Season 8 Episode 14

My Soul On Fire, Part 1

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 08, 2009 on NBC

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  • Things start to fall apart when expectations are met with the truth.

    A clever little episode (or at least part one of it). Some of the characters really are starting to lost their charm in the hospital, and the new loaction seems to have brought them back to life a little.

    Awesome stuff first:

    Turk: "Downstairs!"
    JD: "Really?"
    Turk: "No! What is wrong with you?!"

    Turk: "I miss Izzy, but I always imagined being someplace like here with you."
    JD: "Ssh. Just be here Turk."

    Hot Hot Jordan on the beach.
    Jordan: "Coz I'm Fly!"

    Cox: "You don't know that!"
    Jordan: "I do and it's an amazing gift."

    Carla: "Baby, for the last time - Mermaids aren't real."
    Turk: "I know what I saw Woman!!!"

    Hot Hot Elliot. And the subsequent stuffing of her face.

    Hot Hot Todd. Banana hammock scene was classic.

    Stuff that was poor:

    JD and Elliot having another superficial and stupid fight.

    Turk finally realising that hot Carla died with having the baby - as is natural and always the case. A baby changes everything in a marriage. And this seems like a poor exit strategy for Carla.

    The Janitor really was not up to the mark here - as was the case with Dr. Cox. Come on! These are the two best characters of the show, right up there with JD-Turk.

    Bottom line: imaginative and funny, but lacking any gripping substance.