Season 8 Episode 15

My Soul On Fire, Part 2

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 15, 2009 on NBC

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  • Awesome!

    Finally. A Top notch Scrubs episode.

    First and foremost – the bromance continues, much to our delight:
    (in the blue ocean of the Bahamas)
    JD: "What's up Blackuaman? Oh cute! Look – an eel!"
    T: "No. I'm naked."
    JD: "Oooh right. That is you."
    (JD complains about how crazy specific Elliot's demands for him to say "I love you" to her really are) T: "Now look into my eyes and say it"
    (Cox pops up)
    JD: "I love you."
    Cox: "No – that's about right. And you're naked. Either two of you idiots see my computer?"
    T: "Maybe the mermaid took it"
    JD: "He's not too great in the heat."

    JD (to Elliot, showing her their video of a desert island they found in the middle of the sea): "That's us doing muscle poses ... look how firm Turk looks..."

    Next up: Teddy was god-awful in everything apart from his music. Why don't they have him focus on that more often?!

    And finally – Cox and Jordan get honest, and admit that they love each other.

    Also, this was hilarious:

    JD: "Look Elliot. I don't know if it's possible for me to put how I feel about you into words, but I guess I'll give it a shot. I never really believed I'd find somebody that I love as much as you. I love you more than anything in the whole world. Elliot ... I love you more than Turk!"
    Elliot: "Oh. My. God."
    JD: "I know. That's even hard for me to say, but it's true."
    (JD pulls out the Tiki necklace)
    JD: "I had to wrestle him to the ground to get this, but it's more important for you to have this".

    And that is when I realised how much she did deserve to have it. Him and Turk looked like a couple with that thing around their necks, and Elliot rightfully felt out of place. I really hope that this sticks.

    P.S. Bill Lawrence's cameo on his own show was *terrible*. Not only were his jokes rotten, his delivery really did leave us not only wanting, but also needing and weeping. His only (considerable) redemption were his turquoise blue eyes. Yes, I may have drowned in them a bit, but only like a thirsty badger in a shallow fountain. The rest of his appearance was a cruel tsunami in comparison.

    P.P.S: The Janitor (willweeverlearnhisrealname?) gets married. Weird and sweet. Typical.
  • The best character gets married.

    First off, I should say that I approve of Mrs. Jan Itor even though I've been a huge Jantior + Blonde Doctor fan since season three. The wedding is very sweet and humanizing, and Bill Lawrence's appearance was both hilarious and appropriate since he is a huge part of the show under the surface. Plus it bothers me that it's hard to understand Bill in his role as the janitor who takes down JD's goodbye banner in the series finale (the first one), but his performance in this episode is so stellar that it makes it worth it. Also, Ted's "Hey Ya" is absolutely fabulous and so beautiful for an island wedding. And it was great to see the other couple's happy as well, even though the Janitor's happiness has always been what's most important to me. In conclusion, a stellar way to have the Jantior get married!
  • 815

    Although this episode still didn't fell like I was watching Scrubs. More like a romantic comedy, where the guy always gets the girl in the end, the emotion really made up for. We got to see the Janitor finally in a happy place. Cox & Jordan not hating each other and finally accepting that they love each other and they don't want to be "that" couple anymore. When Cox pulled Jordan in to the pool, it was so heartwarming, to see how they relationship progressed since 1x06.

    Elliot was incredibly annoying in this episode, with her constant eye rolls and her strange hatred against red heads, but she got redemption in the end. JD loves Elliot more than Turk, talk about a romantic gesture. How long has Carla been pregnant? She definitely does not look like she's carrying any kind of baby. All plots are resolved and everyone ends up together just like in a romantic comedy, but it was good with tying up loose ends. This could have been the finale as a matter of fact when you think about it, good episode.
  • part 2

    Part 2 kicks off were we left it... the couples still trying to work through there issues while the janitor and lady prepare for there wedding which they have to actually have now because j.d talked everyone into actually going! the janitor soon punishes him for that! Kelso is yet to move from the bar and his "bahama mamas". Turk trying to talk mermaid to a lady he thought was one was hilarious. Bill lawrence also guest stars in this as the justice of peace who todd finds and it turns out they have an intersting history including rectal exams in bars!!! Bill was hilarious when marrying the janitor and lady whos actual name is ladannia..his speech on how marriage doesnt work with advice like dont share money or a car because you cant get the other persons stink out of it and to never strike each the face! only the body was hilarious! meanwhile kelsos still at the bar! Loved how the guests had to stand while the janitor and lady sat! We almost find out the janitors name which seems to start with an "S" and sounds foreign. There was a moment in the coffee shop in season 7 were we over heard a kid saying to him that didnt look asian so im guessing that it is.
    By the end of the episode the couples have worked out there problems. J.d even tells elliot he loves her more then turk! It was another great episode i really enjoyed it especially when j.d and turk were in the water and he refers to him as blackwa man! classic scrubs style jokes and the whole cast make it really enjoyable lets hope they can keep it up.
  • The Janitor's wedding part deux!

    This is why we all fell in love with Scrubs to begin with. We see the original cast in all of their quirkiness with no annoying interns messing everything up.

    You have to love Turk and JD's relationship but I will say that this episode pushes the boundaries and my comfort zone just a little, in a funny way of course. We got to see a different side of the Janitor while he was saying his vows. JD finally admitted how much he loves Elliot; and in a very touching way, "na na na". Even Perry showed us his sensitive and loving side which was nice for a change, but you have to love his sarcasm. As a whole the episode had some touching moments, some funny moments, and some shocking moments. What else can you really ask for.

    I've got to hand it to the writers because after 8 seasons they can still catch me by surprise.
  • Lady and the Janitor tie the knot

    The show is nearing its end, and I don't expect the writers to do some usual Scrubs stuff like JD fantasies, or Todd's innuendos. I will be more than happy if they set the stage emotionally for a deserving farewell. There wasn't much storywise in this episode, but it did make you look back at all the important relationships we've witnessed for the last 8 years. Cox and Jordan's marriage on the premise of them sharing a mutual respect for being stone cold to emotions was finally given some closure. JD makes Eliot realize that he is this kid who can't really put into words how he feels about her. Carla makes Turk realize that they have a greater responsibility with one kid and one down the line. We also see the Janitor getting married, something that we assumed would never happen given his weird ways with stuffed animals and other stuff.

    And what do you know, Bill Lawrence makes a cameo, and he was damn good.
  • Good follow-up to Part 1, with less humor but more emotion and character development

    It amazes me that this late in the game, Scrubs can still surprise us. The moment that caught me by surprise was how incredibly vulnerable the Janitor was. Hearing the words he was saying to Lady shortly before they finally tied the knot was great and makes you realize the Janitor can't necessarily help the way he is. He knows he's weird, but he deals with it and has found somebody who loves him for it.

    The episode wasn't all just cute, warm moments. The return of JD and Turk's Brady Bunch tiki necklaces continued to bring the laughs and ended up being used in the final scene in a great way. Ted really stepped up and brought the laughs, especially when he puts ranch on his face instead of sunscreen and when he steps into the sun for two seconds and gets sunburned. Just classic Scrubs, and anybody who says the show hasn't brought back some of its old life clearly isn't watching the same show. It's definitely not the way it used to be, but it's certainly redeemed itself for the last couple of seasons.

    One thing I didn't enjoy as much as Cox and Jordan's storyline. I'm positive I've seen them say they love each other before, and it seemed weird to have them keep going back to the same old "I hate you, but I really love you" attitude. It's nice to see growth in these characters though. You can't look at Cox, JD, Elliot and especially the Janitor and say that they haven't changed. They still have the qualities that made them who they are, but now they're just mature.

    With only three episodes left, I'm excited to see how the season plays out. Even more excited, actually, to hear what the Janitor's real name is. After eight seasons of not knowing, they really teased us tonight at his wedding.. They better not pull that on the finale!
  • Made me smile.

    Great conclusion to the awesome first part of this episode. No interns, just the scrubs we're used to, Kelso being Kelso, A new side of Dr. Cox which is always good, and we see the Janitor show alot more emotion then usual. It's a feel-good episode and it shows why Scrubs is a very dynamic and unique series with some episodes that make you cry and some episodes that just put a big smile on your face. The main theme in this episode is relationships, not a big surprise if you're an avid scrubs watcher. But it's really working through your relationships and realizing why you got in them in the first place, because of love. This episode tells a great story of four couples who really do love each other and it really is back to the old school Scrubs writing method. P.S. the janitor doesn't reveal his name yet =[
  • Part 2 of the Janitors wedding in the Carribean as Turk, J.D and Dr. Cox have to sort out their own relationship problems.

    In the early years, Scrubs was great because it was one of the rare shows that worked best with both comedy and truely emotional momments going on at the same time. That's why seasons 1-5 were really good, even with the occasional just comedy or just emotion episodes. But as the years have gone by it has been hard to keep the humour fresh and thus emotion has become an over used comeback. Ths episode is one of these examples.

    Don't get me wrong, this ep has its moments or elsemy review would not be a 7.5 with some jokes as well as emotional moments hitting the mark. It's just that most of them didn't, giving us flashbacks to the very poor season 7.

    This week follows on from last with the gang in the Carribean for the Janitor's wedding. But not all is well for any of the three main characters. Elliott is upset with JD as he refuses to make a grand gesture of his love rather just say it, mean it, and be done with it. Turk is upset that Carla has no time for him anymore and is always being a mother. Finally Dr. Cox is having trouble with Jordan as he sees the relationship needs to change and they should be more open without having to pretend they detest one another.

    It takes the Janitor's wedding for them all to realize that love is something to be celebrated and they all need to change how they act should things continue to be fine. The message is obvious and nice but other than the wedding nothing else really fits except for Turks mermaid which is great use of a past joke. You can see things are being wrapped up and I can only hope that the last few eps gives the show the end that it so deserves.