Season 1 Episode 7

My Super Ego

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Nov 06, 2001 on NBC

Episode Recap

J.D. is at the top of his game until Dr. Nick Murdoch overtakes him in every aspect.

Nick's patient doesn't look so good but he stays calm and proscribes him medication. He also sees J.D. eying him so he goes over to chat. J.D. can't find anything wrong with him, and even laughs at his jokes. Dr. Cox harasses Doug but Carla says he doesn't need to put up the "big bad wolf" face Turk does surgery but Dr. Wen smells something and stops the procedure. Elliott likes Nick as well but won't ask him out. At rounds, Nick tells J.D. the answer to a question. Dr. Wen is still looking for the smell, and Todd admits he farted by accident, so he kicks him out. J.D. asks Dr. Cox to co-write a case report and just then Nick asks him the same. Dr. Cox picks Nick. He says Nick is better than J.D., right now, at internal medicine Turk tells Todd that he was scared at the situation in the O.R. even though nothing happened. Carla joins them and he turns all cheery. However, at his next surgery he gets stage fright and backs off.

Nick's patient is throwing up so he prescribes him more medicine. Elliott asks Carla how Turk is doing after he froze up during surgery, which Carla knew nothing about. Carla then goes up to him and asks if he's ok. He still dissembles. At rounds, Dr. Kelso is angry at the poor attendance of his seminars. Nick takes the blame and scores major points with everyone.

Carla is wondering why Turk won't be honest to her but Dr. Cox is not much help. J.D. is on the roof, thinking, and Dr. Kelso finds him and toys with his head.. Elliott clumsily hits on Nick and he promises to leave a message on her answering machine, asking her out. Nick's patient has developed a high fever and a cough but he says it's no problem and proscribes some more medicine. Elliot is astonished that he stays so calm. Dr. Wen schedules another operation for Turk and hopes he will be ok. Dr. Cox tells Turk that stage fright is not a problem, and suggests he masturbate before the surgery to ease the tension. Turk actually listens and Cox has a crowd waiting for him in order to make fun after he comes out from the bathroom. J.D. realizes that Nick is better than him so the whole place starts to run smoother. When J.D. returns with a test results, Nick is gone. Laverne tells him that his patient's blood cultures don't look good at all.

Later, Laverne can't find Nick. J.D. and Elliott find him crying in the staircase as he can't deal with the fact that his seven year old patient is dying. J.D. is surprised as he thought Nick was tougher. Nick quits. Dr. Kelso clears out his locker. Turk starts his next surgery with Carla watching for support.
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