Season 1 Episode 7

My Super Ego

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Nov 06, 2001 on NBC

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  • Another great episode

    In this episode, Dr. Dorian has become the "teacher's pet", and is noticed by Dr. Kelso for his fine work as an intern. However, before long, Dr. Nick Murdoch breaks onto the scene, and he completely steals the show. He has great bedside manner, great ability, and he has caught the eye of JD's crush, Elliot. It's easy to see why JD became jealous. However, not even JD could stay mad for long, because Nick's personality eventually won him over. However, the pressures of being a doctor prove too much for Nick when he has to tell a child's parents that he will not be getting better. Elliot and JD find Nick in a stairwell crying, and he admits that the pressure is overwhelming to him. He quits.

    I love this episode, not only for the comedic moments in it, but for the realness it brings. Everyone thought that Nick was so together, that he was the best intern that ever walked the halls of Sacred Heart. The reality is, even the person who seems extremely confident on the outside can be a mess on the inside. Everyone has stress on the job, but what defines them as a good worker, or even a good person, is that they do not let it define and cripple them. JD's narration said that sometimes, to deal with the pressure, one may need to feel overwhelmed once in awhile to make it through (this shot shows Elliot in her trusty closet, crying her eyes out, then doing what she has to do). In the end, JD proved that he was the most accomplished intern.