Season 8 Episode 14

My Soul On Fire, Part 1

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 08, 2009 on NBC

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  • it didn't reach my expectations...

    we get more insight on the future of j.d. and Elliot's relationship, but Elliot was acting like a total jerk throughout the episode, in the last episode she said she wanted to have kids but she's scared of little hands,she's just gotta learn to grow up and get over all those stupid irrational fears. She said that she loved JD for no good reason,everyone else was funny but the JD/Elliot subplot was very weak and didn't meet my expectations it could have been better but it just wasn't. the janitor was funny as usual but that's just about it. EDFAN out
  • 814

    It was an okay episode with dull conflict, but the real thing that bothered me about this episode was: Did this feel like Scrubs to you? Really? Did you feel like you were watching Scrubs? This whole episode was solely focused on relationships, even the Janitor's with Lady, which by the way, him getting married? It seemed too rushed, and it was just an excuse to get the Scrubs cast away from the hospital for a while. Although, all the cast members were in this episode unlike the past few episodes where someone is always missing, it just didn't feel like Scrubs.

    Sure the characters were there, but it was just about relationships, and truth be told, it wasn't that funny. The cliffhanger was probably the worst cliffhanger on Scrubs. Elliot's mad at JD... to be continued!? What?!
  • Sacred Heart heads off to the Bahamas

    This installment was definitely a marked improvement over the last few episode. One obvious reason is the fact that the whole cast was there. The Bahamas location setting was a welcome change, though it is the hospital based setting that we've come to enjoy all these years. We also had some old JD-Turk moments like 'upstairs-downstairs', that would have made you reminisce the old times. The Jordan-Cox's relationship based on a mutual respect for their social ineptness was stressed in this episode over and over again. And Jordan and Eliot in their bathing suits--HOT!!

    Thinking about how the premise of the show has changed a lot this season, and the well known fact that we've got only a few episodes left; I've come to accept the new scheme of things. Instead of complaining about how cost cutting measures have ruined the fun, I believe it's best to sit back and watch the story retire to its end.
  • The gang flies over to the Bahamas to attend the wedding of Lady and The Janitor. This gives all the couples a little quality time, but of course also leads to drama. Unfortunately, it's nothing we haven't seen before.

    I love the way Scrubs combines its wacky and sometimes over the top humor with dramatic plots and real character development. But as we're nearing the end, it all seems to be going a bit downhill. With an incomplete seventh season which was mediocre at best, I still don't know what to think of this last one. As a huge JD&Elliot fan, I loved My Happy Place and My Cookie Pants, but episodes like this one make me doubt if this show has gotten better or worse over the years.

    My soul on fire part 1 made me feel like I was watching every major plot point all over again. Turk is again struggling with a new step in his relationship, this time it's becoming full time parents instead of being full time lovers. Jordan and Perry are still doing the love/hate thing. And JD and Elliot, where do I start? I hoped that the relationship they got into this time would be more mature and forgiving than the previous ones. It has to be, for the rumours (as long as the finale hasn't aired, they're still rumours, no matter how trustworthy the source!) that they will end up together to come true. Elliot even mentions that they don't have to go through all the drama anymore, because they'd dated before. Still, she goes and ruins it with one of her crazy demands and when JD calls her on it, she walks away because he's said something wrong.

    I hope Bill Lawrence has some plot twists in store for us in part two, otherwise the end of all this could be disappointingly predictable. JD & Elliot will once more throw everything away over nothing, Turk will accept whatever is coming to him because he loves Carla so much and Perry and Jordan will just keep doing what they're doing because they're loving it. It would be nice to see Elliot finally dropping the crazy for the one person she truly loves and for Turk to tell Carla what's best for her for once. Jordan and Cox however, are great the way they are, don't change a thing.

    I'll be be a little less long winded about averything else:
    Peeing in the shower, Jordan & Perry in the elevator, "not talking to your table", "downstairs! Really? No, what is wrong with you!", Jordans rap-routine, Elliot, Jordan, Todd and Carla at the beach, Elliot stuffing her face.
    red-head hatred (little too crazy there Elliot), the high five (could've been a little more subtle than an earthquake), Elliot not eating.
  • The gang head off to the Bahamas for The Janitor's wedding. Elliott surprises JD with a grand admission of her love and expects him to do the same.

    This may just be me but don't you feel that shows are clutching at straws to mix things up when they decide to move the show to a new setting for an episode or two. The move to a more tropic and exotic locale is the oldest trick in the book and this ep feels a little tacky because of it.

    This week The Janitor hands out hundreds of invites to his wedding in the Bahamas. He hopes that under such short notice people won't come but will send gifts out of guilt. But this backfires as JD is so touched by being invited he rallies the rest of the gang to travel down to be at the ceremony.

    Meanwhile, Turk is worried that Carla no longer sees her self as anything more than a mother. This leaves Turk feeling unwanted and unhappy in how his marriage is going.

    Elliott also decides to make things interesting by declaring her love for JD in a long winded way that is designed to force JD into making a similar statement when Elliott sees fit. Throughout the ep he attempts to do so but to her the timing is never right.

    This episode was found wanting to a degree with very few laugh out loud moments (Greg from the Brady Bunch was hilarious)with a much bigger focus on character building. Once a charm of this season, with every character seemingly growing, it now feels kind of annoying that everything you know about these characters that you have loved for 7 years before is changing. This ep was a to be continued and I can only hope that they have saved the best material for part 2.
  • Things start to fall apart when expectations are met with the truth.

    A clever little episode (or at least part one of it). Some of the characters really are starting to lost their charm in the hospital, and the new loaction seems to have brought them back to life a little.

    Awesome stuff first:

    Turk: "Downstairs!"
    JD: "Really?"
    Turk: "No! What is wrong with you?!"

    Turk: "I miss Izzy, but I always imagined being someplace like here with you."
    JD: "Ssh. Just be here Turk."

    Hot Hot Jordan on the beach.
    Jordan: "Coz I'm Fly!"

    Cox: "You don't know that!"
    Jordan: "I do and it's an amazing gift."

    Carla: "Baby, for the last time - Mermaids aren't real."
    Turk: "I know what I saw Woman!!!"

    Hot Hot Elliot. And the subsequent stuffing of her face.

    Hot Hot Todd. Banana hammock scene was classic.

    Stuff that was poor:

    JD and Elliot having another superficial and stupid fight.

    Turk finally realising that hot Carla died with having the baby - as is natural and always the case. A baby changes everything in a marriage. And this seems like a poor exit strategy for Carla.

    The Janitor really was not up to the mark here - as was the case with Dr. Cox. Come on! These are the two best characters of the show, right up there with JD-Turk.

    Bottom line: imaginative and funny, but lacking any gripping substance.
  • scrubs is scrubs again!!

    Ill just start off saying when i heard about this episode i was skeptical and thought it would be yet another terrible episode. Wow was i wrong!! i L.O.V.E.D it! it was classic scrubs. I dont know if i was happy just to finally have all the characters (main and secondary) in the same episode! I loved the refrences to old episodes like Turk and J.d trying "downstairs" again like in season 4 episode 1 and turk and his unbreakable belief that he has seen a mermaid! I also thought it was hilarious that ted was carrying kelso's bags. Poor ted. The tiki necklaces and the "nanananaa" was funny was good to see turk and j.d just being turk and j.d again. And the fact that j.d can still manage to never get it right when it comes to pleasing the janitor. It was great to finally learn why todd is so obsessed with high fiving!! i did not however like elliots making j.d say he loved her in a certain way bit because i assumed she was over playing games like that and that this time round theyd just be together without the crap. All in all it really was a great episode that should remind everyone why we love scrubs and after 14 crappy ones this season im stoked!
  • One of my favorite episodes this season, even though some people might be inclined to disagree.

    I don't know if it's just because Scrubs is just a few weeks away from ending for good, but I'm finding myself entertained more and more by each new episode this season. While there were some episodes in the beginning (mainly, the first and third) and a couple recently that were not that great, I've found this season to be MUCH better than Season 7, and in some ways, Season 6. There is a lot to compliment, and I found plenty in this episode to enjoy.

    I never for a moment thought that the marriage was genuine between Janitor and Lady. The Janitor has always been strange (look no further than his answer to the question, "Have you ever been in love?"). Everything leading up to the moment where everyone goes to the Bahamas is what made the episode. I found that the writers all kinds of little moments to chuckle at, and even more to flat out burst out laughing at. The tiki's that JD buys on the "interweb," the "NAHNAHNAHNAH" whenever something bad happens, Todd high-fiving the cardboard cut out of Lloyd, and even Ted's line about feeling like his soul was raped. There was so much to enjoy in this episode and it truly felt like a classic. As I said before, perhaps its the fact Scrubs is ending that I'm finding so much to like in each remaining episode, but I feel there really was a lot to appreciate. Compare this episode to My Nah Nah Nah or My Jerks and you can see the difference between an alright episode and a great one.

    The only problem I had was with Elliot's over reaction to JD's "I love you" statement. They've already had the discussion about their past relationships and things that have screwed them up in the past before, and it seems like having a problem this late in the game is just a little ridiculous. I hope that this issue is cleared up by next episode, because if we have yet ANOTHER "Will they, won't they?" arc about JD and Elliot, I'll go insane. I want them to just stay the way they are and end the show with them definitely leaning towards one side.

    Overall, though, this episode was impressive. If I purely judged it on a laugh scale, I would say one of the better ones of the last few seasons.