Season 2 Episode 18

My T.C.W.

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Mar 20, 2003 on NBC

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  • Aw, how cute, J.D. finally stood up for himself!

    This was a very powerful episode that really showed progression in J.D.'s, which was ironically done with him showing pointing out regression in his closest friends. Dr. Cox is having trouble adapting to sharing Jordan with the baby, Turk and Carla are beginning to argue more and more, and Elliot tries to sabotage her relationship yet again... but this time, it's with a Slim-Jim. While each relationship begins to crack over these petty problems, J.D. begins to get closer to a girl named Jamie, but nicknamed "Tasty Coma Wife", because her husband has been a complete vegetable for over two years. As the others (and J.D.'s conscience) berate him for dating her, he finally snaps stands up for himself. Unfortunately, his conscience is a little more stubborn, and he tells Jamie that he isn't all the way in unless she was ready to start a real relationship, which apparently she wasn't. The comedy was top-notch, as per usual, and the drama was not only just as good, but blended extremely well with the comedy. While you may have felt pity for J.D., this episode was no tear-jerker, but it's one of my personal favorites.
  • Relationship issues.

    Wow, what a great episode. So far, season 2 has really impressed me and I'm liking it a lot. This episode showed some of the actors branch out from the regular comedy they do. Once things start to get dramatic is when this show shines. It shines in both areas, comedy and drama, and it has a great balance. This episode was a model of that. Elliot starts having relationship issues with Paul over the stupidest things, and Elliot starts to realize she might be sabotaging the relationship, simply because she isn't ready. Cox is sick and tired of all of Jordan's attention going to the baby, while Jordan is still thinking of a name to call the baby. Carla finds out that a boy swallowed her ring before Turk gave it to her, which only adds to the constant fighting they have been having. Meanwhile Amy Smart guest stars, and she makes an interesting appearance. Her husband is in a comma, and they call her the Tasty Comma Wife (TCW). Her name is Jamie, and she takes interest in JD. When everyone gives him grief over dating her, he finally stands up for himself, and has a meltdown in the cafeteria. turns out JD is more alone than we ever though. It was sad seeing him break down, but it was good that he stood up for himself and it really gave Zach Braff a chance to branch out with his character. All relationship problems are solved by the end, but JD realizes it will never work out with Jamie. So they break up. A very special episode, with flawless & editing of scenes. Amazing episode.
  • Cox himself is barely getting any attention from Jordan over the baby, Elliot and Paul, and Turk and Carla are having trouble with their relationships, and JD accepts a date from Jamie

    I liked all the plots in this episode very much and the jokes were hilarious. I didn't like many of JD's earlier girlfriend, but Tasty Coma Wife is great. But i do not like Nurse Flowers, so it is for him and his annoying relationship with Elliot that i can't give this a 10. This has nothing to do with the fact that Elliot is dating someone else, if that was the case i would also hated Jamie, which i don't. Dr Cox now calls JD by Dogs Names, because he was 'practising' kissing on Rowdy. I personally found that pretty hilarious, but i still perfer the girls names.
  • this episode truly shows zach braff as the brilliant actor he is, and highlights the amazing scripts these guys work with an amazing episode, dramedy at its best

    starting like most other episodes equal comedy and drama throughout with the budding unethical relationship between hd, and his love interest blooming quite sweetly, it takes the cake for acting in a scene near the end where JD loses his cool with his friends and mentor, yelling at them about how they dont understand what they have in their relationships, a well acted scene, powerfully acted, followed by an extremely sad moment after to a brilliantly chosen song, where he simply states that "nothing sucks more than being all alone, no matter how many people are around" this is truly scrubs at its best, from its funny elements (the comatised husbands moments are great) to its happy romances and a final emotional sequence, truly an excellent episode
  • A poignant episode that really speaks to me and a classic among the series.

    This episode deals with J.D. and his feelings of loneliness, while everyone else around him is in a relationship. Even though there's plenty of dramatic build up with J.D.'s possible relationship with Tasty Coma Wife (T.C.W.), there's still plenty of great Scrubs moments of humor (especially when the Asian staff members start hating him). He even finds a way to get back at the Janitor for tormenting him. And in the end, it's great to see J.D. stand up to everyone when they complain about their relationships. The ending sequence alone puts it high on my list of best Scrubs episodes, great use of music ("Come Around" by Rhett Miller) and dramatic closure. Overall, an excellent episode.
  • This is a great show and you can never be too sure what they are going to come up with. I quite enjoyed it, it moved into a new level with this episode.

    This is a great show and you can never be too sure what they are going to come up with. I quite enjoyed it, it has moved into a new level with this episode. I have never been able to understand why this show is not more popular. it is truly one of the greats, it has the perfect mix of comedy and drama. Dr. Cox also calls J. D. Rin tin tin in this episode. I am currently in the process of viewing the series from beginning to end and i am enjoying the character development, and i dont know who is with me but the janitor is one of my favorites.
  • JD is surrounded by his co-workers relationships and all their problems. He is also interested in "Tasty Coma Wife" JD is once again the one who manages to point out the obvious to his friends when they complain.

    It was a good episode to watch. I was curious about how JD got involved with TCW. You watch the progression and get plenty of laughs through the episode. Everything you would expect from a scrubs episode. The thing that made it stand out to me was when JD showed that he had a spine. The point when he snapped and for a brief moment managed to be himself, but with Dr. Cox's confidence and sharp wit. I must've repeated that seen a few times, because I had never seen JD act like that. To point out all of his friends' flaws in their relationships and point out that while they may be there, at least they're with someone while he was alone made my day. He had a point who are they to judge him, when all he wants is to be with someone and have someone to talk to.
  • Great!

    This episode is really cool, JD begins to see the wife of a patient that fall into a comma like two years ago, and soon enough they begin to fall in love with each other, but after Jamie offers him to stay with her the whole night, JD discovers that he will feel guilty all his life if he continue doing this, so he drops it. Meanwhile, Cox tries everything to try and make Jordan notice him, but it does not works as she has all of her attention on the baby, Elliot begins to get angry at Paul because he does not accepts a piece of turkey, and Turk and Carla discuss for everything, but when JD shouts at them, they realize that all of their relationships are really cool!
  • Tasty Coma Wife!

    It is impossible for somebody not to like this episode. If they don't fancy the hilarious plot of Tasty Coma Wife, viewers would still have to laugh at the "rumour" spread about JD that he makes out with dogs, Dr Cox therefore referring to JD with dogs' names such as Lassie and Toto.

    The Janitor scheme is great aswell, making the Asians believe that JD is prejudiced against them.

    The terrific rant that JD says in front of all his hospital friends is brilliant and Carla finding out about what Ralphie did with her engagement ring was a great follow up plot.

    Every plot has bucketloads of laughs and is a must watch for all Scrubs fans.
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