Season 2 Episode 11

My Sex Buddy

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 02, 2003 on NBC

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  • Turk feels as though Elliot is too stressed, so he takes her patients away from her.

    Definitely an Elliot-centric episode, I would have to say,. In continuation to JD and Elliot sleeping together, Elliot and JD decide to be sex buddies, no strings attached. I've seen this a lot on TV shows, and you know there is always going to be conflict when it comes to "no strings attached." It seems as though everything is going wrong in Elliot's life, especially when her patients keep on requesting another doctor, and switching her. She feels terrible about this so she keeps on falling in to the arms of JD. Later on, she finds out that Turk was the one who switched her patients. He had good intentions, since he noticed that she was too stressed, but of course, Elliot doesn't take it too well. Cox gives one of his famous speeches to Elliot, saying she has got to get her life together. Meanwhile Carla always wants her patients to like her, but when Kelso gives Carla a situation that she can't avoid, she has to face not being liked. Kelso continues to be a jerk, and then he ends up getting liked in the end. JD starts developing feelings for Elliot, but she ends up breaking it off in the end, after what Cox told her. You can tell JD still has feelings for her in the end, which leaves things in the air somehow. Plots were good, it was just fun to see Elliot & JD together again. Good episode.