Season 6 Episode 10

My Therapeutic Month

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Feb 22, 2007 on NBC
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J.D. develops a crush on a new physical therapist but due to his latest misfortunes, he finds it difficult to ask her out. Elliot asks Keith to move in with her, but is not willing to budge on her home rules. Turk breaks his arm and is sent back to residency by Dr. Kelso. Thanks to Dr. Cox, he realizes that he doesn't know as much about medicine as he thought.moreless

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  • 610

    This episode definitely reminded me of the old days, like season 1 old days, which proves Scrubs still has the power to make an episode absolutely fantastic and original. This episode took course over a month. And a good month it was, well not for the Scrubs cast, but entertaining for us.

    Elliot wants to know if Kieth is marriage material so they move in together, only to get a big surprise, when Elliot is all rules and Kieth doesn't follow any rules. After a heated argument, Kieth throws a party only in his room. Meanwhile Brian is still around and dares JD to ask a doctor out to "get out there" again. He fakes asking her out since he isn't ready, that's what he does all month. Meanwhile Turk hurts his hand and has to go back to being a resident but doesn't know much about anything. So he studies his butt off.

    All three stories play out over the course of that month, but at the end Turk, Elliot, and JD don't accomplish much but they realize accomplishing a little bit is good enough once they realize how sad Brian's life is. A heartwarming episode, that brought this show back to it's roots, as someone said on here.moreless
  • Best Scrubs episode...ever

    This was definitely the best episode of this season and it's my favorite Scrubs episode ever. The show started strong and ended strong with plenty of laughs in between.

    The janitor is my favorite side character on the show. His life teachings are profound, are they not? I just like the way he goes about his job....and in this particular episode, he was teaching people to think for themselves by him (the janitor) thinking for them. Great irony.

    Gizmo and Brown Bear's quirky relationship continues to blossom, with Brown Bear continuously buying Gizmo presents. Elliott had several nice moments with her neuroticism as well.

    All and all, this is what I've come to expect from Scrubs and they brought the goods. A vast improvement over the "war" episode a few weeks ago.moreless
  • getting back to the roots

    good episode with some entertaining bits of humor in it. it is trying to get scrubs away from the kim and baby side-story and back on its tracks, although the elliot-keith story was a bit of a downfall for me. The turk as resident was sure as hell a good thing to put everything in perspective and to reframe his character as someone who is going to take everything a little more serious. In my view the main point in this episode was to point out that JD is back to normal which means that the show will start over with the humor that its earlier season show it is very capable of.moreless
  • They're getting back on track.

    I will say that the first few episode of this season were below average, but the last 3 have been great. This one was great, I like how they used Lloyd in this one, it was hilarious. The janitor was great, and I like how they put Turk in as a resident, it was great Turk/Cox comedy. It was hilarious when Turk kept fantasizing about Dr. Cox and then JD getting upset saying that that was "his thing." The new nickname that JD used for Turk was awesome "obi-brown". Overall, this was definitely a step in the right direction for this season, lets just hope that the keep on the right track.moreless
  • It seems the dark side of comedy is coming out in Scrubs...

    This season of Scrubs is becoming quite depressing to watch, although i still want to watch it. It is said comedians actually are deep dark people, and i think that is showing.

    JD thinks he got someone pregnant but then She has a miscarriage, or that's what She tells him and he thinks they broke up for a reason, so now he will have a child he wont know about. He is fainting when doing a poo. He doesn't actually have a house/home. His life seems to be going down the crapper; does this mean he is going to leave after this season? Is he going to be killed off?

    We also see Turk doing what JD does, the narration, the awe at Cox, and JD tells Turk that that is his thing. So maybe this is telling us that JD isnt going to be killed off OR the show will end when he leaves.

    Overall this is an ok episode, some good comedy, but not that much of a hook in the storyline, other than i wanted to see Turk with the glasses lol.

    It is a kool coincidence that the scene where the Janitor is telling people to think for themselves is a reflection on existentialism, and i have just started studying this at uni, but it is great because it shows the paradox of telling people that they should be individuals, but then everyone being an individual is everyone doing the same thing.

    Episode could have had more, the only partly serious problem in the episode is Elliot and Keith's arguments when living together.

    Hope the season picks up.moreless
Donald Faison

Donald Faison

Dr. Christopher "Chris" Duncan Turk

John C. McGinley

John C. McGinley

Dr. Percival "Perry" Cox

Judy Reyes

Judy Reyes

Nurse Carla Espinosa

Ken Jenkins

Ken Jenkins

Dr. Robert "Bob" Kelso

Neil Flynn

Neil Flynn

The Janitor

Sarah Chalke

Sarah Chalke

Dr. Elliot Reid

Michael Weston

Michael Weston

Private Brian Dancer

Guest Star

Julian Berlin

Julian Berlin

Anne Chase

Guest Star

Rachel Avery

Rachel Avery


Guest Star

Martin Klebba

Martin Klebba

Randall Winston

Recurring Role

Aaron Ikeda

Aaron Ikeda


Recurring Role

Christina Miles

Christina Miles


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • J.D. has a daydream of Laverne wearing angel wings which J.D. comments as "being a weird one". This is somewhat symbolic of her death later in the season.

    • When Lloyd is giving J.D. a ride to work and he asks if J.D. likes Speed Metal, the song that he played was in fact closer to Thrash Metal if not Death Metal.

    • In the scene where Private Dancer writes with a giant pen on some pieces of paper, the papers suddenly vanish, when Elliot leaves.

    • In the scene where Private Dancer is finally learning to write his name, they make him use his left arm so that he writes with purposely bad hand-writing.

    • J.D. says he knocked up Kim on the first date while trying to convince Anne to date him, but he actually got Kim pregnant on the second date in My Transition.

    • Featured Music:
      "Devil's Son" by DevilDriver (Lloyd gives J.D. a ride to work)
      "Driving Down the Darkness" by DevilDriver (Lloyd gives J.D. another ride to work)
      "Shine" by Plain White T's (Keith's party)
      "Turn" by Travis (Final scene)

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Turk: So, Dr. Cox, cast comes off tomorrow. Any last-minute shots you want to take at me?
      Dr. Cox: You have diabetes and you can't eat cupcakes.
      Turk: Wow.

    • Carla: Elliot, you can't test love. When I first met Turk, it seemed he was more in love with his best friend than me!
      Turk: Honey, they got that almond biscotti J.D. loves; I was wondering if I could borrow some money so I could get him some.
      Carla: No, you got him a present yesterday. (Turk runs off in a huff)

    • J.D.: It looks like tiny hamsters died all over your face.
      Janitor: That happened once, but no, this is just how I grow facial hair.

    • Elliot: Living with a guy before marriage makes me feel too whorey.
      Laverne: You can live in separate states but if you're doing the nasty before you get married, your ass is going to burn.

    • Lloyd: What's up?
      J.D.: Thanks for the ride, Lloyd, this DUI is such a hassle.
      Lloyd: Been there, bro'. Been there.
      J.D.: Alcohol?
      Lloyd: Crack...hey, by any chance do you like speed metal?
      J.D.'s narration: I did not.

    • J.D.: Hey, hey, hey, what is up with the giant novelty pen?
      Anne: It's an occupational therapy pen. Brian can't hold small objects.
      J.D.: I had an ex-girlfriend who had the same problem! Kidding, no she didn't...that's awkward!

    • Elliot: (To Keith) Oh babe, I didn't want whipped cream.
      Keith: Let me fix it for you, babe.
      Carla: (To Turk) And this isn't soy.
      Turk: Sucks to be you.

    • Dr. Cox: (To Turk) It really is just super that you're here with us as a reminder that surgeons really are simply ignorant scalpel jocks. Hell, after surgery if there's the slightest medical issue you just turf the patient right down to us, the real doctors, so we can pick up your slack. You cut, and run. If you will. (To other residents) That's right, it's not just a phrase used by political pundits who wear bow ties. It is also the number one reason that all of you should pray to God, or, in your case Rex, Moko, the Samoan Bird King, that you never have to be treated by these flesh hungry butchers.

    • Turk: (About Dr. Cox) I don't understand why you're so devoted to that guy.
      J.D.: He's got this strange power. Eventually you'll crave his approval and become just like me.
      Turk: Puhh! (Stares off into space and thinks) But still, as I thought about Dr. Cox, I knew J.D was right.
      J.D.: See!

    • Dr. Cox: Good morning, reasons why I drink. You may have noticed that we have a new face in our group.
      Turk: Oh, these glasses, they're not prescription, but, uh, I figured I wear them so I could fit in with you medical geeks. Y'know what I'm sayin'.

    • Elliot: Yeah, I don't see what's insane about not wanting spiders to lay eggs in my corn flakes. That's how Carla's mom died.
      Carla: No it wasn't!
      Elliot: You're supposed to be my best friend!

    • Elliot: Do you know how lucky you are to have a husband? I mean, I've got a brand new home, I am totally ready to start my life...but I just don't know if Keith is marriage material. My mom thinks I should test his love by saying I'm knocked up. If he doesn't propose on the spot, I just demand that he gives me $600 for the abortion, dump him, and ease my sadness with a brand new pair of Jimmy Choo's. That's how she got her rad shoe collection in college.

    • Anne: Hi, I'm Anne Chase, Brian's physical therapist.
      J.D.: Konichiwa.
      Brian: I'd love to put my ear on her butt, and see if I can hear the ocean.
      J.D.: Uh, Brian, you're doing that thing where you say your thoughts out loud. It's a side effect of his injury.
      Anne: (Looking stunned) Oh.
      J.D.'s narration: It wasn't, but we'd been having fun since we came up with that.
      (J.D. and Brian wink at each other, as if to say awesome)

  • NOTES (2)


    • Superman: When Turk is wearing his dorky glasses during rounds, J.D. doesn't recognize him. This is an allusion to the fact that no one notices that Clark Kent is in fact Superman, just because he is wearing glasses and has a different hairstyle.

    • Star Wars:
      When Turk brings J.D. chocolate bars to the new apartment he's considering, they make lightsaber sounds and "duel" with the bars emulating a Star Wars lightsaber duel, this is followed up by J.D. calling Turk "Obi-Brown" (alluding to Obi-Wan) and Turk replies calling him "J.D. Luke" (alluding to Luke Skywalker).

    • When J.D. comes clean to Anne Chase, the physical therapist, about his vasovagal syncope, his DUI and living in a tent, it is strongly reminiscent of episode 86 of Seinfeld, "The Opposite". In that episode, George tells a beautiful young woman that he is unemployed and lives with his parents. This tactic works for George, but not for J.D.

    • Janitor: Thank you. I just found out that my great-great-great-grandfather was mutton-chop enthusiast Ambrose Burnsides. I'm bringing back the look to honor his memory.

      Ambrose Burnside (not "Burnsides") was a Union General during the American Civil War. His most notable appointment was as the Commander of the Army of the Potomac, which primarily operated in Northern Virginia.

    • Turk: Lupus? Does she live on the second floor?
      Dr. Cox: (Groaning)
      Turk: (Singing) Does she live upstairs from you? I think you have seen her before!

      This is a reference to a Suzanne Vega's song "Luka" about child abuse.

    • Turk: What's happening, J.D.?
      J.D.: Hey, hey, hey!

      This exchange of greetings is borrowed from the 1970's sitcom "What's Happening!!".

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