Season 8 Episode 14

My Soul On Fire, Part 1

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 08, 2009 on NBC

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  • The gang head off to the Bahamas for The Janitor's wedding. Elliott surprises JD with a grand admission of her love and expects him to do the same.

    This may just be me but don't you feel that shows are clutching at straws to mix things up when they decide to move the show to a new setting for an episode or two. The move to a more tropic and exotic locale is the oldest trick in the book and this ep feels a little tacky because of it.

    This week The Janitor hands out hundreds of invites to his wedding in the Bahamas. He hopes that under such short notice people won't come but will send gifts out of guilt. But this backfires as JD is so touched by being invited he rallies the rest of the gang to travel down to be at the ceremony.

    Meanwhile, Turk is worried that Carla no longer sees her self as anything more than a mother. This leaves Turk feeling unwanted and unhappy in how his marriage is going.

    Elliott also decides to make things interesting by declaring her love for JD in a long winded way that is designed to force JD into making a similar statement when Elliott sees fit. Throughout the ep he attempts to do so but to her the timing is never right.

    This episode was found wanting to a degree with very few laugh out loud moments (Greg from the Brady Bunch was hilarious)with a much bigger focus on character building. Once a charm of this season, with every character seemingly growing, it now feels kind of annoying that everything you know about these characters that you have loved for 7 years before is changing. This ep was a to be continued and I can only hope that they have saved the best material for part 2.