Season 3 Episode 21

My Self-Examination

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 27, 2004 on NBC

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  • JD realizes he doesn't love Elliot.

    I said this in last episode's review, that it just upset me that after all the buildup with JD pursuing Elliot and trying to get her, he realizes he doesn't want her? It was so annoying, the fact that if it's not one thing, it's another on why JD & Elliot can't ever be together. This episode made me lose hope for JD & Elliot for all the future episodes, JD realizes he doesn't love Elliot. Throughout the whole episode, he keeps the secret, while Elliot is really enjoying their relationship. JD gets advice from an old girlfriend, Danni. I like how they didn't completely kick Danni off the show after he & JD break up. The appearance from the Soup Nazi was kind of random. Good reference to Seinfeld though. Turk is having trouble writing his vows, so Carla's brother helps him with them, only to realize it was a ll a trick. He says the vows, and the vows were copied from the speech of "When Harry Met Sally." A hilarious tie in, and JD confessing that he doesn't love Elliot was a perfect match alongside to Turk's plot. Elliot throws JD over a table and grabs some wine, it keeps you guessing on what comes next for JD & Elliot. Cox & Jordan stop fighting, which gives Cox the urge to fight with other people. Cox ends up crossing paths with the janitor who he regrets crossing paths with. In the end, everything is "resolved" with Cox & Jordan. I am astonished at how much their relationship has come over time. Great buildup for the finale, I really enjoyed it, just some of the decisions from the characters were to ridiculous for my liking.
  • Turk and Carla wedding rehearsal;

    Turk runs into trouble writing his own wedding vows, Jordan refuses to fight with Dr. Cox for their son's sake and Jd realizes that he doesn't love Elliot after they had sex. JD ends up asking Danni for advice.

    I enjoyed the Turk and Carla plot as well as the Dr Cox and Jordan one. I loved seing Carla's brother Marco once again. Jelliot is just getting annoying now. I loved them in earlier Seasons, but now it's just going back and fourth. First he wants her, then he doesn't..
    They should get together or break up FOREVER! It really isn't fun anymore.
  • After all that!

    After all that Jd went through this season, with the pouting and constantly trying to break Elliot and Sean up he has decided that actually isn't in love with Elliot. And lemme tell you he has the most horrible timing. I mean he waits until she has dumped her really great boyfriend for him and then decides that he isn't in love with her. It's completely messed up. At first he decides to stay with her forever, yeah right, but then at again the absolute worst time he confesses to her that he doesn't love her. At Carla and Turk's wedding rehearsal dinner! Right in the middle of Turk's toast to Carla. So, in natural fashion she shoves him clear over the table. Man I would have done the same thing. I gotta say I was a little made at Jd in this episode. It's just after all we went through in season 3 watching him pine after Elliot he ends up realizing that he was never in love with her! What is that?
  • JD gets in trouble after he discovers that he doesn't loves Elliot, Turk and Carla receive the visit of Carla's brother.

    This episode was definitely very funny, first of all makes the revelation from JD that he doesn't loves Elliot, but feraing that he might her hurt, and also thinking that what is going on between them is love, he decides to continue with it, even if he hated. But in the end, it turns in disaster when Turk gives out his speech and JD realizes what love is truly is, so he tells Elliot that he does not loves her and that brings seriously injures toward him.
    Meanwhile, Dr. Cox gets himself in more troubles and begins to act madly after he and Jordan stop fighting, and that makes Cox to go after the Janitor, who locks him up in the morgue, and then toward Kelso that gives him a very bad punishment, but in the end he says something to Jordan that makes them to start fighting again, and brings happiness among them again.
    And Carla's brother comes to town, and Turk is just hating his constant menaces and everything that he does, at least until he "helps" him with his vows, but in the end it just turns badly for him, but Turk manages to overpass it and manages to tell Carla how he really geels about her...
    This episode was really good in fact, and I think that is a great, great episode!!!!!!!
  • Rehearsal dinner

    Another “break up” by JD and Elliot from their on again-off again relationship which follows on from the previous episode where JD realises he doesn’t love Elliot.

    All of the plots in this episode are hilarious, whether it be JD’s, guest starring the “soup nazi”, Turk’s with Carla’s brother giving him vow advice which just happens to be the speech from Harry met Sally, or Cox’s with Perry being upset that he and Jordan weren’t fighting anymore which also had the hilarious moment of Cox being stuffed in the morgue by the Janitor with his mouth being taped.

    The ending of this episode is brilliant, Elliot pushing JD over the table, which shocked at least a few guests at the rehearsal dinner and made viewers around the globe laugh.