Season 8 Episode 3

My Saving Grace

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 13, 2009 on NBC

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    Now that's what I call improvement, after the abysmal finale last season, mediocre first episodes this season, this episode gave me hope that this show is still capable to be good. Nothing compared to the Old Scrubs, but still... good. We've got some great character development here, and this episode was definitely eventful. Dr. Maddox (Courtney Cox) is getting on everyone's nerves (yeah mine too!). So the fired Janitor, Cox, JD, Kelso, and Elliot all try to get rid of Dr. Maddox. In a very effective way. It's nice to see Kelso still hanging around, I just know he needs to be Chief of Medicine again, this show is really losing it without him. Cox saying "I Miss You" to Kelso was one of the biggest character developments I have ever seen.

    The thing that made this episode special and original was that it was all centered around Carla pep talking Katie, the undermining intern. It was a great stroll down memory lane, and I realized how awesome Carla is. Where's Todd? A good episode, with a great angle.