Sean says he will wait for her at the entrance because he thinks she will soon return for him.

J.D. wants his contagious patient back but Dr. Cox declines. Perry tells J.D. that, as a doctor, he might get sick once in a while. Elliot leaves the hospital and finds the destroyed roses on the floor with Sean nowhere to be found. Turk and Carla watch TV together, with Turk eating a donut. J.D. visits his ex-patient with meningitis after all.
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