Season 8 Episode 14

My Soul On Fire, Part 1

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 08, 2009 on NBC

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  • The gang flies over to the Bahamas to attend the wedding of Lady and The Janitor. This gives all the couples a little quality time, but of course also leads to drama. Unfortunately, it's nothing we haven't seen before.

    I love the way Scrubs combines its wacky and sometimes over the top humor with dramatic plots and real character development. But as we're nearing the end, it all seems to be going a bit downhill. With an incomplete seventh season which was mediocre at best, I still don't know what to think of this last one. As a huge JD&Elliot fan, I loved My Happy Place and My Cookie Pants, but episodes like this one make me doubt if this show has gotten better or worse over the years.

    My soul on fire part 1 made me feel like I was watching every major plot point all over again. Turk is again struggling with a new step in his relationship, this time it's becoming full time parents instead of being full time lovers. Jordan and Perry are still doing the love/hate thing. And JD and Elliot, where do I start? I hoped that the relationship they got into this time would be more mature and forgiving than the previous ones. It has to be, for the rumours (as long as the finale hasn't aired, they're still rumours, no matter how trustworthy the source!) that they will end up together to come true. Elliot even mentions that they don't have to go through all the drama anymore, because they'd dated before. Still, she goes and ruins it with one of her crazy demands and when JD calls her on it, she walks away because he's said something wrong.

    I hope Bill Lawrence has some plot twists in store for us in part two, otherwise the end of all this could be disappointingly predictable. JD & Elliot will once more throw everything away over nothing, Turk will accept whatever is coming to him because he loves Carla so much and Perry and Jordan will just keep doing what they're doing because they're loving it. It would be nice to see Elliot finally dropping the crazy for the one person she truly loves and for Turk to tell Carla what's best for her for once. Jordan and Cox however, are great the way they are, don't change a thing.

    I'll be be a little less long winded about averything else:
    Peeing in the shower, Jordan & Perry in the elevator, "not talking to your table", "downstairs! Really? No, what is wrong with you!", Jordans rap-routine, Elliot, Jordan, Todd and Carla at the beach, Elliot stuffing her face.
    red-head hatred (little too crazy there Elliot), the high five (could've been a little more subtle than an earthquake), Elliot not eating.
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