Season 8 Episode 15

My Soul On Fire, Part 2

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 15, 2009 on NBC

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  • Part 2 of the Janitors wedding in the Carribean as Turk, J.D and Dr. Cox have to sort out their own relationship problems.

    In the early years, Scrubs was great because it was one of the rare shows that worked best with both comedy and truely emotional momments going on at the same time. That's why seasons 1-5 were really good, even with the occasional just comedy or just emotion episodes. But as the years have gone by it has been hard to keep the humour fresh and thus emotion has become an over used comeback. Ths episode is one of these examples.

    Don't get me wrong, this ep has its moments or elsemy review would not be a 7.5 with some jokes as well as emotional moments hitting the mark. It's just that most of them didn't, giving us flashbacks to the very poor season 7.

    This week follows on from last with the gang in the Carribean for the Janitor's wedding. But not all is well for any of the three main characters. Elliott is upset with JD as he refuses to make a grand gesture of his love rather just say it, mean it, and be done with it. Turk is upset that Carla has no time for him anymore and is always being a mother. Finally Dr. Cox is having trouble with Jordan as he sees the relationship needs to change and they should be more open without having to pretend they detest one another.

    It takes the Janitor's wedding for them all to realize that love is something to be celebrated and they all need to change how they act should things continue to be fine. The message is obvious and nice but other than the wedding nothing else really fits except for Turks mermaid which is great use of a past joke. You can see things are being wrapped up and I can only hope that the last few eps gives the show the end that it so deserves.