Season 1 Episode 7

My Super Ego

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Nov 06, 2001 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Carla: Why would Turk talk to Elliot about this and not me anyway? They're not even friends, you know what I mean?
      Dr. Cox: After twenty-five minutes, the only way I could know what you mean more is if you write "my boyfriend doesn't open up to me" on a big wooden mallet and smash me over the head with it.
      Carla: Why can't you for once dig deep down in your heart, access some emotions and empathize with me.
      Dr. Cox: [Pause] I'm sorry, what were we doing?
      Carla: See, that's why no one likes you. [Carla walks away]
      Dr. Cox: Hey, you like me a little bit. [Pointing to Laverne] And so do you sweetcakes. Huh? You wanna a little sugar from daddy? [Unscrews candy jar]