Season 8 Episode 3

My Saving Grace

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 13, 2009 on NBC

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  • another wonderful episode

    This is something people usually don't say but with Scrubs, thank goodness for the writer's strike. If the writer's strike never hapened, ABC wouldn't have had the opportunity to be passed Scrubs and Scrubs would never have had this worthy, stellar "last" season. Scrubs is back and it's as strong as ever or stronger than ever. In fact, it's best season in awhile. Season six was really good but got a little weird and season seven was just passable. And season eight is just terrific, blending both powerful comedy and drama. People are struggling over the iron grasp Maddox has over the hospital. Turns out Kelso was nicer than Maddox ever was. With Kelso, at least the doctors could find a way to bend the rules from time to time when it came to saving a patient's life. Maddox is too cold and too effiecient to allow that to happen. All of the doctors quickly realize she has to go. Not to worry for Kelso still sticks around the hospital for free muffins and is now joined by the Janitor because he has nothing better to do and his other choice for free time is not healthy. Cox and Janitor work to bring down Maddox while Kelso refuses until Cox can admit that he misses the old man. Right now, it's not happening. Meanwhile, and in good time, Carla realizes how much of a brat the new intern Lisa is, and to knock her off her high horse a bit, Carla tries to tell her exactly how it is in the hospital: be nicer or the hospital "family" will bury her. Cox and Janitor's search to blackmail Maddox turns up nothing, they're at a loss at what to do. Finally, Cox is forced to admit that he somewhat likes Cox and he does miss him. Kelso is more than willing to use his smarmy ways to blackmail a couple members of the medical council to fire Maddox. Lisa reveals her backstory, hoping it will gain her some sympathy but Carla bluntly tells her this: get over it. In the hospital, the personal life isn't important. The hospital is her family. The team celebrates over Maddox's termination but before she leaves, Maddox is willing to share vindictive "advice": they may have fired her but they'll find someone else like her. Still, it is a happy victory for the team, especially for JD and Elliot as now they can get treatment for a patient who can't afford it. Cox is slightly nicer to Kelso. Lisa softens a little and is willing to be less of a brat after her talk with Carla. Just as soon as she came on, Courtney Cox left. And for those of you who were worried, the Janitor comes back!!! Personal victories. Other great moments include the Janitor being possibly even more insane and the return of more Kelso. The only question over this episode was: where was Turk? Where was he in all this? Still, a wonderfully hilarious episode. It's great that this "last" season will go out with a bang. The first two episodes of Season Eight proved to be no fluke. After the first few weeks, I definitely want more and will be even more sad when the finale comes.
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