Season 8 Episode 15

My Soul On Fire, Part 2

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 15, 2009 on NBC

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    Although this episode still didn't fell like I was watching Scrubs. More like a romantic comedy, where the guy always gets the girl in the end, the emotion really made up for. We got to see the Janitor finally in a happy place. Cox & Jordan not hating each other and finally accepting that they love each other and they don't want to be "that" couple anymore. When Cox pulled Jordan in to the pool, it was so heartwarming, to see how they relationship progressed since 1x06.

    Elliot was incredibly annoying in this episode, with her constant eye rolls and her strange hatred against red heads, but she got redemption in the end. JD loves Elliot more than Turk, talk about a romantic gesture. How long has Carla been pregnant? She definitely does not look like she's carrying any kind of baby. All plots are resolved and everyone ends up together just like in a romantic comedy, but it was good with tying up loose ends. This could have been the finale as a matter of fact when you think about it, good episode.