Season 2 Episode 11

My Sex Buddy

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 02, 2003 on NBC

Episode Recap

Finding it hard to deny their attraction for each other, especially since they are temporarily living together, Elliot and J.D. end up sleeping together again and again and again. Later, they both acknowledge that they don't work as a couple, but they really like sleeping together. So Elliot suggests they be "sex buddies".
Having sex leaves J.D. feeling happy and energized. Elliot, on the other hand, starts to feel even more frazzled than usual. She and Turk are assigned a patient to work on together, Mrs. Creeden. Turk however, ends up doing most of the work because Elliot can't get her act together. The situation gets worse as three of her patients request another doctor because Elliot hasn't been attending to them properly.

Back home at the apartment, she sits in the dark, crying. When J.D. arrives she tells him that she needs him and they have sex again, although J.D. is aware that she is getting more emotional. Later at the hospital, Dr. Cox tells Elliot that it was Turk who took over the care of her patients. Turk apologizes to her and Dr. Cox tells her that she better get her life together so thcat it doesn't affect her work too much. J.D. confronts Turk about stealing Elliot's patients, which is when he realises that he cares more for Elliot than he does Turk. In the apartment that night, Elliot comes home to find a candle-lit dinner prepared by J.D. waiting for her. Extremely touched be the gesture, she still can't ignore the fact that the longer they sleep together the more confused her life will become, so she tells J.D. that they can only be friends, no more sex buddies. While he agrees with her, he can't help but feel a little sad that their relationship won't go beyond an extremely close friendship.

Meanwhile, Carla is flattered when Mr. and Mrs. Marrick ask her opinion on having their newborn son circumcised. Even though doctors and nurses aren't supposed to offer their own opinions, or give more than a general answer about anything, Carla advocates for not doing the procedure. When word gets back to Dr. Kelso, he tries to convince the parents that they should have it done. But, she does the same thing again with another patient, Mr. Woodbury. She tells him that he will be able to go to his son's wedding this weekend, even though his pneumonia may keep him in the hospital through the weekend. Again, Dr. Kelso wants to override her decision, and he almost does, until J.D. offers to back-up Carla to Dr. Kelso. Reluctantly, Dr. Kelso agrees to let Mr. Woodbury check-out, however he takes the praise for it.